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AI Robot pointing on automated and live moderation text

Judgment VS Programming: A Comparison between Automated & Live Moderation

With the rise in influence and variation of user-generated content, different forms of moderation are required to keep brands and end-users protected at all times. Ideally, automated (AI) and live (human) moderators should work together to produce optimum results for moderating content on your website and on your online communities. However, comparing the difference between […]

two clever people bypassing auto moderation

9 Sneaky Ways People Bypass Auto Moderation

Moderators are faced with over thousands of user-generated content to filter on a daily basis. Truth be told, a scenario where UGC outnumbers moderation manpower happens more frequently than expected. It is for this particular reason that automated moderation (also called AI moderation) was developed. Automated moderation is said to help human moderators double the […]

Business man using content moderation services got a positive users review

User-Generated Content: Why It Matters and How it Influences Brand Credibility

Marketing has always been part of every business strategy. Most of its process is all about sharing an honest opinion — and enabling your customers to share their thoughts is the best way to effectively drive user-generated content (UGC). It is a major element for an effective content marketing strategy for most product, brand or company. When driving higher end-user participation, businesses are required to monitor any kind of content submissions through content moderation services as a way of protecting both their customers and reputation. […]

live chat support banner

How Live Chat Support Enhances Customer Service

Customer support is continuously evolving together with the changing lifestyles and demands of end-users. From using phone calls to enabling the use of emails, customer service has had its fair share of fallbacks that led to the development of channels maximizing on faster and easier communication. Among the finest innovations for customer service is the […]

Support Ticket System Process

6 Must-Have Features of an Efficient Support Ticket System

A brand’s customer support becomes more empowered when it is backed by efficient support ticket systems. Support tickets are issues or service requests sent by end-users or customers through a company help desk’s ticketing system. As a collaborative tool between a brand’s customer support and IT department, a customer support ticketing system provides a more […]

Fundamental basics of image moderation banner

The Fundamental Basics of Image Moderation

It can be risky to employ user-generated content (UGC), but it is likewise an effective way of gauging audience engagement better. UGC is like the digital and modernized version of word-of-mouth, and that’s what makes it among customers’ most trusted basis for scrutinizing brands and assessing the services they want to avail. There are different […]

Banner Design A Beginner's Guide Banner

2018 Banner Design: A Beginner’s Guide

Banner design is a fundamental component of online branding. When marketing a business’ products and services, catering to the visual component of the target audience’s purchasing intent and behavior is a crucial factor. Banners are among the most prevalent forms of graphic design used to market services at present. The addition of graphics and visuals […]

Transcription services banner

The 3 Types of Transcription: Edited, Verbatim, and Intelligent

Transcription service is a useful tool that helps brands save time and money. By converting speech, audio and video files into a written or electronic text document, a business is able to pursue designated project timelines without delay and focus on its principal objectives. Important meetings and discussions are recorded, thereby providing accurate accounts that […]

Three online scammer and hacker navigating their laptop

10 Most Common Online Scams and How to Avoid Them

Customer convenience always comes with a price. Cybercrime has been shape-shifting with the times, criminals are now craftier when it comes to exacting their selfish and evil schemes.  The result is, the more dependent customers and brands are on the internet, the more susceptible they become to various forms of online threats and scams. No matter […]

Design and development process

5 Ways to Bridge the Gap between Design & Development

Online branding, design, and development are very important factors that determine successfully tailored business websites and product promotions. The roles and purposes of design in online branding vary from that of development but both balance each other in a way that helps make product creation and digital marketing more effective. Bridging the gap and finding […]

Escalation Management officer doing meditation

A Simple Guide to Customer Escalation Management

Every customer support service must be backed up by a competent escalation management system. Otherwise known as “incident management.”  Escalation is the process of passing on calls from the support agent to more experienced and knowledgeable employees in the company, such as managers, supervisors, and even fellow agents. Calls may also be transferred to certain […]

Business SMS chat

SMS Chat: 8 Efficient Ways to Boost Business Credibility

Over the recent years, the emergence of the digital and mobile era brought a challenge for brands to continuously satisfy client expectations and prevail over tougher, more established competitors. It was also around the same time that SMS began presenting small to mid sized businesses with countless ways to improve on their services and meet […]

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