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May 28, 2021

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Merlene Leano

When you browse any social networking platform, what do you see?

Surely, you’ll be met with thousands and thousands of posts varying from photos to texts to videos of different types of topics. You see content depicting influencers to companies to the daily lives of regular people being broadcasted and shared.

All of these variations of user content converge in one popular platform: Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media platform that utilizes photos and videos that are linked to traffic-generating 3rd party sites. Aside from this, users have the option to create their boards and save photos or videos for specific themes. First released in 2010, the site was created to share ideas and inspirations for projects and interests. Soon, it has grown into a marketing tool for different brands and influencers.

This is exactly the reason why we urge you to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Here are some solid justifications to the premise above:

What Does it Mean Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant was a term coined in 1996 by Anastacia Brice while she was talking to her life coach. It progressed from there until such time in 1999 when the association of virtual assistants was formed. Their goal was to aid businesses to handle the influx of customers both in aspects of their front and back offices.

In this sense, a VA for Pinterest is someone capable of helping you manage the platform and handle every feature and aspect of using it to promote your brand, including posting, researching, and creating fresh content. They can be in charge of how your account would look and present your brand in a visually pleasing manner to drive higher traffic towards your website. These virtual staffs is considered experts who can ensure that more people get to view your page and eventually grow your audience organically.

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do? Best Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant Services

Hiring a Pinterest manager is the way to go.

Tap and pin is the name of the game if you want to know the basics of using Pinterest as a marketing tool effectively. There are several ways a virtual personnel can help boost your Pinterest. They guarantee that a photo leads directly to your site, post pins on time, and create relevant content. All these are tasks that can be tedious for a single person or an entrepreneur to handle alone.

Below are more specific tasks that you can entrust to them:

1. Curate Pins

Depending on which niche market you are in, virtual assistants well-versed on Pinterest page management are usually tasked to create content or follow templates that you have already made for your company. From arranging how the images would look, to editing the length of the video, and most especially, curating the caption that they would be using with the pin they are going to be posting, you can count on your remote-based team to plan what to put on your page for the betterment of your page.

2. Design Templates

Keep in mind that when you are about to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant, you have to think about how you want to look on the platform. Whether you want to exude a fun branding, a minimalist aesthetic, a professional reputation, or an insightful source of tips and inspiration, all these aspects are what followers will instantly see based on the design of your pin templates and how they are posted on your dashboard.

Design is one of the factors that truly make you stand out on this majorly visual platform.

Think about whether you will provide your VA with a template or if you will give them the liberty of creating their design for your pin template. The more uniform and unique the content that you have on your dashboard, the more users will flock to your account. In other words, you get to grow your digital presence more effectively.

3. SEO Research

Understanding that the providers of the best Pinterest virtual assistant services need to be equipped with the knowledge of keywords, allows you to scrutinize the experts you work with better. Even on Pinterest, keywords are a powerful tool for you to be seen at the top of the search results for any related topic that the algorithm identifies. Keywords are often what controls the ranking of your pins so you might want to work with one that researches keywords well.

4. Schedule Pins

Part of your VA’s main undertaking is to plan how, when, and in what manner will the pins be posted. They need to envision your Pinterest board clearly to achieve a charming vibe that will surely entice the users who see your posts. They independently choose tools for scheduling or even create a tracker for future pins. This way, you are saved from the headache of manually strategizing what to post at a certain time.

With the combined use of SEO and the beautifully curated content that your agents designed, the scheduling of posting pins becomes less tedious on your part and gives you more time to focus on what matters to you.

Benefits of NMS Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

1. Time Efficient

Time is too precious for you to be focusing on tasks that are not related to your core tasks. As stated in number four, procuring Pinterest virtual assistant services provides you with more time to focus on your core tasks in your venture. Instead of spending hours and hours curating content, designing your templates, and manually having to post your pins, outsourcing these tasks to a VA gets your time multiplied by two since extra helping hands will now allow you to move more freely. Flesh out the best version of your brand with reliable experts handling your page.

2. Brand Growth

As stated earlier, Pinterest is one of the most encompassing forms of social media because of its diverse presentation of content. From photos to videos that have catchy captions filled with keywords, it is a one-way ticket to brand growth. Your virtual assistant handles interactions with audiences and also presents your products and services in a way that users would find you appealing and easy to find.

Around 90% of weekly buyer decisions are based on what they saw on Pinterest.

Reaching your target market becomes a breeze because around 300 million users (relatively fewer than other social media platforms) especially help buyers in their purchase decisions.

3. 24/7 Services

You have people from around the globe visiting your dashboard everyday. With a Pinterest VA, you are able to cater to their daily needs of visual inspiration for whichever board you have. From tips to aesthetics to inspirational quotes, your VAs are prepared to handle scheduled content that needs to be posted per day. On average, around 10 to 25 pins are posted each day and scattering that around the 24 hour period is the best task for your virtual assistants.

4. Flexible Agents

PVAs are able to work on many of your help desk tasks, from posting to creating to editing to curating a content map as your guide for what post each day of every month. Whatever you need, your VAs would be able to fully back you up in all your Pinterest administrative tasks for a successful marketing campaign.

5. Trackable Progress

Compared to your in-house staff, the progress of your virtual assistant is observable and seen within weeks of outsourcing one. From follower count to number of pins, they are quantifiable aspects of your business which you can check to further enhance your marketing scheme.

These are some of the benefits of hiring a VA. Next, how are you going to hire them?

What is the Best Way to Hire Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

All kinds of virtual assistants have one origin: outsourcing companies, whether they be sourced online through Upwork, Fiverr, or Indeed to name a few. Others crowdsource on social media through asking their followers or post on groups dedicated to social media marketing. These are just some of the modern ways that some agencies and businesses use to find virtual staff specializing in social networking platforms.

A Pinterest virtual assistant can also be found through partnering with outsourcing companies. An example is New Media Services. They outsource virtual assistants for your everyday administrative needs. They are flexible with any timezone and are easy to work with. You also have the option of posting on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter for freelancers. Some also turn to LinkedIn for potential candidates through their portfolio.

If you have the budget, you can also produce advertisements that appear on frequently visited sites and watch as applicants flock to your email. Make sure to check their resume and experience to ensure the quality of content that comes out of your dashboard and scheduled posting for both your local and international audience.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA)?

When you delegate your Pinterest tasks to a virtual assistant, you are giving yourself a break from stress and making time for more administrative work. Since virtual staff are now everywhere, it is highly likely that you can find them anywhere. Meanwhile, their pay may be a bit pricey, with a typical remote-based Pinterest expert’s rates ranging from $200 to $1,000.

Don’t be discouraged, though. In the long run, it does save you approximately 78% of operating costs per year because of the flexible handling of every day Pinterest tasks and heightened productivity.

For businesses with a limited budget, try a 3-month minimum with the contract first. The time frame should be enough to let you measure and get a preview of their skills and level of expertise. It is a probation period that allows you to observe and calculate results especially in terms of growth and effectiveness. Aside from this, during the duration of your VA’s employment, you gain the opportunity to create an omnichannel-like communication that leads users to your other social media platforms or to your website.

Outsource with the best! Get your professional virtual assistant services from New Media Services. Our virtual assistant services are flexible and work around-the-clock to help serve your clients better. They are dedicated to your business and are easy to communicate with.

What are you waiting for? Hire your Pinterest VA today and make your market game so strong, your brand grows to new heights!

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