Content Moderation Services

We are a content moderation agency that combines the expertise of human moderators with the innovative and practical capabilities of AI. Get excellent results with flexible solutions that we can modify according to your business and end-user needs.

24/7 real-time monitoring and checking of all user-generated content

Preserve brand reputation and user safety

Enhance user experience and engagement on your website, page, or platform

Powered by both human and AI expertise

Implement stricter compliance with your internal community guidelines

Scale and test marketing campaigns effectively


Social Media & Community Moderation
  • Keep community members and followers safe from trolls, scams, and spammers
  • Generate and retain higher engagement on branded communities and pages
  • Promote on-brand and relevant discussions to foster your online community
  • Uphold respectful interactions among community members

Image Moderation
  • Check images in JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, & WEBP format
  • Moderate up to 1,000 content assets daily
  • As many as 6 batches of images moderated at a time
  • 10-second inspection & processing per image for AI

Video Moderation
  • Moderate videos in MP4, WMV, AVI, & MOV format.
  • Check video content accessible and readable by either HTTP or HTTPS
  • Boost audience engagement
  • Eliminate videos with graphic and disturbing content

Profile Moderation
  • Detect and ban scammers, catfishers, and identity thieves
  • Block minors from joining your platform
  • Verify all profile information submitted by new users
  • Accept or reject profiles according to client directives

Text and Chat Moderation
  • Max. length of 200 words in a single asset or content.
  • Only supports text in UTF-8 compatible format.
  • Embedded links within the content will be treated as text.
  • Non-English languages, emoticons, and hashtags are accepted.

Web Content Moderation
  • Web crawlers help scan and delete user content that may harm brand credibility
  • Applicable on websites with URLs reachable by HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Boost engagement on your site pages
  • Instantly determine errors on your website and resolve it effectively

Our content moderation service solutions come with a Reporting Feature and API integration.


Here’s how we execute our content moderator services to suit your demands.


We address your queries and clarifications about our services within 24 hours. Our team listens closely to every business moderation need and demand presented to us.


Based on your specified objectives and the types of moderation you require, we devise and propose a moderation strategy that adheres to your website, page, or target audience.


Whether you need human moderators, automated content moderation, or both, we execute our proposed strategy and give you full access to the entire moderation process.


We augment our solutions based on the weekly and monthly statistical reports on user content, activity, and engagement generated by our moderation process.

What does it mean to outsource content moderation to us? Enhanced security for your brand and customers. We value client feedback on our services to ensure 100% efficiency and adaptability to the dynamic industry demands and changes.

Outsourcing Content Moderation Made Better with Human & AI Capabilities

With our hybrid moderation solutions, we help strengthen user trust in your brand, while you continuously enhance marketing strategies to generate more conversions and higher ROI.


Client: Online Dating Platform for Serious Relationships

An online dating platform dedicated to providing an open space for people to establish long term relationships needs solutions for the following:

Real-time verification of user sign-ups in the platform

Profile authentication system to avoid catfishers and frauds

Efficient content monitoring at a flexible price range

Fully operating manual and automated filters to foster a respectful dating environment


Client: A Clothing Company for Kids Apparel

A newly established kids’ clothing line company looking for effective ways to handle social media dilemmas such as:

Protecting brand integrity from online trolls

Maintaining healthy interaction with online patrons

Reducing the exposure of followers to unwanted content posted on page threads

Getting rid of unnecessary text and multimedia content


Client: A Mobile Game Developer Company

This mobile game developer company aims to expand their presence on social media and requires assistance for the following:

Protecting followers from fraudulent schemes

Getting rid of unwanted and irrelevant texts and multimedia content

Monitoring fake accounts (smurfs, boosters, and fake traders)

Responding to various user comments and reviews