The Right Way to Deal with Customer Requests on Live Chat Service


November 23, 2017

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It’s often a challenge to deal with customer’s special requests for the reason that you can’t always identify the main cause behind the request and how will it coordinate with your standard process.
In most cases, replying to these kinds of requests is more complicated considering that the chat agent has to tell the customer that their request can’t be processed immediately whilst avoiding them feeling disappointed.

Nevertheless figuring out the root cause of the situation and aligning it with your rules, regulations, and procedures will help you eliminate a lot of customer agony and diffuse tense situations.
Here are some guidelines your live chat service can apply when encountering customer’s special requests.

1. Communicate in a Positive Way

In scenarios where a customer is making a special request remember that, every time you say no to a customer, it sends a message that you don’t want to help them.

In cases like this, saying no in a careful manner will greatly help to avoid making the customer feel frustrated.  You can also provide some options to better serve them providing some options should be delivered in a positive way.

“Mr. /Miss. (their name) we really appreciate you telling us about this situation. Unfortunately, we tried to (explain the situation), however, there’s nothing we can do to resolve it. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you”

2. Offer the closest Alternative

If you can’t provide what the customers want, find the closest solution to their request. Because even if it won’t work for them they will still appreciate the fact that you have exerted an effort to help them.
In this way, you will also minimize the number of angry customers. By providing an alternative solution, your chat agent has an opportunity of earning a sale or otherwise lost a sale.
Take note that your support team should know the product well enough in order to provide a substitute solution to the problem.

“I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this problem. I do my best to figure this out, and I’ll work on finding a solution right away.”

“Here are other options available (list of options you can provide), let us know which option best suits you. Thank you”

“I understand you want the best offer possible on our product. At the moment we do not have a promotion running at this time, although I can recommend the best package for you based on your needs? Otherwise, I can update you if we have an upcoming promotion soon. Let me know your thoughts about these options”

3. Provide a Detailed Explanation

Some customers will not understand the way your product works as to how your chat agents do. That’s why it’s still best to provide them a detailed explanation without them asking for it.
Coming up with an alternative way to approach a particular subject will save more time especially when a customer is having a hard time using your product.

If a customer needs an example for them to fully understand it, come up with one. If a customer prefers a step by step explanation, do so. Because it’s essential to meet customers need.

“No problem, I’ll be happy to assist you (their name)! You can find the expiration date on the upper left side of the box. Let me know if you see it”

“Unfortunately, the coupon code that you provided for 50% off one item is from over a year ago, and is no longer active in our system. Our coupons are typically valid for 30 days after they are issued. If you are ever unsure of whether a coupon is valid, you can check the dates of validity, which are printed on the bottom”

4. Don’t Allow Customers to Boss Around

The reality is we can’t always give the customers what they want because some of their requests are just impossible and go against the company’s policy.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with saying no to the customer if you have to refuse their requests, make sure that your agents would be polite in doing so.

What matters most when facing customers’ special requests is the impression you make and showing them that you’ve put some thought in the situation.

Avoid focusing on customer’s mistakes, instead, think of ways you can help the customer. In this way, you’ve let your live chat service use its authority in a positive way.

“Thank you for contacting us! I’m very sorry, but we will not be able to honor your discount/refund request as of the moment but we can surely provide some other options that you might consider, let me know if you are interested. Thank you”

5. Let your Conversation Lead to a Solution

In the process of having a tough conversation with the customer, see it as an opportunity to come up with a solution to make the customer happy.

It is always gratifying for customers to fix a problem you didn’t realize your company had. This is also the best way to gain a good market feedback.

“(Name of the customer), it’s been great chatting with you! I hope we resolved your issue thoroughly. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you! You can always reach us in your most convenient time, we are open 24 hours. Have a wonderful day!”

There are some instances where you can’t comply with what the customer is asking for. Here are some given situations on which your chat agents need to say no to customers that are:

    • Asking for a discount that doesn’t exist.
    • Requesting if you can give them a better discount.
    • Asking for free merchandise.
    • Asking if they can possibly use a coupon that is inactive or expired
    • If they can use a coupon from a third-party site.
    • Asking for a product that is out of stock.
    • Requesting for a feature that is not available,
    • Asking for a refund after using the product.

In most cases, it’s not that easy to say no to customers requests. However, saying no and being delicate about it is one of the most important skills a chat agent should have.

Having a visible policy for customer’s sake can leave an exceptional impression of your company’s live chat service. On the other hand, evaluating these kinds of scenarios can help you identify what works for your company, and be able to benchmark your chat support team into situations when to say no and the proper way to say it.

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