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The use of live chat as a service builds customer trust and improves their conversion rates. Think of it as your virtual assistant. As soon as a user ends up on your website, a chat agent message box will appear to either ask that viewer if they need help, or offer to guide them through the process in which they’ve inquired about. Whether queries involve website navigation, a certain product or service, a sale, billing support, and more, NMS’ live chat support for website is completely tailored to each client’s particular business needs. Get quick, easy, and efficient problem-solving for desktop and mobile users alike

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Live Chat Agent Services


Services We Offer

It is essential for any large or small business with an online presence to offer their customers a web-based instant messaging platform where they can be responded to immediately. Our live chat solutions for customer service significantly boost your competitive edge, expand the reach of your services, and boost your productivity.



Check out the cost-effective LOOP-powered features behind our online messaging software:

IM Chat

Embed a live chat widget on your business website to address customer queries in real-time. We have in-house live chat agents available to assist site visitors. We also offer AI chatbot systems for automated messages and continued communication with end-users beyond your business hours.

Email Chat

Outsource chat support services to enhance your email management service. We generate personalized email responses and enable secure and private email chats. Maximize your email support team with the help of our chat representatives and simultaneously handle multiple emails.

SMS Chat

Send promotions and exclusive offers seamlessly even while end-users are on-the-go. Customers in your SMS list are also given the option to opt-in or opt-out anytime of your text messaging campaigns. Standard text message rates may apply.

Customizable live chat widget

While you may choose to use a third party live-chat widget of your choice, we also offer a fully customizable widget for your site that can be installed easily with our help if needed. Our software is powered by an easy-to-use LOOP (Live Operator Online Platform) with global coverage.

Multilingual assistance

We have multilingual customer service representatives who can assist internationally based customers. Get the global coverage with our live messaging service and increase engagement on your website from potential leads and even business partners.

The Advantages of A Live Chat Service

We’re firm believers that flexible, real time live chat agents can be the key to your newfound success. Live chat services for business is a must-have business tool that allows each company and industry to communicate directly with customers whether they want to chat via your website, send an email, or even receive SMS directly from the business.

Here’s a rundown of the top ten advantages you can experience when you invest in a chat services for website:


improved customer experience

1. Improved Customer Experience

Customers love having multiple options to contact your company for their questions or concerns. Our flexible live chat service extends your assistance beyond business hours. In return, customer convenience is increased and you get to keep leads engaged enough to push through with a purchase or conversion.


SMS messaging service

2. Templates Can Be Provided

If you’re worried about a live chat agent having a different tone of voice or not being able to speak in a professional and impeccable manner, templates can easily be provided so your preferred style can be mirrored across the board. Customer concerns can be handled in a friendly manner and quality assistance is guaranteed.


fast customer responses

3. Immediate Responses

Say goodbye to putting customers on hold. We enable 24/7 response to all inquiries about your services and products. Outsourcing live chat support to the NMS team instantly meets varying end-user demands with dependable and accessible service. Never miss an inquiry or a possibility for increased sales on your business website!


improved conversion rates

4. Increase Conversion Rates

Live chat customer support can increase your conversion rates by nearly 40%. Multiple studies have also shown that customers are more likely to engage with your website if it has a live chat option compared to those that don’t. Our live chat service is also ideal if you have multiple social media platforms with limited staff to manage customer messages.


employee productivity

5. Employee Productivity Improvement

Improve your employee productivity when you outsource to us. While your employees and customer service manager are handling urgent customer service inquiries, you can outsource live chat operators for product queries, refund requests, and escalation management. You can also depend on our trained support agents to handle Frequently Asked Questions in your stead.


cost effective sms service

6. Cost-Effective Service

Having a live chat service on your website is more cost-effective than your typical phone-in service. In fact, it can be about 30% cheaper than phone call tolls since chats can take place real time over the internet. Installing our live chat widget is easy as 1-2-3, and we respond quickly to requests for quotations and demo of our trusty instant messaging software.


sms marketing services

7. Stay Ahead of Competition

A three-minute delay in answering a visitor’s question can be enough reason for individuals to look for help elsewhere. Canned messaging features automatically give site visitors the opportunity to ask you questions about your products and services and receive instant answers. Drastically improve the trust and loyalty of end-users and make their purchasing decision much easier.


Live Chat SMS Service

8. Guides The Buyer

One of the main reasons business owners turn to a live chat service is to provide their customers with an easy buying process. Multiple studies have shown that adding a live chat functionality to your website not only encourages customer engagement, but also helps to increase sales with customers using it three times more .


SMS Live Chat Service

9. Easy-To-Read Analytics

Just because you outsource your customer chat service doesn’t mean you can’t keep track of your progress. You can monitor analytics in real-time. Our live chat support services are available in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malaysian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Thai
SMS service for businesses

10. Easily Accessible Future Resolutions

Our agents are fully equipped to not only conduct immediate problem resolution for your customers, but to also assist your business in discovering customer pain points, expanding your market research and understanding a whole array of user metrics to help with your marketing efforts. Utilize positive and negative transcripts to improve your services and handle future queries better.


Our Live Chat Widget Solutions

As a flexible modern-day communication tool, our live chat support services at New Media Services emphasizes on the need for consistent and reliable connectivity.

Customized Reporting System

Generate metrics based on your interactions with leads and customers. Specify what statistical information you want to focus on on your weekly and monthly messaging reports for

Maximized Workforce

Employ our live chat agents to handle different services covered by your customer assistance team. Enable a seamless process of analyzing, addressing, and resolving client concerns without spending money on hiring additional in-house staff.

Multiple Communication Channels

Employ multiple messaging platforms when you outsource live chat support to us. Reply to queries live chat, strengthen customer relations through email, and boost audience anticipation with SMS campaigns.

On-demand, Flexible Assistance

Increase the responsiveness of your website and social media pages. Our combined live chat agents and AI systems for addressing customer concerns whenever, wherever.

Real-time Responses and 24/7 Availability

Meet customer demands at all times. Make your service more personalized and reachable on a global scale. Offer promotions and product deals to purchasing customers and interested leads.

Secure Chat System

Aside from our well-trained customer service manager team and live chat agents, we also enable a messaging system that’s fully protected against scammers, hackers, and links to malicious files and sites.