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Live chat service plaform

Mistakes in Running a Live Chat Service

Running or acquiring a live chat service is a great business move in terms of enhancing customer experience. By incorporating this feature through live chat software, there can be a potential increase in conversion and customer satisfaction. If done right, the addition of this feature can surely positively affect your business sales, rate of engagement […]

Man thinking about content writing as a way of business success

Content Writers: A Business’ Best Friend

Content is at the heart of every big and small business. It is the primary driver for attracting potential customers. Written content is at the top of this; no website or business can do-away with text entirely. That is why there are a lot of content writing services available either through established providers or via […]

different business outsourcing services icons with buildings background

How Flexibility is an Important Factor in Outsourcing

Scalable outsourcing is a fast growing preference for a lot of businesses. Not only in the sense of growth but also in situations that require downsizing. Most clients would prefer outsourcing services that are flexible; adjusting to the demands of the business. Given that conditions can change at any moment, whether from a shift of […]

chat platform emoticons/infographics

A Messaging System for Better Communication

A resourceful and highly dependent method of keeping in touch with your end-users, particularly a chat platform is one way you can sustain the efficiency and edge of your services. Customers highly regard a business’ initiative to communicate with them and often, to address their feedback. Any delays, inconveniences, irrelevant replies and most importantly an […]

Man using a megaphone instead of social media to connect with his client/customer in front of his store.

Re-engaging your Audience after the Holidays

The holiday season is almost always the busiest time of the year, this is usually the time where people shop for presents, prepare for family gatherings and join parties. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology, people can easily access information through social media services and conveniently shop online, in 2016, more than 108 million people […]

Santa claus using a laptop

Post-Holiday Content: The Aftermath

The biggest challenge for businesses after the holiday season is to make sure that their business, brand and customers are protected. The Holidays are a busy time for everyone; even for spammers, trolls, phishing entities and unavoidably, a business’ own users. The proliferation of online threats and other content brought about by possible poor decision-making […]

Live chat operator smiling, christmas accessories and live chat icons

Chat Services: Preparing for the Holidays

The Holidays are fast approaching and that means businesses will need to step-up to either handle the influx of traffic or to handle the aftermath of going on holiday break. For most businesses either in product or service industries, public holidays provide a window to increase sales and close out the year with a bang. […]

Customer Acquisition icon vs. Customer Retention icon in a boxing ring

Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention

Businesses and business ventures are a tricky. Depending on the maturity as well as the scale of a business, priorities may differ between focusing on gaining customers or in maintaining customer patronage. It may be dependent on projected targets or on growing coverage. Small, medium and large-scale businesses have varying views of what is important, […]

NMS-AWA text with bangkok Thailand buidlings

NMS and the AW-Asia Conference

In our goal to deliver valuable services and bespoke offers, New Media Services (NMS) participated as an exhibitor in one of the world’s largest B2B conference – Affiliate World Asia (AWA). It was held on December 06-08, 2017 at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Celebrating its third year anniversary, Affiliate […]

laptop showing google translator logo, and five people standing infront of buildings

How Multi-language Websites can Help Grow the Business

Multi-language websites provide great benefits to your business such as helping your business grow locally, regionally and even internationally. It also showcases your website content and if it’s good – boosts your SEO rating. A multi-language site also targets potential customers whose first language is not English (the most common website language), this is to […]

live chat support agent plus monitor showing a store

The Important Link between Live Chat Support and E-commerce Websites

40 percent of the internet users across the world have purchased products online through their desktop or mobile device. This only shows that there is a prolific growth in e-commerce on which challenges marketers to keep customers engaged and one way to make them stick to service providers is through having a live chat support. […]

mobile marketing agent smiling to the customer

The Fundamentals of Reaching Out Via SMS and Other Mobile Communications

With SMS being a highly interactive, indispensable, fast-paced and time-sensitive communication tool for businesses, it remains unmatched in terms of delivery rates while posing lesser competition with other communication tools. There are now several uses for text messaging that business owners are employing to further enhance the efficiency of their services and the satisfaction of […]

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