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Customer Support Services

Streamline Your Customer Support

  • Human and AI-powered Business Solution
  • 100% tailored to suit your business needs
  • Multi-lingual 24/7 Support Capability

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Want efficient and adaptable customer support solutions?

New Media Services outsources tailor-made services
that augment your in-house operations.

Our motto is to equip your services with cost-effective resources that’s been honed by years of experience and a proven proficiency in the customer support industry. We handle customer pain points and concerns in all levels of complexity. We reduce your workload and operational expenses while ensuring you get more time to focus on other key aspects of keeping your business afloat.


Having been in the business since 2007, NMS is sure to help you sustain and nurture your relations with customers both locally and internationally. Meet their demands seamlessly and explore the limitless possibilities of our outsourcing services.


Servicing customers across the globe? Our services are available in English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. Other languages are also available upon request.


Get world-class customer assistance and communication platforms that align with modern-day end-user expectations. Experience the definitive edge of combined human and AI-powered customer support and easily adjust to an increasingly competitive market.

Why Customers Love New Media Services


Customer Support Solutions We Offer

Our tested-and-proven customer support solutions have continuously breached gaps between businesses and their customers. Reliable service is our trademark, and we see to it that each client’s list of unique customer service demands are duly met and delivered impeccably.

Languages Covered:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Malay

With other languages available upon request.

Benefits Of After-Hours Customer Support

Use our customer support service as an extension of your promotional efforts.
We offer Customer Support that is simple and quick to set up, highly competitive and available in multiple languages. Our outsourcing solutions address the demands of your business to promote a high satisfaction rate.

Customer experience is something every business owner aims to improve every single day. Even when you have a high customer satisfaction rating, there are always ways to further improve yourself, your business, and the solutions you provide for your customers in their time of need. But one of the problems you’re facing is your business hours. You may work a typical 8-4 or 9-5 job, so who takes care of customers’ after-hour inquiries?

If you haven’t considered hiring a customer support team or outsourcing customer support, you should start now. There are many benefits to having 24/7 customer support so you no longer have to worry about closing your doors for the day and watching your customer service satisfaction rating decrease. When you hire our multilingual customer service team, you’re hiring trained professionals who deliver reliable, flexible, and trustworthy care whenever you need it.

Here are more specific ways you’ll benefit from having 24/7 customer support:

Continuously Improving Customer Service Satisfaction

We know we’ve said it before, but we’re going to say it again. You may already have a high customer satisfaction rating, but if you want to keep it that way, you’re going to want to look for ways to continuously improve yourself and your business. That could mean having 24/7 customer service so they’re not just limited to contacting you inside your regular business hours. Providing your customers with an instant solution the moment they need it can keep your customer satisfaction score high. This can also help to increase your online presence, website traffic, and conversion rates.

Monitor Customer Support Efforts

One of the best things about using NMS’ customer support outsourcing solutions is that everything can be stored in one place. All customer inquiries, complaints, and resolutions are one click away. This can be a great way for your team to fall back on a specific resolution should a similar situation come up and they aren’t sure how to handle it. This is also a good opportunity to track employee performances, progress, and customers’ positive or negative experience.

Improved Reputation

The more potential customers know how dedicated you are to your customer service department, the more that’s going to be appreciated and they’ll turn into paying customers. Word also gets around too! By providing your current customers with exceptional customer support, they’ll spread the word to their friends and family who will know they can trust your product or service right off the bat as a new customer.

It’s A Time Saver

The more your business grows, the more your customer service department will have to as well. This is why we provide a team that’s fully ready-to-go to handle various customer inquiries at once. Our customer support outsourcing services saves you valuable time from having to sort through all the inquiries and possibly see your customer experience rating decrease. In order to save even more time, templates can be used to ensure all responses are professionally written, free of mistakes, and the tone of voice remains the same with each customer support agent.

Let our customer services’ impressive track record do the talking!

Seamless Convenience in the Palm of your Hand

When you outsource inbound call center services at NMS, we make sure to provide you with the finest services in the market. We believe in providing quality services for each industry. Our assistance comprises the following:
Branches Operating Worldwide
Years of Professional Experience and Expertise
Businesses Served
IM Chats

Receive trustworthy and convenient support according to your requirements with NMS Customer Support Services.

From technical support, billing assistance, order verification, refund management and all levels of customer care from standard through to advanced, NMS is able to deliver these services via your customer’s preferred mode of communication including voice calls, email assistance or chat support.

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