6 Key Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys


February 9, 2023

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Milliscent Lucio

With tons of brands emerging to steal the spotlight, a major factor affecting a company’s ability to thrive in this cutthroat landscape relies on the support of its clientele. It is with the presence and support of customers that companies continue to develop in order to retain their clients while pulling in new ones at the same time. 

However, acquiring and retaining a customer requires much more effort than losing one, especially during these present times in which people prefer a customer-centric approach. A single negative experience can be all it takes for them to change their mind.

6 Key Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  1. 1. Gather Customer Information
  2. 2. Product and Service Improvement
  3. 3. Identify Customer Trends
  4. 4. Bolster Brand Reputation
  5. 5. Refine Customer Experience
  6. 6. Improve Customer Relationship

Should you implement customer feedback services in live chat? 

We are all ears for customer support!

For starters, a customer satisfaction survey is a form of research that businesses use to measure their customers’ level of satisfaction with the products and services they receive from the brand. The result of these surveys is an indicator as to how well a company is performing in terms of delivering its products and services.

It is also essentially the customer’s opinion, albeit expressed in both qualitative and quantitative methods. The data gathered can be quantified, and the qualitative analysis goes in depth as to which factors affected the measured data. Customer satisfaction surveys come in 6 types:

  • Product Usage - collects feedback about your product or service
  • Demographic - collects feedback that visualizes their clientele
  • Psychographic - collects feedback that delve into customer preferences, habits, behaviors, and tendencies
  • Satisfaction Scale - collects quantifiable feedback
  • Open-Text - collects text feedback from open-text questions
  • Longevity - collects feedback relating to follow ups and actions after the survey 

However, like any strategy in general, there are advantages and disadvantages to customer satisfaction surveys. Let’s start with a quick run-through of the disadvantages first.

One main reason that affects the willingness to answer a customer satisfaction survey is the wariness towards unethical data gathering. The technology boom came with more refined ways of stealing data to sell to other companies. People have become more concerned about their data privacy, especially for surveys where anonymity is not guaranteed. 

There is also the double-edged factor of frequent and thorough surveys causing survey fatigue, making respondents skip some questions or skip the survey altogether. Meanwhile, a random implementation might cause you to skip out on customers who are willing to respond.

There is no such-thing as a fool-proof plan, especially in terms of marketing and customer support. The best thing to do is keep track of these drawbacks and balance the elements of the survey to offset them. To help you, here are six benefits of customer satisfaction surveys.

1. Gather Customer Information

One of the major benefits of customer feedback surveys is that they can be a useful tool in gauging your customer demographic. And being a more transparent method of information gathering, the customers are more likely to share information as they can control the extent of the divulged information.

You can identify which groups the majority of your demographic belongs to and account for those when deciding how the company will proceed with their products and services.

Sample questions:

  • How old are you?
  • Where are you located?

2. Product and Service Improvement

How do you know if your brand’s products and services are well-received? Are the products working as advertised? Are the services up to the guaranteed standards? Who else is going to give the best answer but the customers who subscribe to products and services, right?

These pieces of feedback—a major benefit of using customer surveys—help in identifying the areas for improvement in the products and services. It also shows what the customers do with products or services, opening up possible opportunities for product and service development.

Sample questions:

  • What do you like about (insert product type)?
  • What points of friction have you encountered while using the product?

3. Identify Customer Trends

Which products and services are popular this month? Does it correspond to a rising popular trend? Will it be able to pique the interests of the younger generation of consumers?

With the data collected about the customers, you can identify the trends and keep up with the intricate demands of various demographics. And, if you’re lucky and creative enough, you might even start a new trend to set your own trademark.

Having prior knowledge about customer trends allows you to anticipate the rise and fall in demand along with the possibility of spikes in traffic, providing ample time for the technical team to prepare and prevent system crashes.

Sample questions:

  • Which feature do you use often?
  • If there was one feature you could add or change, what would it be and why?

4. Bolster Brand Reputation

When talking about customer experience and satisfaction surveys, ratings will no doubt factor in, as surveys and ratings usually appear together, and the state of these ratings can either persuade or dissuade potential clients.

Another advantage of customer surveys, if customer suggestions and complaints are considered or implemented, positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers helps boost your reach and reputation, not to mention the perks that your brand can receive when done immediately and properly. Positive responses and even word-of-mouth recommendations can additionally serve as sources for brand testimonials.

Sample questions:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your purchasing experience today?
  • Why did you choose our product over a competitor’s?

5. Refine Customer Experience

We talked about satisfaction surveys playing a part in product and service improvement; the benefits of customer surveys also apply to customer experience. Besides the product and services, a customer’s experience plays a part in fostering their loyalty to the brand. People are likely to disregard those if they have a terrible experience during the process.

These surveys also provide data that helps a brand become more proactive in their customer support, not only reactive. You can anticipate future hiccups that customers might encounter along the way and address them without their prompting, ensuring a better customer experience.

Sample questions:

  • How can we improve your experience with the company?
  • What’s working for you and why?

6. Improve Customer Relationship

All of the above benefits eventually culminate in a better relationship with the customers. Evidence of the company prioritizing customer care and experience makes the audience more receptive to answering future surveys.

A well-made customer satisfaction survey can be the first small step in fostering  customer loyalty. Instead of just the usual vague and generic questions, tailor them to relate to the corresponding product or service.

Sample questions:

  • Would you be open to discussing upgrade options for your product?
  • In the future, would you be willing to take this survey again?

Should you Implement Customer Feedback Services in Live Chat? 

What customers want is a speedy response and speedy action. Instead of waiting for a response when using customer support, they can instead directly communicate through live chat support.

The real-time feedback afforded by the live chat function not only allows the customer to immediately report their problems, but also allows customer support to address the issue brought up by the customer. The issues can then be resolved as soon as possible, boosting customer satisfaction despite previous inconveniences.

While other companies are gradually integrating live chat functions, the quality of your product or service can set it apart from the competition. The provision of quality customer service involves not only a prompt answer but also an informed response in which the customer is given effective solutions.

The quality and responsiveness become proof of active customer engagement and increase the possibility of the brand being recommended to others. You are also more likely to identify which clients are active and give a good customer satisfaction score. Therefore, you can utilize strategies that can elicit a positive response.

We are all ears for customer support!

Customers want to be heard, and they appreciate a business that keeps their satisfaction in mind. A customer satisfaction survey is, after all, a point of contact for customers to express their thoughts. The data gathered provides direction for marketing strategies and customer support, making way for company growth.

While a company may use customer satisfaction surveys, it becomes moot when there aren’t enough personnel to address customer concerns. A viable option, especially for smaller businesses, is to outsource support services instead. NMS has support services that can be tailored to your specific preferences and goals.

You can employ the assistance of a customer support team and a chat operator service team in order to lighten the load of your business's employees and retain their focus on the front end. The 24/7 availability of the service is also valuable for clients that are only free during after sales hours or live in different time zones.

Maximize your resources and let’s work together to create a plan that caters to your business needs. Contact us!

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