Outsourcing Billing Customer Support Services

Our billing contact center services deliver the best customer support for inquiries, cancellations, account follow-ups, and refunds. Get enhanced coverage with billing management services through multilingual operations delivered 24/7.


General Inquiries

Refund Management



Refund Management? You’ve come to the right place!

Maintain focus on the core of your business by entrusting your billing customer service and leaving these financial processes to our financial services call center.

General Inquiries

Let us handle the flow of your inquiries so you can direct your attention to actual operations. We guarantee swift and accurate answers to customer inquiries based on your set guidelines. Experience uninterrupted efficiency as our seasoned agents take care of the billing customer support!

Refund Management

We have years of experience in refund management services. As your representative in customer interactions, we are experts in enforcing your payment refund process based on the criteria you set. Your knowledge is our knowledge, your process is our workflow.


Cancellations can be verified and processed without the need to constantly consult between Client and Supplier. Provide us with your cancellation rules and we will work to validate the customer’s request and we will take action to approve or deny these requests.

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Call Support

Lighten your internal processes by outsourcing multilingual call center support services for your business process needs. We can take charge of your customer calls, so you can be free to focus on what truly matters—your core business operations.

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Email Support

Streamline your email inquiries when you outsource email support services. Say goodbye to answering a full inbox of inquiries. We’ve got it covered!

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Live Chat Support

Availability can be your greatest quality. Outsource live chat support services either outside business hours or as a 24/7 solution for active engagement. Take advantage of our live chat solution, all centralized in our simple and easy to integrate Live Chat Support System.
Already have a platform? You can outsource live chat operators from our large workforce of experienced agents.

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Find out what our exclusive lineup of billing customer support services has in store for you

Billing Customer Support Features & Coverage

We are adept in online payment processing solutions. We offer:

  • Quick Setup
  • 24/7 handling
  • Multilingual Service Handling
  • Financial Services Call Center
  • Email and Ticketing Support
  • Live Chat Support Platform
  • Manpower Capacity
  • Knowledge in the use of major CRM systems
  • Skill in learning to use proprietary tools and platforms

Case Studies

Logistics Facility

The client is steadily growing their business and wants to continue streamlining their business as they carry on with their operations.

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Mobile Games Development Company

The client has a steady increase in the number of new users installing and checking out their mobile games on their smartphones.

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Healthcare Company

The client is based in Tampa, Florida. They have been offering a variety of healthcare services in their locale.

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Help us devise custom-fit solutions specifically for your business needs and objectives! We help strengthen the grey areas on your customer support and content moderation practices.

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