Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

New Media Services is an expert in putting together outsourcing services aimed at increasing business performance at a low cost while providing 24/7 coverage, reducing management workload and handling any and all business processes necessary for growth and brand strength.

NMS Flexible Business Process Outsourcing Solutions focuses on providing client support based on the requirements you specify; working closely with you in putting together, implementing and managing solutions solely made to fit your particular business.

Why NMS Outsourcing Solutions?

Manpower Capacity

New Media services has a significant pool of skilled staff as well as access to a large potential workforce available for quick hiring and training.

24/7 Coverage

We understand the constantly changing requirements of today’s business environment due to the increasingly different consumer and B2B demands. NMS is capable of handling and adjusting to your business operations whether you require around the clock coverage or time-specific support.

Cost-Efficient/ Effective

The solutions we provide are priced competitively allowing for the right tasks to be done in the right way and at the right cost as compared to more expensive in-house solutions or other outsourcing providers.


No task is too small or too big for NMS. Our flexibility as a supplier of client-proposed solutions ensures that any short and long term targets can be met in full alignment with required business preferences whether in operations, administration, support or talent/skill-specific workforce needs.

Global Coverage

Along with global offices in Melbourne – Manila – San Fransisco – London – San Antonio; New Media Services can also provide services in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

If you are looking to streamline Business Processes, Reduce the Cost of Operations or set up an Offshore Team quickly and efficiently for any projects/campaigns/operations; NMS is ready.