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July 14, 2022

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Merlene Leano

Cold calling strategies are rapidly overshadowed by new lead-generation systems emerge. Outbound calls tend to have an intimidating ring to them. Imagine calling a complete stranger to promote a specific product or service without knowing whether they require it or not. 

It is quite a daunting task to accomplish.

What most organizations fail to realize is cold calling is a crucial component of driving more sales-qualified leads and potentially increasing revenue. Every outbound call representative must be familiar with the best outbound call scripts to make the most of its magic.

Perhaps you're all pumped to start dialing, and you've already prepared your call list. All you need is your fantastic list of outbound customer service call scripts.

What is Cold Calling, Anyway?

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of an outbound call center script that works, first you must know what it means to do cold-calling or outbound calls.

A cold call or outbound call, is a method in which a salesperson contacts a prospect who has never heard of or is unfamiliar with a specific firm or brand. The goal is to promote or offer the brand’s product or service.

In its most basic form, a cold call usually requires spiels and scripts to ensure that the potential customer becomes acquainted with the brand. Yes, cold calling gives the company an advantage in reaching a broader demographic. The only disadvantage is it could possibly become erratic and obtrusive to potential customers. As such, it is critical to apply the appropriate script and strategy to boost the chances of generating quality leads and successfully reduce staff burnout.

Also, it is critical to understand that the effectiveness of outbound calls is extremely reliant on the time agents make the call and how frequently they initiate contact to make the most out of their outbound strategies.

When is the best time to call prospects?

While it will depend on how agents fulfill their responsibilities, PhoneBurner, a renowned dialer software provider, discovered that the ideal time to make cold calls is between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Studies conducted by, a SaaS company that specializes in helping companies with their AI-based communication tools, also revealed that the best days to amplify outbound strategies are during Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Keep in mind that the information provided in the call is generalized, and the amenability of leads is greatly influenced by the nature of the job, industry, and other relevant factors.

Outbound Sales Call: How Does a Good One Look Like?

Outbound sales calls is an approach where the organization is the one who reaches out to prospects to introduce their brand. That is why using an appealing set of outbound customer care call scripts is critical to ensuring that customers connect with the agent.

While natural responses from an agent are a bonus in outbound calls, their efficacy must still be measured using a concrete set of tactics. 

Take a look at the four critical components for success in your outbound calling initiatives:

  1. Never forget to state your brand or company to ensure brand familiarity.
  2. Show what’s in it for the customers. Is speaking with you worth their time?
  3. Show credibility by providing a referral statement.
  4. Request additional time to further explain what your product/service is all about.

The primary objective of conducting cold calls is to engage customers in a meaningful, and highly convincing conversation. 

Here is a list of additional handy tips to ensure that every call goes off without a hitch:

1. Grab Your Prospect’s Attention

It is critical to leave just the right kind of impact in the initial five seconds of the call. Make each second count! Most customers despise callers who jump right into the sales pitch. Allow customers to connect with you by building a more personalized and conversational engagement outside of the sales process.

2. Value Their Time

Respect your prospects’ time. They are individuals who are preoccupied with their work and enterprises. Ask them how much free time they have before you begin your sales pitch.

3. Avoid Making Commitments You Can't Keep

Making promises to speed the sales process and obtain that lead is incredibly tempting. Meanwhile, making promises you can't fulfill sets off a chain reaction of disasters, especially if your product or service fails to deliver or follow through. Stick to the protocol to guarantee that every call goes smoothly.

4. Secure Leads Through Follow-Up Calls

Before a lead becomes a sale, an agent should make several follow-up calls. Before concluding a call with a first-time client, inform them that you will be doing follow-up calls.

Our Most Effective and Lead-Generating Outbound Calling Script

If you want to get the most out of your outbound call strategies, you need to have the best customer service outbound call script to ensure that each call is successful in its intended purpose.

The more concise your script for outbound calls, the more likely you are to gain the trust of your customers. As promised, here are some outbound call script examples and templates to help you take your cold calling to the next level!

Example 1: Standard Outreach

A standard outreach call lays the path for your brand to establish a one-on-one connection with a prospect and accompany them throughout the call’s duration. A prior background check on the prospect is required for this to operate properly. Also, it lets you see whether they are qualified for your niche services. 

Take time to know their professional backgrounds, identify their possible expectations, and explore their online presence to ensure that by the time you initiate the call, you are geared with knowledge about the target lead.

Here’s how you initiate a standard outreach call (assuming a thorough background check has been done beforehand):

Agent: Hello [prospect’s name], I am [agent’s name] of [business’s name].

I’ve been researching [prospect’s company] and I would love to know more about [common struggles and pain points].

At [State your company name], we provide tailored services to help firms and entrepreneurs alike with [provide features and value proposition].

Is this anything you believe you could assist with [common struggles and pain points]?

Scenario 1:

Prospect: I believe so, Yes. Tell me more, please.

Agent: Alright! [As for this part, agents must refer the customer to a sales specialist or account executive who will provide a comprehensive rundown of additional information about the product or service. Alternatively, the agent may also execute or delve into other procedures that are part of the sales process before closing the deal.]

Scenario 2:

Prospect: I don’t need the service for the time being. [Or any form of objection]

Agent: I understand. However, is it alright if I send you a follow-up email for you to review whenever it is convenient, by any chance?

If the prospect accepts: Send the email and notify them for future follow-up calls.

If the prospect declines: Don’t forget to thank them. If plausible, ask whether there’s another point person you can connect with.]

**To save time for both the prospect and the agent, ensure that when the prospect gives another point of contact, the agent is equipped with the proper resources that provide a full representation of the organization.

Example 2: Booking Appointment

This script is suitable for contacting businesses that have expressed a need for a certain service. These types of prospects are typically found on social media, advertising channels such as Craigslist, online job boards, or even local niche news.

Since the firm is unfamiliar with your industry, you will rely significantly on contextual hints based on their posts. 

For this sample script, assume that a new firm announced its business expansion on its LinkedIn page. In their post, the firm shared that they are looking for additional manpower for help desk support to save time and expenses.

Here’s what your approach should look like:

Agent: "Hello, [prospect’s name], this is [agent name] from [business’s name]." I saw your recent LinkedIn post on your company's expansion, and found that you are looking for an additional help desk support crew. Is that correct?”

(prospect answered—adapt to their response)

Agent: “If you are interested, could I set up a quick call to introduce our company? [business’s name] is a company that specializes in helping SMEs with their work-related dilemmas by providing [state features and/or value proposition].

(prospect wants to know more about the service offered)

Agent: “Are you available on Wednesday?”

(prospect accepted)

Agent: “Great! I’ll send you a calendar invite then to confirm our next call. Thanks [prospect’s name]! Looking forward to speaking with you again!

The prpose of this script is to provide an on-hand answer to the prospect's specific needs to persuade them to dig deeper into what your business has in store for them. With a calendar invite, you ensure that the prospect is available and expecting your call.

Also, the script shows that the agent has prior knowledge of the prospect's need because they checked it on the prospect's social media posts, demonstrating credibility and not simply dialing their phones at random.

Example 3: Handle the Gatekeeper

A gatekeeper is someone who receives, screens, and directs calls (particularly cold calls) for a company. The most common interaction with a gatekeeper is when an agent is dismissed with a cold "What is this all about?".

Don't be discouraged! Agents must recognize that gatekeepers are not literally individuals guarding a gate or an entrance to a company. Rather, they are people who are constantly preoccupied with other calls or other tasks. 

The idea here is to respect them and figure out how to get past them so that you can create contact with the prospect. While gatekeepers are sometimes advised to deny sales calls, they can be an excellent point of contact to connect with a better prospect.

How can you bypass a gatekeeper? Check this out:

Agent: Hello, I’m calling for [prospect’s name]. I am [agent’s name] from [company’s name].

Scenario 1: The gatekeeper redirects the agent right away.

Agent: [Proceed to standard outreach call script]

Scenario 2: The gatekeeper asks what the call is about.

Agent: [Assuming that the agent sent an email to the prospect] I sent an email to [prospect’s name] regarding [state your business, be it product details, features, and/or value proposition]

Scenario 3: The gatekeeper won’t transfer the call or still denies the call.

Agent: [Ask if it's okay to leave a voice message instead.] Don’t forget to thank the gatekeeper before hanging up the phone.

There’s Still More to It

The knack to sell your business to complete strangers is fantastic. However, if you want to win the hearts of your prospects with your cold calling approaches, you must use a convincing set of outbound call scripts. An expertly executed cold call is one that finishes with a closed deal or a prospect who is willing to take a follow-up call. 

It is vital to analyze all of the aspects that may affect your work process and be prepared for whatever the outcome may be.

The outbound sales call script examples discussed above should give you the right footing to help your agents hone their skills and explore other strategies that suit your sales tactics better. Try mixing & matching each strategy! The more cold calls dialed, the more natural it gets for agents to handle varied call scenarios.

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