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Last updated on July 31, 2020

Live Chat Tips for Better Customer Rapport and Proactive Assistance

Live Chat operators assisting customer concerns

Live chat has been a great tool for businesses to stay connected to their customers. It is also through live chat that companies gain a profound effect on their website conversion rates for it provides real human interaction during customers purchase.
This only shows that customer needs a sense of reassurance and quick response that can only be achieve through live chat. According to surveys, 62% of consumers who have been assisted through live chat service would be more likely to purchase from the merchant again.
Since live chat also provides a human element, agents have the opportunity to provide assurance and value in regards to the product or service the customer wants to purchase. The difference is surely undeniable.
Listed below are the customer chat tips to establish better rapport with customers and deliver proactive customer assistance, make sure to read till the end so you can learn more techniques to build strong relationship with your customers.&

  1. Offer Customers a Copy of the Transcript

    Customers usually chat with agents to pick up useful information and ask questions about areas of the product or service they are unsure of, they may want to keep the records in case they need them for future reference.
    The problem is most customers don’t usually keep the information and there’s a big possibility that the information can get lost, providing a transcript will solve this issue. The best way to provide a copy of the transcript is at the conclusion of the live chat session, offer a copy of the transcript to your customers for future reference.

  1. Make Use of Canned Messages

    Automated canned messages are useful tool, especially when the customer arrives within the live chat conversation on which they needed to be acknowledged. Because in most cases agents can take a lot of time to compose standard messages and be able to greet customers professionally and with courtesy.
    Creating standardized templates to automate some parts of the conversation can really be useful to augment your customer service and professional profile. Make sure to strategize the use of this feature because over using canned messages can make your customer think they are talking to a machine.  Once the pre-canned messages are created, you can train your agents on how to strategically use them.

  1. Initiate Proactive Chat

    The reality is customers will not always start the conversation, that’s why you need to identify individuals who may need your help and raise the chat window for them to be assisted. They might refuse to engage in live chat but not getting a response should not be seen as something bad.
    As a matter of fact, offering a proactive chat service means a sense of helpfulness. Allow your customers to browse on your website for a time before proactively popping the chat box to offer help. This gives them more time to get familiar and oriented with the services and products your business provides.
    As an action plan it is essential to identify a list of target pages where you aim to increase the conversion rate, do this so you can program the chat box to automatically pop after a preferred pre-set period of time.

  1. Set a Pre-chat Survey

    Pre-chat surveys are essential especially when it comes to obtaining customer information. This is a great way to optimize your chat process and direct customers to the chat session they needed in the first place, doing so will reduce the possibility of wasting customer’s and chat agents time.
    For example, when a customer initiates the chat session, they can fill up a chat form entering their name and a quick description of their inquires. The customer can then be routed to the agent who is most qualified to handle the concern.
    Design an easy to answer pre-chat survey that allows customers to be directed to the right conversation. Ask questions that will allow your agents to quickly navigate a background check about their concerns so they can provide a courteous and immediate answer.

  1. Incorporate Typing indicator

    Typing indicators allows the agents to see what the customers are typing this also gives them an insight to what type of concerns they may ask so the agents may also respond quickly.  Chat sounds are also helpful, it is a way for chat agents to be alerted if the customers messages have been sent or is waiting for a respond.
    Remember that chat agents are handling multiple conversations at the same time, so incorporating these basic features are essential to make your agents more productive. Ensure that these features are well set, choose the right software that is suitable to your chat agents needs.
    It is important to aim clear and friendly communication with your customers so that you can also win their trust. The tips that were given above are some of the few ways you can apply with your live chat team to better provide a proactive assistance with your customers.

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