Customer Service in the Automotive Industry: Importance and Trends


October 18, 2022

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Merlene Leano

A well-planned purchase of a vehicle is one of the most major possible expenditures a person can make, second only to the purchase of a house, and therefore requires careful consideration and preparation. As such, customers are investing a greater amount of their time and energy into the process of gathering information that might serve as the basis for their decision to purchase a car.

Users are relying more on the internet to gather the information they require. In fact, according to a recent survey, people spent 7 hours and 14 minutes online shopping for a car in 2020. Because they know exactly what they want, shoppers are spending less time visiting dealerships and considerably more time shopping for automobiles online. Thanks to digitized information, customers can now access a wealth of information online, such as car reviews or research tools for all automobile brands and models.

However, with the growing demand for mobility services, the automotive industry has become a competitive market. With various car brands releasing new car models with features that have the capacity to revolutionize transportation into something that could withstand the dramatic changes in today’s economy, car companies need to stay one step ahead and gain leverage from their competitors. 

As such, providing excellent automotive customer service increases your chances of attracting customers, building a loyal following and having them come back to entertain your automotive business again. In this article, you will understand the importance of customer service, learn the latest trends and gain insights on how to improve customer service in the automotive industry.

Five Customer Experience Trends in the Automotive Industry

It is important that companies commit to developing customer experience to satisfy customers and give them the best experience. Below are some of the  customer experience trends in the automotive industry that are taking over the industry:

1. Providing Digitized Information and Content to Customers is Key

Car purchasers are increasingly spending time online studying vehicles. According to a recent article, it takes almost 7 months for a buyer to perform their research so that when they are finally ready to make a purchase, they already have prior knowledge of what car they would like to buy. It's all because of digital content offered by multiple car firms across online sites, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of the specific facts the customer needs. The automotive customer experience begins with giving customers all of the information they require to begin the first phase of a successful automobile purchasing transaction.

2. The Omnichannel Experience

Recent data revealed that 80% of car buyers visit third-party sites as their source when shopping for cars online. One of the most popular automotive customer experience trends in the car industry is omnichannel marketing. Integrating an omnichannel experience into your automotive business allows you to tap into multiple customer touch points, making it easier for you to assist them with their car purchase journey.

3. Car Connectivity the New Thing

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key is one of the fastest growing consumer trends in the automotive industry today. This particular trend enables users to utilize their mobile devices to securely store, authenticate, and distribute "digital keys." With the tech-savvy age dominating the sector and a growing number of modern car aficionados, there is a substantial increase in demand for a convenient traveling experience. As a result, the majority of automobile manufacturers are now capitalizing on this trend. It is not surprising that in the future, individuals will be able to drive cars that can be controlled with a single order via their smartphones.

4. AR/VR is the Future

In today’s automotive consumer trends, virtual reality (VR) is steadily gaining traction. Studies revealed that the global VR market in the automotive industry accounted for  $759 million and was predicted to rise to $14,727 million by 2027. VR is revolutionizing the automotive industry as it introduces a three dimensional interaction in a virtual environment. By showcasing a virtual showroom, customers are now able to fully inspect the car’s specifications and even experience the feel of driving the car in 3D.

5. Customer Behavior Influences Ownership Preference

Customer behavior towards automotive products influences the automotive industry in a great way. Recent findings predict that there will be a significant increase in mileage of up to 40% by 2030. With the rise of the population, and with it the demand for mobility, mileage also continues to increase.

Furthermore, ride sharing is one of the new consumer trends in the automotive industry. According to various research, more than one out of every three kilometers driven involves sharing. With this fact alone, it is safe to assume that owning a car is no longer restricted to displaying one's status symbol, but rather a means of transportation from one location to another. Furthermore, with the dominance of millennials and Gen Zs, personally-owned cars are being overlooked in favor of mobility options such as ride-sharing, subscription-based services, and car rentals.

Importance of Customer Service in the Automotive Industry

Expensive investments like cars warrant serious consideration before settling on a decision. The process can be lengthy, challenging, and trying on everyone’s patience. Excellent customer service can be the tipping point towards a mutually favorable outcome.

The importance of customer service in the automotive industry lies in ensuring the best customer experience from the clientele’s determination all the way to a successful transaction. Achieving customer satisfaction invites not only a higher chance of continued patronage, but also recommendations among the satisfied customer’s personal network.

The evolving audience views and preferences also necessitate dedicated customer service in order to maneuver through specific nuances. Customer service is no longer confined to face-to-face interactions but is extending to the available digital media to keep up with the times. 

Instead of relying on frequently asked questions, Ford launched Ask Ford on their website, a search tool where customers can directly ask their questions. Ford Labs even removed the necessity of logging into an account, resulting in increased customer engagement.

Guidelines for Exceptional Customer Service in the Automotive Industry

Provide the Best Vehicle Acquisition Experience

To become successful with your automotive customer service, your support representatives must assist customers from their very first steps of gathering information all the way to the final stage of their purchasing process. Bear in mind that purchasing a car involves a large amount of money. As such, see to it that you have a trusty payment portal where they can guarantee that transactions are safe and away from any form of online fraud.

Provide More Information About Your Product

Potential car purchasers carefully examine the information presented to them. They would like to know as much as possible to determine whether a car's specific characteristics are suitable for their wants and preferences—and can pinpoint their pain points and challenges encountered when driving their previous vehicles. Giving them a detailed summary of specifications and other essential information about your latest car models, whether from an offline or online source, can help them become more connected with your brand.

Use Omnichannel Marketing

Using omni channels provides seamless dissemination of information and helps promote your auto business across different online platforms. Customer experience in the automotive industry relies on a more digitized format. If you want your automotive business to thrive in today's market, you should reach out to potential clients across all platforms, since this allows you to leverage your products across many channels. This encourages your customers to engage more and helps them get information more easily.

Establish a Strong Relationship That Lasts

Providing an outstanding customer experience results in favorable feedback from customers, which nurtures a strong customer base. It is critical that your customers feel respected and cared for, since this acts as the cornerstone for a solid and long-lasting relationship. This not only raises sales, but it also boosts your company's credibility and ethics in the automobile business.

Kickstart Your Gears

The process of buying a car takes a long time for a client. As the vendor, you want to sell your car while giving your buyer the best possible experience. When it comes to enhancing your auto customer service, it is critical to be imaginative, adaptive, and open to new ideas. Develop your customer service into a service that meets your customers' specific demands. Following trends, ideas, or rules will surely benefit your vehicle business on the front lines and cement your position as a market powerhouse.

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