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Different ways to protect content moderators

How to Protect Content Moderators from the Risks of Monitoring Sensitive Data

Discover the 3 effective ways on how companies and huge industries protect content moderators from monitoring offensive and sensitive materials online.

customer support services agent dissatisfied clients

Customer Service Mistakes that are Driving Away Customer Satisfaction

Your customer service serves as the face of your business. Avoid these 5 major customer support services mistakes to keep your customers happy.

live chat and different industry icons

Industries that can Benefit from Live Chat Services

Live chat has been a helpful customer service channel to businesses across different industries, here’s how they benefit from this adaptable service tool.

Man and woman communicating using 2 Way Bulk SMS

Benefits of 2-Way Bulk SMS for Marketing

With 2 Way Bulk SMS, you can send and receive messages to and from hundreds of people at once. Find out why you need it in your marketing campaign

Typography text overlap with branding text

Typography 101: Setting the Perfect Tone for Your Brand

Your content may be well written but it would be a waste if it’s not well structured. Here are a couple of tips to create better typography for your website

social media icons and facebook on a weighing scale

Facebook’s Algorithm Changes: How it Affects Social Media Marketing

Before Facebook’s algorithm update take effect into your social media marketing pages, here are some details and tips to cope up with this change.

contact center services agents handling different customers refund request

Refund Payment Solutions in Business

Make your business more inviting to potential customers by having an efficient refund system ran by reliable contact center services

Outsourcing solutions agents in different level

How Important is Tier 2 in Escalation Management?

Escalation management has been an outsourcing strategic solutions that helps businesses deliver an organized assistance.

Call Center Outsourcing agent around the world

Outsourcing Call Center Service – What are the Benefits?

Call center outsourcing is a great way to efficiently grow your business externally, find out the benefits it provides to enhance your customer service.

two language translation company shaking hands

Translation Services and Keeping-up with the Market

Direct translation without SEO and advanced content writing will not work for a business. Check out this proven tips to gain an edge over your competitors.

charles darwin theory of mans evolution

How Chat Service Evolved as an Excellent Customer Support Tool

Discover how chat service developed from being a simple communication tool to a highly dependable and impressive messaging channel for businesses.

Moderators in police uniform moderating content

Moderators: The Content Police

Efficient content moderation services are not just determined by the ability of moderators to read between the lines and monitor user-generated content.

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