5 Reasons to Outsource Your Basic Admin Tasks


February 20, 2020

Written by

Chini Lyn Velasco

Businesses are always inundated with various paperwork and tasks.  Ranging from legal arrangements to payrolls and client inquiries, you name it and the admin staff will understand the pain that comes with piles of paperwork.

However, these tasks are very important for the sustenance of a company. And sometimes it becomes undeniably boring and repetitive for employees who are assigned to such tasks. Instances may occur where employees adopt the mindset of neglecting boring admin tasks and preferring to work on more important and interesting tasks.

Having such a mindset might be the sign that a company should outsource their administrative tasks before it’s too late. Here are some of the critical reasons why a business should consider outsourcing admin tasks:

1. Employee satisfaction

People prefer doing tasks that they enjoy, consider high value, or are passionate about. The same goes for the workplace, there will be higher employee satisfaction if workers are delegated to tasks which they are interested in.

In deciding which tasks to outsource to maintain employee satisfaction, ask the team which specific tasks that they prefer to work on. From there, the tasks remaining unclaimed shall be delegated to virtual assistants or outsourced specialists. Having that in mind, office employees will also now be more focused on their duties and more motivated to achieve the company’s goals.

2. Fewer errors and increased productivity

Hiring specialists and delegating specific tasks to different employees may increase costs for the company, but as time goes by, businesses will realize the benefits that they got from doing so.

Proper delegation of tasks among the members of a company can help in increasing productivity for everyone. Matching the task with the most capable person in the office will allow for more focused and efficient employees. 

Imagine a workplace where everyone does a specific job which they excel in, productivity and mastery would increase exponentially as employees are not struggling with tasks they don’t understand or enjoy. 

A reduced margin of error can also be expected in hiring a specialist to do a particular task as they have already mastered the skills and understands the ins and outs of the job. With such, business owners can receive better outcomes, even with the administrative tasks that the employees used to despise. 

3. Organization

One of the most common known tasks for a virtual assistant is acting as a “virtual secretary”, and many people, especially professionals, find it extremely helpful. In addition to administrative tasks given to them, VAs can also help organize the schedules and files of their clients that are often neglected or forgotten due to other more prioritized tasks.

Going through email inboxes, following up with customers, creating a calendar, setting up reminders to appointments and special occasions, with these tasks outsourced, business owners will have more time for other duties that are beneficial for the growth of their company.

4. Versatility and flexibility

Outsourcing in a business can be like having 2 or more employees in one. They can focus on their original task of doing administrative tasks while also doing marketing duties for instance. Most outsourced employees are capable of multitasking, as they are trained and expected to do so.

While they are busy organizing paperwork and emails, once in a while they can also be assigned in sending emails, copywriting, or creating content for websites. To achieve this, businesses need to be invested in finding the proper outsourcing company that can assure quality agents and output.

5. Lower costs

A struggle amongst many businesses, especially startups, is maintaining the financial stability of the company. For new businesses, every cent counts. They want to increase productivity at the least cost possible. Outsourcing is a perfect way of ensuring costs are kept at a minimum and productivity is at a maximum. 

Considering that outsourced employees work in a remote area, they do not add to the office bills and expenses. They do not need additional chairs, tables, and laptops to produce output and results. Additionally, most of them are paid per hour or depending on their accomplished work. With such, owners can customize their cost depending on the needs of the company.

Indeed, today, not all tasks require additional office employees but can be easily handled by outsourced employees. Many businessmen have already realized the benefits that their company is experiencing from outsourcing. Outsourcing is a growing industry and you don’t want to miss out on the benefits you could reap. Contact us now to see how we can help your company grow!

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