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Live chat operator smiling, christmas accessories and live chat icons

Chat Services: Preparing for the Holidays

In Live Chat Services, which currently takes 73% of customer satisfaction results, an uptick of interactions is expected for this coming holiday season.

Customer Acquisition icon vs. Customer Retention icon in a boxing ring

Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention

The fact remains that businesses need customers regardless of whether they are one-time customers, occasional patrons or loyal clients.

NMS-AWA text with bangkok Thailand buidlings

NMS and the AW-Asia Conference

Affiliate World Asia is proud to host 2,800 attendees, 151 exhibitors and 45 speakers from more than 80 countries around the world.

laptop showing google translator logo, and five people standing infront of buildings

How Multi-language Websites can Help Grow Your Business Worldwide

Want to boost your website’s content services and SEO? Find out the benefits that multi-language brings to your business.

live chat support agent plus monitor showing a store

The Important Link between Live Chat Support and E-commerce Websites

Discover what makes live chat support and e-commerce website click together and how both factors makes your business grow.

mobile marketing agent smiling to the customer

The Fundamentals of Reaching Out Via SMS and Other Mobile Communications

Starting a mobile marketing campaign to spread brand awareness & reach out to a wider audience entails key practices to ensure it is efficient & successful.

Google and SEO letters surrounded by question marks

Debunking SEO Myths: SEO Services’ Essentials Unfazed by Google Algorithm Updates

Despite Google’s constant algorithm changes, there are key factors in SEO services that remain undaunted to help keep your site & strategies relevant.

Customer Support Services Agent shaking hands to a happy customer

Customer Service Personalization Techniques and Its Benefits

Implementing a personalized customer support services is a great way to make your business stand out. Here are some tactics you can use to go beyond.

Girl using a laptop/social media icons

Social Media Must-Haves to Get Your Brand Noticed

Build your brand’s online presence & enhance your social media services by applying the basic prerequisites of creating a business social media profile.

Live Chat Services agent dealing with customers

The Right Way to Deal with Special Customer Requests on Live Chat Service

Make your live chat services more efficient and satisfactory by following the steps on how to properly deal with special customer requests.

group of web designer thinking social media icons

Designing Your Business Website for Millennials & How Millennials Affect Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn the essential strategies you can use for your web design services and know how millennials affect today’s digital media world.

Laptop showing social media best practices and seo letters

Social Media Practices that Help Boost SEO

Discover how social media and SEO work together to provide an indispensable social media services to your company and brand reputation.

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