Live Chat Support Services

We provide round-the-clock live chat support solutions integrated with high-end features and technologies to help businesses establish customer trust and boost conversion rates. As a competent live chat service provider, we see to it that you get flexible services that give you a competitive edge and the capacity to meet dynamic customer demands.

Heightened customer experience

Prompt responses for better engagements

Enhanced conversion and retention rates

Cost-effective live chat services for businesses

Augment in-house manpower and resources

Gain competitive edge



IM Chat
  • AI-powered IM software
  • Boost accessibility & entertainment value
  • Deliver top-notch aftersales assistance
  • Improve user experience & engagement
  • Real-time end-user assistance

Email Chat
  • Handle multiple end-user emails with ease
  • Reliable and convenient help desk platform
  • Secure & private email chats
  • Enhanced email management
  • Deliver personalized & insightful responses

SMS Chat
  • Improve business promotions
  • Ultra-fast message processing
  • Expand client reach via mobile messaging
  • End-user assistance on the go
  • Easy service opt-in & opt-out features

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Here’s how we execute our live chat support services to suit your demands


We address your queries and clarifications about our services within 24 hours. Our team listens closely to every business live chat requirement presented to us.


We work closely with your onboarding team to ensure that your outsourced live chat support agents adhere to your company’s specific standards and conditions.


We see to it that your outsourced live chat operator team from NMS executes our proposed strategy with finesse and give you full access to the entire work process.


Backed with real-time and comprehensive metrics, our agents continuously learn and adapt to the complex & dynamic changes in customers’ expectations and demands.

What does it mean to outsource live chat support services to us? You get to boost your conversion rates, highlight user convenience, and ultimately, expand your reach to the global market! We value client feedback on our services to ensure 100% efficiency and adaptability to progressive industry changes.

Secure Stability and Global Competence by Outsourcing Live Chat Solutions to NMS

With our hybrid live chat for customer service support, we help improve business-to-customer relationships and ultimately enable higher accuracy and dependability in addressing user concerns.


Client: Small Business Who Recently Put Up an Online Shop

An up-and-coming online store selling various products needs an efficient and long-term solution for the following:

Low-cost contact channel in place of using voice support

An easy and manageable way to continuously receive and respond to incoming customer messages

Real-time responsiveness to streamline operations and consistently meet new and pending orders from customers

A way to maximize their existing manpower for customer support


Client: Online Clothing Company

They recently revamped their website with the following goals:

Generate twice as many sales as they did during the first few years of their digital boutique

Enable 24/7 availability for site visitors based internationally

Expand the website by enticing fellow entrepreneurs to become resellers or market their products through the client’s site

Leveraging online visibility across online communities and platforms


Client: Rideshare App

The client is a new name in the business. Knowing that they already have some tough and established competitors in the market, they wanted to outsource the following:

Handling customer concerns while using the app

Addressing inquiries for new customers and companies who would like to propose a partnership

Reputation management through an accessible messaging channel to reach their PR

Providing post-care for customers who used the app’s services