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The NMS Blog provides information for better operations, benefits of good business process outsourcing practices, updated news and trends. Read through various discussions for web design, customer support, communications, content moderation and other global outsourcing topics.

Ways to Protect Your Brand Reputation on Social Media | New Media Services

So you’ve decided to establish an online presence by creating a business page on social media. After much deliberation on which platforms to use […]

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Tips for Online Community Management

For today’s social-savvy generation, the only way to keep pace with the steadily evolving space is to engage directly with your prospective customers. […]

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How to Protect Online Business Reputation

Safety and precaution is a must for all businesses with an online presence. Whether you have a social media page, an online forum, a digital platform or a website, security is something that you shouldn’t take lightly […]

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5 Content Moderation Types to Protect Your Brand

The drastic domination of the digital era on the norms retail framework has significantly heightened the power of word-of-mouth to a whole new level. […]

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7 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing in Business

The use of SMS as a business’ marketing platform has grown at an exceedingly successful and globally expansive level. […]

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live chat and different industry icons

5 Major Industries That Can Benefit From Live Chat Services

Live chat has been a helpful customer service channel to businesses across different industries, here’s how they benefit from this adaptable service tool. […]

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Controlling different spam contents

How to Control Spam Contents With Content Moderation

To control spam and abusive contents, moderation services enables the users to be protected with potential threat caused by inappropriate, prohibited and repetitive user posts. […]

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Image moderator working on his laptop

What is Image Moderation: A Winning Tool for Brands

Image moderation is a useful and effective process that drives brand and end-user protection, enhancement of audience engagement and higher website traffic. […]

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Call Center Outsourcing agent around the world

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Services

Call center outsourcing is a great way to efficiently grow your business externally, find out the benefits it provides to enhance your customer service. […]

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IT Support Services business process

9 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support Services for Businesses

Explore the importance of IT support services and systems in the business sector with this list of 9 practical uses of information technology. […]

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Different social media platform logos

Social Media Moderation Guidelines

Learn how social media moderation can help you protect your business brand from harmful, inappropriate, and unwanted contents posted online. […]

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Chat and Instant messaging icon on phones

Difference Between Instant Messaging and Chat

Know the difference between chat and instant messaging and have a better understanding of their chat messaging functions. […]

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