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Google Goes Political and Legal

Google never fails to step as one of the trending topics every day. This particularly concerns the algorithm updates that sent the world of online marketing and sharing in a continuous state of chaos. The biggest search engine continues to reign in the web influencing all bloggers, website owners, and top companies to fix or […]

Image, a Web Element to Watch Over

If we compare social media to something we know so well, it is like a mall. You can find anything you want: food, clothing, furniture, banking, and other things that are either one’s necessities or luxuries; and it is a place filled with countless people of different personalities and backgrounds. Social media, instead of shops […]

Online Buddies Could Help You with Your Purchase

With the emergence of countless brands of goods and services in the market, people tend to become wary as it may not provide accurate/honest product information. With that in mind, people opt for what is common or for the same brand that they are familiar with rather than going for something that just came out […]

Who Doesn’t Exist Can Actually Harm You

This is pretty obvious fact that the internet is a storage and display of all kinds of content. You can find articles that will inspire you, music that will make you cry, and movies that you can get over with. It includes those that are actually craps. Examples of these useless and inappropriate contents are […]

Facebook to Add M on its Entity

It looks like Facebook is heading a direction towards a tougher competition with the other huge brands. Apple, Microsoft, and Google are known for installing personal assistants on their products to satisfy the users, and Facebook has rolled out its own version. The release of each personal assistant had been the talk of the town. […]

YouTube Turns Red and It Changes the Way You Watch Videos

YouTube is for all ages. It is a repository of a wide variety of videos extending from music videos to academic tutorials. Over a billion users, which is almost 1/3 of all people on the internet, watch videos on the site for hundreds of millions of hours. Each video generates millions of views that make […]

The Loss of Creativity on Web Design

Web design is an essential factor in obtaining good traffic. The dynamic needs of internet users cause changes to the appearance of a website and that is why the trend is most waited and applied for the convenience of all. This trend, however, has brought bad notions to some web designers. It brought them to […]

The Art of Coding

Ever since the internet had attracted billions of people and counting, its popularity caused it to become what could be considered another planet to live in, a virtual world that has no boundary. You can find various scholarly articles to supply lacking resources for a particular study. It has a broad list of categories of […]

Shedding Some Light On Content Curation

The web is full of selection processes. That means before a piece of content will appear on the search results for you to click on, each piece goes to a sorting ceremony. If you ca imagine the Harry Potter movies on that particular scene where students were called one by one to be assessed which […]

Winning Calls

There is no point in denying that the celebrities in this World ruled by competition are the people. They are the consumers who will purchase, spread the word, and contribute to the growth of the company. Even those people who are not actually consumers are also treated important, as supported by the process of transforming […]

Pushing for Responsive Refund Management

The sales may rise tomorrow and fall down the next month. A client will close the deal with a nod and then revoke it later. These kinds of situations are a form of “failure”, and it rather breaks your heart to see these things happen in your company. The graph of activities in the business […]

For Better SEO

What are the steps you follow to in order to improve your Search Engine Optimization, resulting in  better status of the page traffic? You will never run out of ways. Ask people who have the knowledge or authority in the industry and you will surely get a lesson useful for your pursuit. Search on Google […]

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