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Content Moderation Services

Protect Your Brand and Users with Content Moderation Services

Keep your brand and your audience secure from offensive, inappropriate and threatening content through our smart content moderation services. We assist numerous businesses in regulating user-generated content and maintaining brand integrity.

Our moderation services are likewise adaptable to different client demands, thus enabling the effective implementation of context-specific filters along with the drive for higher audience engagement.
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Our moderation services are likewise adaptable to different client demands, thus enabling the effective implementation of context-specific filters along with the drive for higher audience engagement.

Our Content Moderation Experts are Experienced In the Following:

Community moderation and moderation  

Community Moderation Services

We help generate higher sales and retain customer engagement on branded communities. Our community moderation features are designed to promote relevant and on-brand discussions that aid in your marketing efforts.

Forum moderation  

Forum Moderation Service

Effectively get rid of spam while securing a continuous and smooth flow of discussions on all your forum threads. Our human and automated moderators guarantee more solid implementation of your posting guidelines.

Image and video moderation  

Image Moderation Services

NMS’ content moderation service protects your audiences from graphically disturbing and offensive images. We detect and delete inappropriate photos and keep them from being associated with your services and your reputation.

Profanity filter  

Profanity Filter Service

Our profanity filter service enables you to manage escalations and disagreements between followers or community members. Instantly filter swear words and obscenities to uphold positive conversations for both young and adult audiences.

Profile moderation  

Profile Moderation

We verify all profile images and information of each member. Put a stop to catfishing and identity theft. Segregate scammers from genuine users. Continuously enhance user experience and unmask criminals lurking on your platforms.

Social Media moderation  

Social Media Moderation Service

With our consistent monitoring and assistance, we can help boost your social media presence. Depend on us to delete unsavory comments, remove misleading info about your services, review user-submitted content and ban abusive members.

User-Generated Content moderation  

User-Generated Content Moderation Services

This service is applicable for businesses with an active online presence and ongoing campaigns on multiple sites and digital platforms. NMS employs professional and flexible processes in screening, assessing, and moderating all types of user content.

Social Media moderation  

Video Moderation Services

Generate higher audience engagement. Our human moderators scrutinize and check video content and quality while our AI moderation system monitors key frames, keywords, and tags associated and embedded within each video

Website moderation  

Website Moderation Services

Each of our detail-oriented moderators see to it that your pages are free from any typos, inconsistencies, faulty or broken images and videos, links to phishing sites and malware, abusive content, and false reviews.


Our Human Moderation Services

Why do startups and large-scale businesses trust New Media Services? The answer is simple.
Delivered with a strong commitment to high-quality client assistance and all-around efficiency,
our cost-effective moderation services make the following advantages within arms’ reach:



Keep your brand and your end-users protected from online threats, scammers, hackers and malicious software.



Boost your brand through promoting a safe community where knowledge-sharing and wholesome, healthy connections are given importance.



Consistent monitoring of user-generated content means having a closer look at what content, trends and topics significantly affect them.



Maintaining customer safety and privacy in your online communities dramatically increase audience satisfaction.



Keeping end-users actively involved in your online communities boosts interest and engagement while effectively capturing the attention of search engines for the right reasons.



Maintaining customer safety and privacy in your online communities increase audience satisfaction.

A Trusted Moderation Team Servicing Diverse Industries

The dedication we put in every project makes us adeptly ensure that ads, messages, images, profiles, and videos adhere to your online community’s standards for posting and sharing content. In fact, we also cover a diverse selection of industries, such as:


Agency Campaign

Need help ironing out your ads and reaching the right demographic for your campaigns? Outsourcing content moderation needs to our team so we can help fast-track false claims, reviews and content associated with your product and service promotions.


App Guidelines

Maximize all user experience on your app or platform. We closely check user activity and compliance with your terms and conditions, thereby preventing misuse and abuse of your services and features.


Children Sites

Build a stronger and impenetrable defense against online predators, sex offenders and human trafficking syndicates. We are adamant at creating a safe, educational, and child-friendly space for children and teenagers.


Dating Sites

NMS’ content moderation experts are also pros at distinguishing scammers from authentic love-seekers on dating platforms. Preserve user privacy and security by verifying newly registered profiles and addressing member complaints in real-time.



We check the accuracy and completeness of product descriptions, oversee customer reviews and feedback, all while enhancing your website’s validity for increased customer acquisition and sales.


Gaming Sites

Block players abusing gaming rules, disable message boards for users threatening other gamers, remove malware and links to dangerous websites or and uphold a wholesome gaming experience at all times.


Social Apps

Don’t let your social apps become a breeding ground for fraudsters and trolls. We offer 24/7 user protection and consistent user content inspection. Maintain positive interactions while enticing old and newly registered users to socialize and expand their circle.

How it Works: New Media Services’ Human plus AI-powered Moderation

Human moderation services combined with automated filtering and content monitoring systems makes it possible to go through a high volume of user content on a daily basis.

Check out how our team implements seamless content moderation outsourcing:


We address your queries and clarifications about our services within 24 hours. Our team listens closely to every business moderation need and demand presented to us.


Based on the objectives you specify and the types moderation you require, we devise and propose a moderation strategy that adheres to your website, page, or target audience.


Upon your approval, we execute our proposed strategy and give you full access to the entire moderation process. Whether you need human moderators, AI moderation software or both, we are always prepared to ensure we meet your expectations


All of the moderation services we offer are tailored to generate weekly and monthly statistical reports on user content, activity and engagement on your website or platform.


We have professional human moderators skilled at managing various types of user content and AI moderators programmed to serve your customers beyond your business hours.


We use the reports to offer alternatives and suggestions on how you can boost security for your brand and your customers. Our moderators value client feedback, and our services exhibit flexibility and adaptability to dynamic industry demands and changes.

Statistics Say that NMS has…

Assisted 500+ businesses and projects

Monitored 50K+ texts, 30K+ images, 20K+ videos

Exposed 10K+ scammers and fake profiles

Managed 500+ websites, forums, and social media pages

Enhanced 300+ online branding strategies for small businesses and big-time corporations

Delivered dependable moderation service for 13+ years

Your satisfaction is our priority!

Outsourced content moderation at New Media Services guarantees better online branding and reinforced customer protection.


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