Benefits to Hire Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant


June 2, 2021

Written by

Merlene Leano

Are you an Amazon seller for baby products? Or, maybe, you’re a jeweler who makes and sells jewelry items. Perhaps you own an international company that sells top-rated brands on Amazon?

Regardless of what products you sell and how you source them, one thing's for sure is you have a lot in your hand. Whether you are new to FBA selling or are already an FBA pro, you'll reach the point where you will be in need of help from someone with more experience and a broader knowledge on the said field.

As your business grows, scaling your business with Amazon FBA is not an easy task. How can you deal with this challenging task, you ask? You need the amazon virtual assistant services. 
Here are some tips on why you need to hire amazon virtual assistants. 

What is Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant?

An Amazon FBA virtual assistant is someone who works remotely to ensure that your online business is in great shape. While the eCommerce giant’s features takes care of picking, packaging and shipping your products, your amazon virtual assistant will take care of the mundane undertakings coupled with this responsibility, so you can manage your time and spend it more productively. Their main task is to assist in increasing the sales of your products.

How Can FBA Virtual Assistant Help Your Amazon Store?

The best amazon virtual assistance provides various services to business owners. If you hire amazon VA, you can expect excellent performance from them. They will not just manage your business growth but also increase your sales. Let's take a quick look at what tasks they can offer you.

Product listing and optimization

Creating a listing and product sourcing takes time. One of the problems that arise for FBA sellers is when they don't have time to manage their product listing because of more critical tasks, such as creating and revising strategies, handling complaints, and maintaining a strong presence amid tough competitors. Product listings are one of the tools that sellers use to increase sales, because it provides customers with a clearer description or explanation of what your products are and what makes them different from similar items offered by other brands. It is not something you can just take for granted, because it can make or break a potential sale.

The advantage if you hire VA's for amazon sourcing is they will monitor your product listing and check that the details are correct and accurate. All you have to do is to give them the complete information for all your products or items. Then, they will take care of the product title, images, bullet points, and description.

Product research

Finding the most highly rated products related to what your brand offers is one of the VA services for amazon sellers. It is the most crucial step for business owners if they want to earn big. An amazon FBA VA with commendable work experience in the field is skilled enough to analyze the current market trends and research about products of competitors or even items that are favored by several customers and can be included in your listing. Here’s an idea: Get relatively simple and low-cost products, and find a way to make it sell at competitive prices.

Manage entire FBA business

Managing your FBA business has several challenges to overcome. One of these challenges is inventory management. What an FBA assistant can do is to provide or pinpoint feasible solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Although Amazon FBA takes care of the picking, packing, and shipping processes before items are sent to individual customers, it is still the sellers' responsibility to monitor their inventory. Of course, managing stocks and supplies on your own may pose risks for more human errors. A virtual assistant will ideally be responsible for correcting the quantity, labeling, packaging, and contents on all the products you will be shipping. 

What is the Best Way to Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Hiring an Amazon FBA VA allows you to focus on the crucial areas of your business. Virtual staff are known for their talent and positive contribution to the success of many companies. 

Now, how can you find amazon experts for hire?

Your primary search destination should be online. There are reliable platforms for Amazon virtual assistant hiring that could aid your search for a reliable assistant, including Upwork and Freelancer. Some agencies or outsourcing companies offer virtual assistant services. The good thing about hiring digital agencies is you don't have to source the VA yourself. Their agencies already trained them. 

Considering the crucial tasks you are to give them, choosing carefully between your candidates is wise. The next question now is, how can you employ a remote staff you can depend on in this field?

List the specific services that you are giving to them. Be clear about what skills you want from your VA in your job description. Discuss rates, work demands, and expectations depending on the level of expertise of the virtual assistant. It is extremely important to reach a mutual agreement in terms of how your VA will be paid and on what basis. At the same time, you need to discuss any prerequisites for specific conditions that may affect the work setup between your business and your remote-based assistant.

Benefits of NMS Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

Now that you've established yourself on Amazon, you'll realize that there are several processes taking place as you continue to do business with new and existing customers.

New Media Services is one of the companies that offer virtual assistant customer service. At NMS, we can guarantee you the most exemplary service from our talented pool of virtual staff. Our highly skilled team will give you reliable support based on your business needs. 
Are you still undecided if you need to hire an Amazon FBA virtual assistant? These three benefits will help you decide to hire one now.

Focus on core tasks

Sellers on Amazon typically hire their own amazon FBA virtual assistant because they don't have time to focus on core tasks. With a VA, you can give them tasks that don't need your constant attention, such as answering emails, managing your FBA business, and checking your inventory. For that, you can spend your valuable time on the more essential things of stabilizing your business.

Save training costs

Hiring a full-time employee means you have to invest time and resources to train them. Meanwhile, hiring a VA eliminates the need to teach them basic skills because they are already prepared. They can get started immediately, especially if you hire your VA from an agency. Their own company is responsible for their training.

Increase productivity

A regular worker mostly spends the usual standard 8-hour workday in their actual productive work. Virtual assistants are trained to work differently. They can perform tasks and complete them in a shorter time. Since they are not constrained by the strict 8-hour work routine, they are flexible and highly motivated because their goal is the clients' satisfaction. Besides, the success of their performance depends on how well they do their job.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire FBA Assistant?

Most business owners hire their own amazon FBA virtual assistant because of its low cost. Hiring a full-time employee does not just end with paying their salary. Rather, it also covers paying for the in-house staff’s benefits, along with making the necessary adjustments for their sick leave, holidays, insurance, and government benefits.

On the other hand, employing a FBA virtual assistant will only require you to compensate them based on more flexible terms since they are considered self-employed. Or, if you hire someone from the agency, it depends on your agreement with the outsourcing company. It also depends on what kind of tasks you will outsource to them—whether you need basic or advanced skills.

Final Thoughts

In the current market, entrepreneurs gradually realize the importance of entrusting tasks to trustworthy virtual personnel. To raise your business ladders, you need to focus on core business functions. Let's face it; you cannot run your business on your own. It is time for a smart move.

New Media Services offers professional services for your business needs. We strive to provide quality service. Our virtual assistants can help you scale your business for you to focus on building your success. We have a team of highly capable virtual assistants who will surely perform tasks with utmost efficiency. 

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