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The NMS Blog provides information for better operations, benefits of good business process outsourcing practices, updated news and trends. Read through various discussions for web design, customer support, communications, content moderation and other global outsourcing topics.

Ad compliance moderation services process

On-site Ads: Keeping Your Website Safe Through Advertisement Moderation

In ensuring that your website functions at its best even with advertisements, employing ad compliance moderation services plays a vital role. Find out why. […]

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Live Operator Online Platform banner

BULK SMS: Live Operator Online Platform

Here’s a simple yet definitive guide on What, How and Why Bulk SMS is one of the best marketing & customer support tool when it comes to customer engagement […]

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Social media icons connected to customer service

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Using social media as a customer service tool is a great way to boost customer engagement and interaction resulting to a higher level of brand awareness. […]

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UI and UX sample design on laptop and phone

User Interface vs User Experience

Are you familiar with UI Design and UX Design? Find out the definition and difference of the two most common type of web design in today’s blog. […]

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Customer Service channel support icons

Giving Customer Service Knowledge to All Employees

Customer service is considered to be the front liners of every businesses, but this should not be exclusive to your agents but to all employees – Here’s why […]

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Monitor playing SEO Videos

Video SEO and Its Influence on Search Traffic

Discover the influence of incorporating high quality video SEO to your business website and obtain the impact it provides to your overall search traffic. […]

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Customer Support Services Agent

Tone: The Human Touch to Customer Support Services

Your tone can significantly affect your clients experience with your customer support services. We talk about how this happens in our new blog. […]

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Social Media Moderation Messaging Icons

Mistakes in Social Media Messaging that Affect Credibility

You might be committing these social media messaging mistakes and putting your company’s credibility at stake. Read on to find out. […]

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Editorial Calendar

Content Strategy: Editorial Calendar Creation

Content writing is associated with your business content strategy, achieving a more efficient process requires a creation of content editorial calendar. […]

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Social Media Management logos

Social Media Management Skills for Better Results

Get to know the social media management skills that is essential to achieve better results towards managing your social media services. […]

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Creative Language translation Services in different language

Language Translation: A Creative Process

Translation go beyond just directly rendering content from one language to another. The creativity a translator affects how text is effectively converted. […]

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Creating Company Logo design

The Importance and Power of a Good Logo

Having a good business logo design provides a wide range of benefits to your company, discover the importance and power a good logo can offer. […]

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