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Text Messaging with a trophy

7 Benefits of Text Messaging as a Communication Tool for Business Sector

Text messaging for business delivers multiple opportunities for engaging more customers, delivering more personalized assistance and gaining higher ROI

Multi Platform Comunications icon

The Benefits of Multi-Platform Communication for Businesses

Multi-platform communication empowers businesses by expanding audience reach and boosting customer satisfaction. Find out how you can take advantage of this

Man thinking about content moderation services

The Fundamental Basics of Content Moderation

Discover how content moderation enhances product promotion, brand, & end-user protection for businesses looking to establish a solid online presence.

Image moderator working on his laptop

Image Moderation: A Winning Tool for Competitive Brands

Image moderation is a useful and effective process that drives brand and end-user protection, enhancement of audience engagement and higher website traffic.

two online content moderators facing each other

Modern Day Heroes: How Online Community Moderators Save the Day for Brands & End-Users

The roles and responsibilities of online community moderators are crucial in strengthening a brand’s online presence. Here’s why Hiring them is a Must.

AI Robot pointing on automated and live moderation text

Judgment VS Programming: A Comparison between Automated & Live Moderation

AI moderation and live moderation may differ in how each is executed, but both can work together to produce a stronger defense against malicious content.

two clever people bypassing auto moderation

The 9 Sneaky Ways People Bypass Auto Moderation

Learn the clever ways people try to trick and bypass an online community’s auto moderation process in an effort to spread malicious content online.

Business man using content moderation services got a positive users review

User-Generated Content: Why It Matters and How it Influences Brand Credibility

User-generated content portrays a big role in making your business brand more credible and trustworthy. Find out the reason why business should embrace UGC.

Live chat support agent

How Live Chat Support Enhances Customer Service

Employing live support helps enhance a brand’s customer service while unlocking opportunities to boost sales, maximize manpower and enhance B2C relations.

Support Ticket System Process

The 6 Must-Have Features of an Efficient Support Ticket System

Support ticket system can be more reliable and cost-effective if it is enhanced with features that bank on customer convenience, practicality, and teamwork

Banner Design A Beginner's Guide Banner

2018 Banner Design: A Beginner’s Guide

Banner design for brands entails keeping up with ever-changing trends and demands while reflecting key factors that help make it an effective marketing tool

Transcription services banner

The 3 Types of Transcription: Edited, Verbatim, and Intelligent

The three types of transcription services each have a purpose and important contribution in enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in businesses.

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