How to Deliver Personalized Customer Service?


November 29, 2017

Written by

Merlene Leano

One of the most important components in retaining customers and maintaining your company’s financial stability is by possessing great customer support service. Sure, delivering an exceptional customer service experience lays the foundations of a successful business; but, there are more surefire ways to improve your customer service besides employing agents with a positive disposition.

Offering personalized customer service should be the main target of businesses because people don’t just want it. They expect it. In that regard, when businesses begin to apply it in their channels for customer communication, not only do people feel more at ease to reach out. Businesses also get to leverage their success with enhanced B2C connections.

What is Personalized Customer Service?

The digital age has left a huge impact on how business-to-customer relationships work. Consumers became more and more meticulous when choosing a brand to support. One particular attribute they seek for a company is having a strong customer service focus.

Personalized customer service is not just limited to merely satisfying your clients. It refers to the practice of delivering precise, empathetic, and tailor-made assistance and solutions to customers whenever they reach out to you.

Providing a more personalized approach to customer service proves instrumental in improving customer loyalty as well as establishing stronger rapport among clients. It underscores the relevance of understanding the true value of personalized service, while demonstrating how the capacity to deliver it to your customers becomes beneficial to your company’s long-term stability.

If you are looking for effective ways on how to provide personalized customer service, then you are in the right place. This article will provide a comprehensive breakdown of foolproof tactics that you can use to exceed a typical customer service experience.

1. Greet your Customers by Name

Did you know that 68% of customers will stop purchasing from some brands if they feel unsatisfied? Why? Well, most businesses fail to cherish the value of their regular customers.

It’s quite simple to know your loyal and frequent customers’ names. The approach might be simple, but leaves a strong impact on your customers. It likewise is instrumental in building trust and lasting relationships. No wonder renowned companies like Starbucks put so much importance into greeting their customers by name, especially their regular customers.

Studies have shown that brain activation happens when an individual is addressed by their first name. Hence, having such an experience is more memorable since it effortlessly makes customers feel valued. After all, personalized customer service means breaking down barriers.

2. Show Appreciation through Giving Rewards

Loyal customers always exist in most businesses, so make sure that you recognize the customers that consistently purchase your products or do continued business with you.

For instance, you can give customers discount coupons or freebies for being a loyal customer for a given period. Some coffee shops offer a free cup of coffee as a simple gesture of saying thank you.

Remember, being thoughtful and appreciating customers’ loyalty towards your business goes a long way especially in retaining them.

3. Have a Customer Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program is as simple as offering customers free dessert on the house or giving out discount coupons. By having a good loyalty program, consumers will most likely continue doing business with you and would also recommend your brand to people close to them.

Digital loyalty programs will help your business do more than just giving rewards. This is a great way to gather data and insights about your customers’ purchasing behaviors, a proven useful and customer-centric strategy that you can implement in the future.

4. Enrich Customer Knowledge

As a service provider, you should also be creative in coming up with a program that is suitable to your customers’ needs. Ideally, you want your content to be target-focused and relevant to your audience. This is a good way of sharing knowledge with your end-users while dramatically raising your brand awareness across different channels.

Invite your customers to attend your workshops, classes, and webinars to add value as a way of adding value to their lifestyle and for them to learn new skills or hone their existing ones.

Moreover, you can post how-to blogs and videos on your social media channels and website where your customers can easily access them.

5. Implement Omni Channel Support

You’ll get to serve and assist your customers more efficiently when you allow them to reach you through multiple channels. In today’s heavily digitized setup, enabling your customers to reach you using the most convenient mode of communication possible adds a plus point in gaining their loyalty.

Be it through phone call, emails, IM, or live chat, providing an accessible multi-channeled helpdesk to reach your customer service team makes your customers feel valued for allowing them to choose the method of service they prefer.

6. Add Human Touch

Customers hate it when they feel like they are talking to an agent whose responses to their queries are verbatim to a given script or spiel. Not only does it sound robotic, it lacks the empathy that people seek when reaching out to businesses to raise awareness about their concerns. It leaves customers feeling like the person they are talking to is not really listening to what they are saying.

Customer representatives must learn how to be more conversational when addressing customer concerns. Instead of delving into the problem right away, having a small, unscripted chat proves ideal to reduce the customer’s frustration. Next, as the conversation continues, see to it that all concerns are being heard with utmost comprehension to reduce the chances of mishaps along the way. The last thing you want to do is add more problems rather than provide a solution.

Lastly, always remember to be patient with customers (especially the irate ones). Use a calm voice when conversing with them. This way, you are exuding empathy while proving that you are genuinely addressing their concerns and you value them.

Though chatbots and machine learning technologies are gradually becoming a new addition to the norms of customer service, maintaining a balance between human and AI operators is a must. Fast assistance is greatly favored, but people will always look for a more empathetic customer service over the one-dimensional replies of machine-powered communication channels.

It Starts With You

It may not be a new frontier, but the importance of personalized customer service is often overlooked by many businesses. These businesses fail to realize the crucial effect of implementing a personalized customer support service on the stability and growth of their venture. Some benefits of a customer-centric approach include gaining more loyal customers, along with increased engagements, conversions, and retention rates. All these point to a flourishing business.

This kind of approach can never be outdated. It is the biggest drive that keeps customers interested in your products and services. Ultimately, it humanizes and sets your brand apart from competitors.

There may still be tons of examples of personalized customer service, but the aforementioned techniques in this article will help you gain leverage in improving your existing customer service. At the end of the day, the success of your business should be rooted in providing a one-of-a-kind customer service that customers will appreciate and receive positively.

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