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Wrong Data Compromise the Company

No doubt, no disagreement – data is the core of the business. Data is a point of reference for a company to do every action needed to be done. It gives a concrete report for identifying the status of the business and studying the factors that affect the result. It leads a direction to reach […]

Rotten SEO Techniques You Should Throw Away

Search Engine Optimization is considered a star in the world of Online Marketing. Every business expert will suggest you to use SEO as a means for your website to become popular and and make people want your services and products. Social marketers reigning on the web will write about blogs that will enhance your page […]

Logo as the Brand Summary

Logo Quiz is a famous game downloaded to mobiles. The mechanics of the said game is to name each logo presented by batch. The player should give a particular number of correct answers to unlock a new level. These icons are usually logos wordless or modified from different companies, organizations or brands. Aside from the […]

Kicking it up a Notch or Not?

When managing a business, it is inevitable to make some changes with the business and organizational structure, management style and sometimes the entire system may need some remodeling or perhaps a total reconstruction. This way, organizations are able to adjust themselves to new developments and trends as well as to make managing the business in […]

What Translation Offers the World

The planet is shrinking because of social media. The distance between the continents doesn’t hold any grand importance in terms of communication. These continents have in a way become a compressed village where people of different backgrounds, geography, culture and personality can connect to one another with ease and in a short period of time. […]

Twitter Alert: To Stay or Not to Stay

Twitter has proven to be a battlefield where people can easily throw out whims and fits. It has taken cyber brawls to a whole new level.. This then leads to this question: Should Twitter stick around or be banned? As a matter of fact, this platform has undoubtedly become very popular, and to band it […]

5 Effective Habits for Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Online success is sometimes thought of as going to Las Vegas and pulling on the one-armed bandit. They couldn’t be more wrong. All luxuries here on earth are mostly achieved by investing on hard work. According to research, 80% of millionaires in the world are self-made, which means that they obtained their wealth not from […]

Email Support- A 2013 Trend in Mobile Customer Service

Since customers have varying preferences and situations, it is a must that we provide them with a list of contact channels that they may use to reach out to us whenever they encounter problems with their mobile service subscription. Traditional channels include voice support, wherein customers need to look for a phone to be able […]

Mobile Marketing: Tips in building your mobile website

No doubt that the trend in business and marketing nowadays is aimed directly at mobile communications. It is definitely an option when you want to communicate to your target market in the easiest, most convenient and interactive way. According to, there is an estimate of about 5.3 billion mobile phone users all over the […]

Three Gadgets Only Bill Gates Can Afford

If you travel around the world like George Clooney and have a bank account that sounds like “Bill Gates”, you might want to stop worrying where to place your dollars spilling out of your pocket. This coming holiday is a good time to buy gadgets that are not for everyone (because not everyone is super […]

Facebook Manners You Should Live By

Facebook is home to 800 million members (give or take) and no doubt it is the biggest social networking site in the world right now. But with too many users, there are bound to be those who share too much information or cross the line of appropriateness (often unknowingly) and this can put them in […]

Guidelines in Creating Your Password

Imagine yourself as a detective when you are creating a password for your ATM account. Assume that the password is a set of characters that will protect all your secrets that you will carry to the grave. However because you find it hard to create different password for every ATM account you have, you resort […]

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