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The NMS Blog provides information for better operations, benefits of good business process outsourcing practices, updated news and trends. Read through various discussions for web design, customer support, communications, content moderation and other global outsourcing topics.

customer support agent surrounded by sms, im, voice and email icon

4 Ways to Deliver Omni-channel Customer Support Effectively

Incorporating omni-channel customer support services is the key to deliver consistent and honest experience with your brand users. […]

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image moderation with check mark and forbidden mark

Moderation on Image-Based Content: Friend or Foe?

A study has found out that information that includes an image can be remembered 65% better than information that does not have an accompanying image. […]

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World geography with different language translation of hello word

Language Translation Service: The Definitive Guide (2019)

Language translation services effectively help represent different brands globally and expand customer acquisition across different demographics. […]

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Live chat service plaform

5 Proven Mistakes to Avoid in Running a Live Chat Service

With live chat service, it is essential to know the list of mistakes to avoid to ensure efficient business process. […]

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Man thinking about content writing as a way of business success

Why Content Writers are a Business’ Best Friend

Without excellent and dependable content writers good branding isn’t possible. It’s significantly difficult to promote a business’ without written content. […]

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different business outsourcing services icons with buildings background

How Flexibility is an Important Factor in Outsourcing Services

Discover how scalability and flexibility contributes as an important factor in your business outsourcing services. […]

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chat platform emoticons/infographics

LOOP: An Efficient Messaging System For Better Communication

New Media Service’s Live Operator Online Platforms (LOOP) for chat enables seamless, efficient, and messaging between business owners and their customers. […]

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Man using a megaphone instead of social media to connect with his client/customer in front of his store.

Re-engaging Your Audience through Social Media after the Holidays

It’s important to check back on customers and engage potential clients after holidays. Ensuring things are back on track and the business starts strong. […]

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Santa claus using a laptop

How to Protect Your Business During the Holidays with Content Moderation

Through content moderation you can create a user-friendly environment for customers and site visitors free of dividing, polarizing and unwanted content. […]

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Live chat operator smiling, christmas accessories and live chat icons

Live Chat Services: Preparing for the Holidays

In Live Chat Services, which currently takes 73% of customer satisfaction results, an uptick of interactions is expected for this coming holiday season. […]

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Customer Acquisition icon vs. Customer Retention icon in a boxing ring

What is the Difference Between Customer Acquisition & Customer Retention

The fact remains that businesses need customers regardless of whether they are one-time customers, occasional patrons or loyal clients. […]

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NMS-AWA text with bangkok Thailand buidlings

NMS And The Affiliate World – Asia Conference

Affiliate World Asia is proud to host 2,800 attendees, 151 exhibitors and 45 speakers from more than 80 countries around the world. […]

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