The Top Moderation Management Trends of 2017


August 29, 2017

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Nowadays, there are many providers of moderation services, but only a few have an array of services that define what moderation truly is for. Moderation is one of the most effective ways to maintain a website’s usability and efficiency. It involves intervention in the form of filtering content such as images, videos, text, profiles, community member posts along with reinforcing changes that will eventually lead to brand protection and enhancement. This includes banning or removing posts containing pornography, nudity, profanity, scamming and anything that violates the guidelines set by the site owner.

Shaping your moderation features and plans should be patterned after what your brand’s identity is while highlighting the ethics of online posting and sharing.

A well-tailored moderation service can entail excellent brand protection along with higher customer engagement. A good example would be moderation for social media profiles, where customer feedback is checked and filtered. The mere observation of what customers have to say gives you insight into how you can make your website more end-user-friendly and market your services more effectively.

On a related note, data security is also a key aspect of moderation, especially for content. Ideally, aside from your website or profile’s reputation, any content generated by the site’s user should also be protected. This includes private messages (breached conversations reflect badly on your site’s security systems), personal information submitted, and original creations for contests such as art portfolios or literary work. Privacy settings that can be customized by users to their liking (e.g.: a public or private profile, controlling who can send them a message) could be appealing and likewise highly beneficial for them.

Moderation Trends Can Help Boost the Competitive Edge of your Moderation Services

Now that more and more businesses are experiencing the benefits that moderation can bring to their brand, upgrades with how the service is operated are subsequent. For 2017, among the anticipated trends for moderation management include microservice CMS, decoupled rendering, enhanced security features and the rise of machine moderators.

  • Microservice Content Moderation Systems (CMS)— The outdated trend for content moderation platforms is to bombard it with an overabundance of features until it was discovered that this tactic is more likely to repel customers than attract them. Why? Customers prefer to avail only the services that they seek. Now, Microservices enables dividing your platforms based on their individual purpose. Services become more flexible and updating older features becomes a breeze to complete. Moreover, because your features are now broken down individually, giving you more time to focus on revamping how you market and present your products.
  • Decoupled Rendering— It improves customer experience through separate content management. It allows redesigning of your site without the need to reimplement your entire CMS, makes your website more responsive, and initiates interactive experience for your users and site visitors.
  • Augmented Security Features— Moderation platforms will likely embrace the integration of third-party security features, thanks to the continuous advancement of the IT sector. Among the advanced features you can expect include password breach detection, Google Authenticator, social logins, biometric security, readily available security features such as Auth0 and DailyCred, and SOX audibility levels.
  • Machine Moderation— AI Intelligence will play a huge role in the expansion of what moderation services can do. Machine learning drives more collaborative attributes for filtering, ruling out irregularities, along with analyzing site visitors’ browsing habits and socioeconomic backgrounds.

At the end of the day, an efficient moderation system provides your brand with the protection it needs, helps you maintain a clean social media presence and online reputation, and ultimately lets you focus more on your business’s core goals. If you desire, you can also try and find a trustworthy business affiliate who will work hand-in-hand with you in expanding the potential of your services.

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