5 Most Important Customer Support Types and Skills (2018)

Written by | December 21, 2020
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Your brand image is heavily affected by the experience consumers have with your customer support services. It is best to teach your employees how to handle not only the products or services but the customers as well.
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What is customer support?

Customer Support Services ensure that your customers are satisfied with your brand. It includes assisting the consumer with their questions and concerns regarding the product or service through different channels.
Having different channels available for consumers to reach you is one way to improve the experience for you customer support services. Here are the different channels you can use:
Live Chat Support
Setting a live chat support on your website enables not only your loyal customers but potential clients as well to reach you if they are looking for answers on your page by simply clicking on a chat box and talking to an agent. It is low-cost for you and convenient for them.
Phone Support
The most common type of support is phone support. It allows the customers to speak directly to a support agent through call.
Email Support
Some companies prefer dealing with customers through email. Having your customer support email address on your website or social media platform lets the customers reach you formally through the given contact address.
On-site Support
There are support that need your agents to physically assist your consumers such as for repairs or check-ups of the products.
Social Media Support
With the use of social media, consumers can easily reach the companies and also show how concerns are dealt with in public.

Why is having good customer support service important?

Creating an image that gives the idea that your company cares for your customers is a huge deal. You want them to know that you are a dependable brand and they should keep buying from you.
To make this work, your employees or customer service representatives should know of this goal as well. You have to train them to treat your customers properly and handle them with care. Each and every one of your employees represents your company.

Things your employees should know

Be Available
Offer support when needed. Show that your company is willing to be there for questions and concerns of any kind.
Be Responsive
Customers hate waiting when they have an issue. Addressing concerns quickly will give the impression that your company is always ready to help if you can.
Have Empathy
Training your customer support service representative to respond to customer concerns with empathy and understanding is basic. Sometimes some inquiries or reports are just a misunderstanding and giving clear, simple, and relaxed response will be very helpful.
It’s Nothing Personal
When customers report their problems they are usually frustrated and angry. It is best to tell your employees to never take the negativity personally. Having it affect them would only make them react to the customer in a way that could jeopardize your brand’s image.
Offer Resolution
Even when you can’t provide a solution, representatives should make the customers feel that they understand their frustration and that they will try and give an update to the customer when the situation gets fixed or if there are any changes in the product.
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Your customer service is only as good as the employees behind it. Therefore, creating a strong service-oriented staff helps make your company grow and keep your customers happy.
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