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Tailor-made Business Outsourcing Services

We offer Hybrid Services that combine Human expertise and
AI solutions to support global brands and industries.

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Our Tailor-Made Business Intelligence Outsourcing Services

Our flexible business process outsourcing services are used as cost-effective countermeasures for handling customer concerns and organizational requirements. By combining the adaptable expertise of the human-powered workforce with the innovative machine and deep learning capabilities of AI, NMS makes seemingly impossible goals possible to achieve.

NMS’ diverse combination of business intelligence solutions include:

Achieve more for your business with our intelligent communication outsourcing solution that’s powered by humans and machine learning. The newest addition to our lineup of efficient services, TIRO is designed to provide automated conversational solutions for businesses and enable them to elevate customer satisfaction and minimize costs for their online help desk services.

Content moderation is by far our most sought-after outsourcing services for small businesses. We are well-versed at handling different types of user content and online communities, including images, discussion forums, profile verification, texts, social media pages, videos, and websites. We combine human and automated moderation to assure stronger protection against harmful online content and better brand protection.

As a bpo services company, we are also adamant at assisting businesses in implementing customer support. You have the option to outsource your help desk assistance to us, or choose from our lineup of features for customer service: General Inquiries, Inbound and Outbound Support, Sales, Technical Support, Setup and Provisioning, and Advanced Solutions for managing refunds and escalations.

Enhance customer experience and boost conversions on your website with our customizable chat widget and advanced cleverly designed live chat features. Your options for our live chat service include a third-party live chat widget or a live messaging software powered by our Live Online Operator Platform (LOOP). We have in-house live chat support agents ready to supplement your client assistance workforce, if needed.

As part of the expert assistance we offer when you outsource back office services to our team, our virtual workforce boosts your productivity, reduces costs and gives you easier access to a broader range of skills. Expect professional assistance and on-time deliverables for basic administrative tasks and advanced operational project demands.

Additional Services We Offer

Our flexible business process outsourcing services are being used as cost-effective solutions to handle customer and
organizational communications.

Upgrade your website through our custom designs and services.

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Increase your website visibility &

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Drastically improve your brand awareness for your small or medium-sized business

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Improve your social media marketing with our experienced representatives.

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Our flexible BPO solutions cover all your business needs - 24/7.

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Deliver clear & engaging messages to customers through our custom videos.

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Human and AI-powered Solutions Done Right!

NMS’ commitment to exceeding customer expectations is what sets us apart from other business process outsourcing service providers.

What makes New Media Services’ back-end assistance exceptional?


From enhancing your marketing and customer outreach strategies to initiating a stronger collaboration within your organization to assisting your brand promotion efforts, our team of professionals are experienced and well-trained to assist numerous industry and business demands.


Outsource our customer support agents, virtual assistants, and content moderators to maximize limited staff.
Otherwise, our AI-powered solutions for live chat, customer inquiry response, and calendar management can help shoulder the workload for you.


We understand the growing demand for advanced and automated solutions for more complex customer needs and business requirements. NMS is backed by a team of professional developers and designers who are adept at designing smart and dynamic programs and apps.


We cover English, French, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. You can also send us a request if your preferred or native language is not included in our list. We are continuously enhancing our multilingual response to meet global expectations.


There is no business concern that our AI outsourcing company cannot solve. From consultation to the implementation of the services that you need, we work together as one, unified team to help you reach your core objectives and ultimately, achieve the impossible.

Why Customers Love New Media Services


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Who We Are

New Media Services is an Australian outsourcing company with operations in the Philippines. We assist in helping you improve your overall business quality through our affordable operations and customer support services, thereby dramatically improving your business structure.

What We Do

We provide world-class back-end services, from automated messaging systems and customer support to online content and community moderation and virtual assistance to tailor-made applications for customer correspondence. Our goal is to address any business needs.

How it Works

Curious to know how you can avail our flexible business process outsourcing solutions? Get the New Media Services Advantage on any of our services by connecting with an NMS representative. Fill out our contact form, specify what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Help us devise custom-fit solutions specifically for your business needs and objectives! We help strengthen the grey areas on your customer support and content moderation practices.

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