Virtual Assistants Services

New Media Services (NMS) offers Virtual Assistant (VA) services to augment your workforce needs which covers multiple administrative and operational tasks. Our VAs can provide the reliable organizational support for most client requirements and deliverables based on skill, time, knowledge and logistics.

Who We Are

We started our digital marketing business in 2007 in the beautiful city of Melbourne (although the idea initially started in Bangkok, Thailand). All of our major operations were handled out of the Philippines, but we expanded quickly and opened up offices across the globe – San Francisco, San Antonio, Dnipro, Amsterdam, Tampa, Zurich, and London. We’ve helped clients all around the world who specialize in a variety of niches with more than just virtual assistant services. We also offer social media marketing, SEO campaigns, quality web design, app development, multilingual customer support, SMS and email marketing, explainer videos, and more.

We’re firm believers that outsourcing personalized virtual assistant services, customer service support and digital marketing tactics can be the key to business owners’ newfound success. We have teams that are highly-qualified and ready to be put to work for your business right away and can assist you with a wide range of office tasks and marketing efforts. Our office in Manila now holds over 150 full-time staff members and we don’t blame on slowing down anytime soon. Our founder, Martin Eyking, has always aimed to provide clients with a unique, tailored service so their business can reach new heights while improving their efficiency, online presence, and employee productivity.

List of Virtual Assistant Services

New Media Services (NMS) offers Virtual Assistant (VA) services to augment your workforce needs. Our services cover multiple administrative and operational tasks to augment your business operations and leverage your competitive edge.

We offer remote assistance for the following areas:

booking verification    

Booking and Verification

Deliver customer convenience at all times. Have our online virtual assistants book trips and meetings in advance and verify important appointments for your customers or business partners.

data entry    

Data Entry

Reduce time spent on routine tasks with data entry virtual assistant services. Input key details and information for documentation and updating client and business records with ease, while focusing on your core operations.

document management    

Document Management

Our virtual assistant email management seamlessly handles document management for emails, calendars, and daily schedules. Keep track of important data and key dates and appointments involving your business more efficiently.

call management    

Call Management and Executive Assistant Tasks

We have dedicated virtual assistants you can assign to keep a close eye on important calls and boost how efficiently your executive tasks, which includes assisting you in devising and implementing long-term and short-term strategies for sustaining your business.

client relation    

Client Relations and Communications

If there’s one thing they appreciate more than a business with a higher customer satisfaction rating, it’s a business that offers 24/7 support. Our virtual office support services can represent your brand to the audience you want to do business with.

liaison officer    

Liaison Officer Tasks

A pro at enabling flexible assistance, the NMS team is your go-to company for coordinating with different agencies, organizations, and departments in attaining objectives instrumental for your business’ growth and expansion.

social media management    

Social Media Management

Whether you want to focus your digital marketing and lead acquisition efforts on one or multiple social media platforms, our social media virtual assistant services are well-versed at handling the most widely used social networking platforms.



Get accurate interpretations and translations of audio or video files and messages. We have converted countless audios and videos into useful text and e-documents for numerous brands. The best part is we offer affordable transcription rates.

va tasks    

Other VA tasks

Do you have a Virtual Assistant task not mentioned in the list? New Media Services provides flexible outsourcing solutions tailor-made to your business requirements.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

The benefits of virtual assistant services are endless no matter the type of industry you’re in, but if you’ve never worked with virtual assistants before, you may need a little more convincing. We know, as business owners ourselves, that you want the absolute best for your business. We want the best for your business too.

As our client, we completely personalize your services and go above and beyond to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with us and the virtual assistants we’ve connected you with. With that being said, are you ready to learn about the many benefits you can experience thanks to the help of outsourcing virtual assistant services to NMS?

Why Outsource to New Media Services?

Assisted 1000+ businesses and projects
Managed 900+ social media accounts, documents, executive tasks
Booked 3000+ appointments and handled 5000+ customer queries
Delivered professional virtual assistant services for 13+ years.

NMS can help scale your business by supplying the manpower for your operational and administrative needs as well as staff for various outsourced Business Process tasks. Furthermore, our VAs work to improve overall task efficiency by bringing the necessary knowledge and skills needed to the table.