6 Benefits of Outsourcing Communications for Businesses


February 14, 2019

Written by

Stephanie Walker

In the global market of products and services, outsourcing has been a driving force in the growth of many businesses. Freelancing alone has shown how tasks can be delivered in a cost-effective way with virtually unlimited sources of manpower.

An international industry of available manpower

Outsourcing has been an internationally booming industry—in fact, according to a study conducted in 2014, about 18% (or 53 million) freelancers comprise a population of over 290 million Americans.

In 2018, Microsourcing’s survey revealed that outsourcing’s role was expanded to the following functions in businesses:

pie graph statistic of Outsourcing in 2018

Due to the increasingly positive turnout of outsourcing for increasing business ROI and enhancing internal operations, even job positions in the intermediate and first-level management level are being contracted to external companies.

Global Revenue Based On Annual Outsourcing

In other parts of the world, both the UK and Europe have positive and profitable gains thanks to the growing amount of freelancers in what is now known as an “external workforce”.

To drive the point further, below are the combined annual revenues from outsourcing in Africa, the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and U.S. for the past five years.

Statistic of the combined annual revenues from outsourcing

The statistics mentioned prove that the whole industry of outsourcing (not just offshoring) is both lucrative as a business model and also as a cost-cutting tool for businesses.

Dominating the communications sector

Beyond systems, design, manufacturing and content outsourcing, the most common form of outsourcing now is communications outsourcing; the “Big Four” of communications, namely Voice, Email, Instant Messaging (IM) and Text Messaging (SMS).

The beauty of redistributing the workforce of communications services is that it works for small, mid-sized and large businesses. A business with limited manpower can deliver a wider range of services while a large enterprise can implement new marketing strategies more smoothly and continuously keep its internal departments working harmoniously like clockwork.

Business owner holding a flag on the top of a mountain

Voice customer support becomes more than able to meet bigger customer demands while keeping up with drastic changes in the industry. Quality of service can likewise be enhanced as the responsibilities involving the execution of internal policies, training and recruitment of support agents and improvement of voice support equipment are all well-distributed.

Email management has been among the most widely outsourced type of service, particularly in the form of virtual assistance. Outsourcing provides additional resource for checking and controlling spam, enhancing online protection against viruses and malicious files, as well as guaranteeing that a brand’s email channels are consistently open for reaching out to potential leads.

Companies with branches or services available in various countries can benefit from hiring external resources for handling its communication channel for instant messaging.

A multi-lingual online helpdesk can dramatically drive higher customer satisfaction. Since instant messaging software can be operated remotely, ads, sales and limited offers for different branches can be communicated in a manner that coincides with the target location’s unique culture and demographic.

The flexibility of SMS is demonstrated more concretely with outsourcing. From delivering customer support to marketing products to making services more accessible to a wider audience, SMS easily adapts into varying branding requirements regardless of a company’s current and available resources.

Similar to instant messaging, there are SMS apps and software that can be operated remotely, making it easy to run a business’ branding strategies and respond to customers via text message.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Communications

Business owner surrounded by benefits of outsourcing

Setting the other forms of outsourcing aside, communications outsourcing is the best option for all the data and information we have to deal with on a daily basis. There are multiple providers of communications outsourcing around the world.

All of which are tasked to represent a company or client with the common goal of making all interactions as easy, quick and convenient as possible.

To achieve this, the provider of communications outsourcing must be flexible and have the capability to handle two or more modes of communication; via voice, IM, email and/or SMS. The bigger the coverage, the better.

If you find a provider like this, then you’re all set. Having either an external operations center or an offshore company handle the day-to-day interactions between business-to-customer communications relieves the business of so many limitations.


1. Boost in manpower —The availability of a flexible workforce means you can scale your business targets with ease either with the goal of increasing staffing or downsizing. Anytime the business needs to increase, the availability of manpower will always be there to support this growth.

2. Enhances flexibility — With the ability to scale your manpower requirements according to your needs, another factor to consider is how easy it can be to find the right people to do the needed tasks. A global workforce ensures that an outsourcing company can adapt to the demands of the market.

3. Time Efficient, Compartmentalized and Cost Effective —Unlike in-house hiring/training, internal operations and increased financial drain, outsourcing companies already have defined time management protocols, can act independently from the overall internal business operations and can achieve the targets at a fraction of the expense.

4. Easy integration — At times, a business may be employing more than one type of communication channel. With outsourcing, it is easy to integrate and distribute different communication software and resources depending on the business’ objectives.

For instance, SMS can be outsourced to a more urbanized location where smartphone use is adamant, while email marketing can be executed through a company or remote staff that specializes on creating email content for businesses.

5. Demand services as needed — When growing a business, there will be times when a particular service or task will only be needed on a short-term basis. Outsourcing then provides brand owners with the advantage of hiring resources and services only when the need arises.

6. Builds the brand to a global audience — Outsourcing also means engaging with different cultures, customs and work environments. Building mutually favorable relations with different companies and accommodating remote employees can serve as a brand’s representation to a worldwide audience. As such, preserving work-related connections to both in-house and outsourced workforce reflect a business’ integrity and image.

All in all, the choice of which outsourcing company you partner with, can spell success or failure. Finding a dependable partner involves a lot of research, but the payoff is well worth an extra day or two of digging. Imagine the possibilities that a partnership with a well-rounded outsourcing company can mean for your business!

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