Working with a Blogger Virtual Assistant: Everything You Need to Know


June 4, 2021

Written by

Stephanie Walker

In today’s digitized setup, content plays an integral role in catapulting one’s brand into long-term stability. Posting relevant, useful, and niche-focused content has increasingly become crucial now more than ever as it enables you to leverage your competitive edge, reach a wider group of target demographics, and ultimately, gain one step ahead of your competitors.

As your blog continues to gain traffic and more visitors, expect a more consistent stream of avid readers and long-term followers. That said, it is highly recommended that bloggers, whether new to the business or not,  resort to employing virtual assistants to shoulder the increasing weight of writing more blog posts for their websites. Not only do you gain full access to a broad pool of talents, but you also have the opportunity to conveniently acquire expert help amid the quarantine blues.

Is it your first time hiring a blog writing virtual assistant? Or are you a blogger looking for assistants? This article will provide an in-depth breakdown of all the things you need to know about how a virtual assistant can help you grow your blog.

7 Blogging Tasks that You Can Delegate to Blog Virtual Assistants

The demand for blog virtual assistant services has significantly increased in the past years.

Indeed, blogging reaps tons of benefits. But at the same time, it is a time-consuming process. If you are planning to take a few writing tasks off your plate, then employing a blog management service virtual assistant may be the answer. 
Here are seven blogging tasks that you can delegate to a blog VA.

1. Research and Curate Trendy Topics

One of the reasons why some blog pages flop is because they fail to produce contents that are aligned with the latest trends. Some posts tend to become stale and unappealing to readers. Hiring a blogger virtual assistant to dig more deeply into the latest topics, ensures that your contents are fresh and aligned with the preferences of your target audience.

All you have to do is provide the right keywords in which your blog posts will revolve and leave them to do intensive research for hot topics and content ideas. They can also go further by doing competitor research to see what topics generate the most traffic.

Moreover, if you are a writer yourself, assigning the research part to your trusty virtual assistant allows you to focus more on how to plan out the structure of your blog; thereby enabling you to produce more content-rich articles.

2. Quality Assurance and Editing

Proofreading and editing are among the most time-consuming processes in writing and producing a blog. You must keep your eyes peeled for any grammatical errors and other types of lapses that you may have missed when creating your write-up. However, re-reading your write-up and checking all your mistakes one by one tends to eat up a significant amount of time.

Thankfully, you can delegate this daunting task to your virtual assistant. This will allow you to free up a huge amount of time that you can spend in drafting your next blog or planning your next marketing strategies.

3. Content Compilation

Some bloggers think that they can easily handle the growing number of followers on their blog alone. But they are entirely unaware that it doesn’t work that way. Although most writers tend to wear many hats, it is important to note that blogging is a full-time job and not everyone possesses the right set of skills to execute such complex tasks. 

Compiling your content is yet another time-consuming task. For you to save up more time for your next blog, you can always ask your virtual assistant to make a comprehensive spreadsheet containing all your blogs. You can use this for internal linking, future referencing, and even long-term link building (especially when your blog VA can also work as an SEO VA). A blogger virtual assistant with sufficient SEO knowledge can double as your search engine optimization personnel and ensure that your blog site ranks higher on search engines and utilizes keywords relevant to what your brand represents. If you have a long-term goal for your blog, it should be to transform it into a solid resource for you to gain consistent traffic and potentially earn passive income.

4. Blog Comment Management

Sure, replying to comments on your blog is easy when you’re at the starting phase, but as your blog flourishes with readers, the harder it becomes to handle gradual surges in comments. Employing blog comment virtual assistant services allow you to stay connected to your audiences. As a result, it fortifies the ties between your brand and your supporters.

5. Creating Content Calendar

The ultimate goal in creating blog posts is to maintain relevance and deliver fresh content. A blogger VA can easily create a content calendar that enables you to post contents that are relevant to specific seasons and events. For example, November and December hold some of the most popular holidays. Making a content calendar prior to these months guarantees that you will not run out of topics and ideas and guarantee that your blogs are fresh and tailored to suit the forthcoming holidays (in this case, Halloween and Christmas).

6. Social Media Management

Social media is your bread and butter in acquiring readers and building a rich fan base, particularly in this digital era. But if you are not that well-versed in these types of platforms, then assigning this task to your VA might be the answer.

Your virtual assistant can create posts that are useful in enticing users to read your content across different social networking platforms. Aside from that, creating an open space where your brand can engage and interact with your followers is a great way to maintain stronger relationships among all users.

7. Boost Follower Engagement

Aside from managing your social media, blogger virtual assistants are also useful in increasing engagement from your followers. It is not enough for you to attract more people to read your blogs. You also need to build a relationship with your audience. Monitor what they are commenting about your content and take a closer look at which topics resonate well with your target readers.

Better yet, have your virtual assistants engage in a healthy conversation with your readers. Encourage them to send topic suggestions or content they would want to see on your blog site in the future. Create promotions or forums where your audience can share their knowledge and get to know your brand on a more personal level.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Administrator for Blogs?

Practicing the “jack-of-all-trades habit” is one of the few mistakes that entrepreneurs tend to commit. Little do they know, hiring a virtual assistant to manage their blogging tasks can take a huge amount of workload off of their plates. Below is a list of the most common advantages that you can get in hiring a virtual assistant.

1. Heightened Productivity

Maintaining a smooth flow of operations and staying productive is hard when you are consistently rooted down with small and repetitive tasks. By hiring a VA, however, you get to focus on other revenue-generating areas which are—obviously—instrumental for your business growth.

2. Save More Time

This can’t be stressed enough, but blogging is indeed a time-consuming task. Shifting some of your blogging tasks to your VA allows you to free up a significant amount of time not only for other tasks but for your overall personal well-being.

3. Save More Money

Indeed, hiring an in-house blogger or writer is an excellent way to create more content. But hiring one can be very daunting, especially when you consider all the interviews you need to conduct along with the onboarding process to training sessions, it does require an intricate series of processes that can be very time-consuming.

Hiring a virtual assistant diminishes the need for these processes, especially the training part. A virtual assistant who supplies blog support is flexible and well-positioned to take on whatever blogging tasks they are assigned. They help save more money for training, resources, and facilities.

Also, they charge you depending on the service they provide within a given time frame, so you don’t have to pay them on a regular basis.

4. Reduced Burnout

Your productivity will be even limited when you are mentally and physically drained. Hiring a VA can dramatically take a huge relief off of your shoulders and eventually helps reduce work stress. This plays a vital role in improving your overall wellness to take on other tasks and even improve your personal and social life.

What is the Best Way to Hire a Blogger Virtual Assistant?

After getting yourself acquainted with the benefits and tasks you can outsource to a VA, you might be wondering how to hire one. It’s rather simple, actually.

You can find virtual assistants on various job sites like Craigslist, freelance platforms like Guru and Upwork, or you can post your job opening to social media groups especially Facebook. 

Moreover, you can find companies that offer virtual assistant services. New Media Services is a great example of a company that specializes in outsourcing virtual assistant services. We offer a broad array of virtual assistant solutions including blogging VAs.

The Takeaways

This can’t be overstated but hiring a virtual assistant enables you to reap tons of advantages. 

As your business, (or blog for that matter) gains more and more demanding supporters, maintaining a balance between consistently providing content-rich articles and monitoring your business growth as a whole becomes significantly tougher.

An extra set of brilliant minds allows you to reduce workload, enhance productivity, save more money, and ultimately, give you a huge amount of free time that you can spend to hone your writing skills, plan your marketing strategies, or even boost your personal and social well being.

Yes, hiring one is easy, but you must keep in mind the right qualifications of an excellent virtual assistant. There are specific criteria that you need to consider before you choose the right candidate for your blogging endeavors.

If you don’t know where to start, New Media Service might be able to help you. Our virtual assistants are well-positioned to provide the best remote support. Our wide-ranging expertise includes both administrative tasks such as email management, bookkeeping, appointment booking to name a few, and more technical tasks such as SEO, graphic designing, and blogging. To know more about how a virtual assistant can help your blog, feel free to contact us now!

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