Live Chat Services Case Study
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Live Chat Services Case Study

Italian Restaurant

SMS is an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with customers. In fact 97% of people with mobile phones use text messaging on a regular basis. Text messages have a 90% open rate with a 45% response rate; all within the first 3 minutes of receiving an SMS.
Our Bulk SMS services provide a platform for businesses to reach their customers through their mobile phones.
Reach your target market and customers quickly, send announcements, promos and updates through Bulk SMS.
New Media Services effectively provides easy to set-up, scalable and seamless business offers through our Bulk SMS service as well as our one-stop SMS Chat Solution -SMS Go.

Italian Restaurant
An Italian restaurant known for their traditional slow-cooked pizza and authentic Italian pasta.

The client was new to the market and desired to use an effective advertising method.


The company used NMS’ Bulk SMS service to reach a large network of people gained through leads and contact lists.

Man using NMS bulk sms on his phone


Out of 10,000 text messages sent, 1400 recipients responded.
Our operators handled these messages and answered all general inquiries. This resulted in a successfully interactive advertising campaign.
As a bonus, the restaurant acquired NMS design services to build their official website and incorporate the SMS Go chat widget.

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