5 Proven Ways to Deal with Angry Customers


November 9, 2017

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Every business can’t avoid the fact that customers would express their frustrations by complaining to your customer representatives.

However, the way you train your help desk on handling difficult customers is the best possible solution, it is also best to stay calm and formulate a plan whenever these situations arise.

In any business customer support services, you have to learn how to handle angry and unhappy customers, who have experienced a low level of their expectation from their service providers.

Seemingly, there are many ways to cope up with these difficult situations, it is essential to understand the viewpoint of both sides.
Below are the five proven ways to assist difficult customers and how to deal with them.

1. Make Use of Reassuring Statements

There are situations wherein you need to let customers vent out before you can say something. In the process of assisting them, you can reassure them that you are listening and that you would be willing to help them solve their concerns.

Even in some instances that you can’t exactly give them what they want reassuring them would make them feel at ease because someone on the other side of the phone is getting the message across.

Though, the sad fact is some customers may have negative experiences with customer service representatives. Your agents need to demonstrate that they have customers’ attention and that they would intentionally help.

Sample of reassuring statements:

“Thank you for giving us a call regarding this issue”

“I can certainly understand how you feel”

“I am willing to listen to your explanation, and then will help you find a solution”

“Please feel free to tell me anything that is related to the issue”

2. Sincerely Show Empathy

Showing empathy to customers is the ability to understand and imaginatively entering into a person’s feelings.

As an agent who provides service it is important to always put yourself into the customers’ shoes, to show them that anyone would also feel the same way in those circumstances.

There are some other ways to be apologetic without saying the word “sorry”.  In some cases, saying sorry gives an avenue for the customer to complain making them say “your sorry doesn’t solve my problem”.

Sample of empathy statements:

“I understand how you exactly feel at the moment, I will do my best to sort this out”

“That must be so frustrating, let me see how I can help you”

“I appreciate that you brought this to my attention, I am more than willing to help you”

“We don’t like our customers feeling this way, and my job here is to make sure you will not that way again”

3. Keep the Facts Straight

There will be times when customers will make the call difficult because of their anger. When this happens make things realistic by simply encouraging them to calm down and focus to speak in a low-key tone so you can work things out.

In this way your agents have an opportunity to give the customer some idea of what steps they are going to do to help them. Make your agents confident with their abilities and following the respective process on dealing with customers concern.

Sample of factual statements to keep interaction going:

“Please give me a minute or two to check all the details”

“You are definitely talking to the right person, what can I do for you?”

“I’m transferring this call over to my supervisor for you to get the best possible help”

“I’m willing solve to this issue for you and I’ll do it as quick as possible”

4. Be Approachable as Possible

Hearing a friendly or an approachable voice over the phone may calm an angry customer. Because in most cases customers gets angry with the service and not with your agents. Thus, this is the best way to build relationship with customers.

Sample of statements to sound approachable:

“We surely can solve this issue when you work with me”

“I will make sure you get what you need from this situation”

“I’ll be happy to assist you with regards to this”

“Rest assured that I will find ways to help you”

5. Offer the Best Possible Solution

The best way to handle difficult situations is to offer solutions. This might be tough, because it’s not always ending up with what the customer is hoping for. Yet by offering solutions, both parties will come up with an agreement for resolving the issue.

Your agents can always ask the customer what else they want to change, if in case they are not happy with the outcome.

Sample of statements on offering solutions:

“Your issue is uncommon but rest assured that I will do my best to help you”

“The best solution for this is____. What do you think about it?”

“There are different ways to address this situation, we just need to find out what is suitable for you”

“I know this has been tough for you, let me offer you this solution”

The five ways mentioned above are just a few of the many ways to handle angry customers.
There isn’t such thing as a magical way to handle angry customers, the key is to build a great customer support team and provide some training that can make them enhance the way they handle their calls.
Some of the helpful ways are to treat customers individually, understand them and show that you care. What really matters about customer support services is having people who care passionately about customers and aiming to provide great service.

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