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Content Writer and Content Developer facing each other

Content Writer and Content Developer: Why Businesses Need Both

Several businesses are no longer strangers to the benefits that a solid content writing service can bring.  Content writers are hired for the specific purpose of assisting in product and service advertising. While it is true that employing content writing services is a must for brands, it is not enough as a resource if business […]

social media moderation and monitoring process

Social Media: Monitoring VS Moderation

A feasible and systematic process for monitoring and moderating online content is a must, to help brands flourish in digital marketing. Social media monitoring and moderation are closely related that both processes involve very identical calls to action and end-goals for the brand. By determining the difference between the two, business owners can maximize the […]

Order verification process

Order Verification: A Reliable E-commerce Tool Against Fraud

One of the many advantages brought by the internet today is the convenience of online purchasing. Online purchasing allows people to order or buy goods and items even at the comforts of their home. All that needs to be done is to create an account on a legitimate e-commerce website, search and click on an […]

Email Marketing process

The Fundamental Basics of Successful Email Marketing for 2018

Email remains a relevant tool for businesses despite the emergence of social media, viral marketing, pay-per-click, and other forms of digital marketing. Some business owners may doubt the efficiency of emails for having low open rates compared to SMS; but, when utilized properly, email can still prove to be an efficient partner for both new […]

Ad compliance moderation services process

On-site Ads: Keeping Your Website Safe Through Moderation

Advertising continues to expand with the innovation of the different channels of communication. There are still many who prefer to adhere to the more traditional ways of advertising but those who are more tech-savvy would prefer to go with where the audience is and that’s mostly online.   What is On Site Advertising On site […]

Monitors sending chat messing

Chat vs. Instant Messaging

The terms “chat” and “instant messaging” might have cause you some confusion or you might think that they are exactly the same. But in the internet they are two different form of communication. Though chat allows users or even businesses to send instant messages to friends, colleagues and customers, instant message is still not considered […]

Live Operator Online Platform banner

BULK SMS: Live Operator Online Platform

With the constant advancement of technology comes more channels for businesses to reach out to their customers. However, even when these channels expand, there is one medium that remains to appeal to both the newer more tech-capable generation and those who are less enthusiastic about the new gadgets – SMS. 78% of people would like […]

Social media icons connected to customer service

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Most businesses have seen the power of social media. In fact, social media coverage is now a major part of a company’s business strategy. Having an active presence on social media not only showcases your products and services, it also keeps you in-touch with your audience which is a prime way of providing customer service. […]

UI and UX sample design on laptop and phone

User Interface vs User Experience

When creating a website for your brand, the main concern is what is the best design approach to take for your page. Should you be focused on the use of it or in the overall design? The key is finding a balance; but in order for you to do that it is best to understand […]

text moderation services process

Text Moderation: The Devil is in the Details

In the event of allowing your brand to gain ground through customer and user content, a business takes a huge risk in terms of reputation. Whether your company opts to run an online interactive online community, allowing onsite customer content or even actively encouraging user generated content (UGC); managing it becomes very crucial as your […]

Customer Service channel support icons

Giving Customer Service Knowledge to All Employees

In the operations of customer support services, it is important to ensure that your agents ultimately know the ins and outs of your products/services. This knowledge will help your team become more confident, competent and efficient. These qualities will surely be reflected during their interaction with a customer, which in time will result to higher […]

Monitor playing SEO Videos

Video SEO and Its Influence on Search Traffic

Google’s capability to differentiate between good and bad content is becoming more and more sophisticated. SEO services strategies are beginning to favor user experience over the old link building tactics. This change gives rise to video content. Though videos can’t be read and fully assessed by Google in the same terms as other content scanned […]

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