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Content Moderation Services Case Studies

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To protect users from the various threats present online, content moderation services are necessary. The proper filtering of content either by automatic filters or through live operators keeps online communities, businesses and brand reputation safe.

Our services specialize in live moderation using skilled staff that are trained to handle images, videos, audio, text and all other content. Live content moderators provide website protection to your users. Removing offensive/unwanted content, user generated content management, spam and scam removal.

New Media Services effectively provides easy to set-up, scalable and seamless content moderation services including social media moderation.

Here are a few cast studies that offer an insight to the effectiveness of our Content Moderation services:
(please note that due to official Non-disclosure agreements, client names may be changed or omitted)

Dating Site
A well-known dating site that indulges over thousands of subscribers

The client’s website became a quarry of online users whose profiles were mainly used to redirect other users to other sites to drive traffic. Additionally, the said user profiles went on to ruin user experience for other customers by posting and spreading various forms of scams and phishing schemes and other fraudulent activities.


With a team of expert moderators, NMS conducted a manual review of each of the profiles registered in the client’s website, verified that all the information submitted by each user are genuine, tracked and checked interactions done by end-users.

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Although the process of sifting through content took a significant amount of time, it eventually resulted in a much safer website for online daters. As a bonus, the moderation process likewise helped in refining their membership requirements as well as helped them provide a more thorough and concise set of provisions for the client’s Terms & Conditions.

Mobile Phone Company
A multi-national mobile and semiconductor manufacturer

The client planned to set-up a photo submission contest to coincide with their flagship phone launching. This campaign required a review of submitted images based on pre-set rules and guidelines.


The company hires NMS to moderate submitted images. The varying number of submissions sent for review were handled on a daily basis with NMS scaling up or down based on the number of staff needed for the day’s workload.

Cellphone capturing flowing river


The task was completed as required with all submissions moderated accurately. The campaign was increased the credibility of the contest and the flagship phone launching was a success.

A Social Networking Company
A social network startup marketing a mobile application that encourages interactions among users through various user-generated content (text, photo, audio and video).

The client required assistance in moderating content submitted by users to ensure no inappropriate or offensive content was posted and that all other user-generated content adheres to the guidelines and standards set.


The company provided the rules and guides for moderation that the Live Moderators of NMS used to review content.

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The moderation campaign was effective and efficient. The guidelines were enforced and even improved upon by NMS.

A Clothing Company
A global authority on wool and wool products.

The client began using a feedback, comment and customer interaction feature on their website that they foresaw as possibly prone to spamming and abuse. They decided to implement filtering through moderation.


The company tasked NMS to moderate their feedback forms, comment boxes and user interactions 24/7. All posts that violated the rules and guidelines of the company were removed and the violator was promptly informed.

Three scarf in different colors


The campaign was successfully completed without dispute. The feedback, comment and customer interactions generated the attention desired and interest was increased due to the clean nature of interactions within the 5 month campaign period.

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