Why Do You Need Content Moderation on Dating Site


April 15, 2021

Written by

Stephanie Walker

Have you ever used Tinder, OkayCupid, Match, eharmony or FacebookDating? All of these websites and apps allow you to meet different people and compatible matches from across the globe. 

Recently, finding love online has become less unusual and more widely accepted by everyone. The good side to this is people no longer have to feel so ashamed or judged every time they log in to check their dating profiles or decide to use an online dating app.

The downside? With its doors opening for a broader network of users, an influx of both genuine users and catfishers become even harder to screen and control. It is for this specific reason that a reliable moderation service for dating sites is extremely imperative to enhance the protection of members against individuals who take advantage of these platforms to victimize other users.

What does moderation mean on dating sites

Content moderation involves checking texts, images, videos, comments, and reviews posted and shared mostly by users, members, or followers of a particular online community. It is applicable to business websites, social media pages, digital forums, networking sites, and even apps. 

Moderating user content has different variations:

Pre-moderation — The content submitted is checked for any violations in context or format before it is posted and made public. Using a specific set of guidelines for the community or site, moderators review posts and are given authority to approve or reject it.

Post-moderation — The opposite of pre-moderation, post-checking of content is more supportive of real-time interaction between community members. User posts are published before they are scrutinized by moderators. 

Distributed — In distributed moderation, moderators engage the involvement of users or members in policing spams, irrelevant replies and inappropriate imageries. A rating system is implemented to help determine whether a post should be removed or permitted.

Reactive — Reactive moderation is also as cost and labor-efficient as distributed moderation because community members take their part in ensuring that the website or digital space they share is free from scams and damaging content. Here, members flag posts or user-generated content (UGC) that are deemed unsuitable for the platform, community, or website.

Automated — As its name implies, it employs automated functions or Artificial Intelligence to increase the speed of going through everything that people share on a given online networking space. A typical example of automated moderation is the use of filters to detect specific keywords, phrases, or words that contain or represent prohibited words and topics.

Now, how does content moderation fit into the premise of an internet-based journey towards friendship and romance?

The main purposes of an online dating site or app is to help people meet new friends, seek fellow members who match their interests, and ultimately serve as the starting point for potential relationships to blossom.

The problem with apps and services designed for entertainment and social networking is it is difficult to judge a person’s intentions pre-registration to join the site. In that sense, to put moderation into action in the world of online dating means keeping a closer eye on user activities along with the information they submit and the posts they share with others through the platform or service. 

Moderation service for online dating: How does it work?

The role of moderate dating site user content and activity should not be taken for granted. It is one of the instrumental factors that boost people’s trust and engagement. When a dating site or platform is often associated with scams, inappropriate user behavior, and negative reviews, it is highly likely that potential new users would either avoid using it or attract hackers and scammers to use the site itself as their breeding ground for more mischief.

Below are more concrete explanations of why content moderation is a must in the world of online dating:

Verifies all user profiles

Online content moderators serve as the final step for verifying newly registered profiles. They go through the images, details, and personal information provided by new members to create the profile. From ensuring that celebrity photos are not used, to verifying their age, to checking email addresses and usernames, all these can contribute greatly to eliminating fake accounts and preventing instances of minors bypassing the security measures of the site. 

Profile verification is also an excellent way to defend the privacy of dating site use

Detects and prevents catfishing attempts

Although catfishing is inevitable and still ever-present in online dating, that does not make the practice okay. Several people who register on dating websites still have genuine intentions and are serious about finding someone to love. With a team of moderators acting as extra eyes and ears to what all users do, digging out fake profiles from the real ones becomes easier and faster.

Content moderators can also serve as a mediator or a sort of “virtual help desk” that members can contact or message privately for any issues they may encounter while interacting with other users.

Scan the context of user-generated posts

Some dating sites have forums that allow members to interact through discussing different topics and interests. Unfortunately, there are perverts lurking around on dating apps and sites. They are notorious for posting unsolicited and inappropriate images. These individuals who have trouble controlling their urges tend to post disturbing comments and make other members feel uncomfortable.

Dating site moderators can implement any of the five types of content moderation to ensure a more accurate and real-time review of all user posts and activities. In this manner, spams can instantly be filtered while unfavourable content are singled out and deleted.

Protects users even on chat

Aside from content moderators who monitor what users share on the platform, there is also the alternative of hiring chat moderator for dating sites. They focus on the details of the messages exchanged between members. Several hackers and ill-doers online are cyberbullies and trolls. They harass other members through sending illicit photos, or threats.

The problem with harassment done through chat is it is often private between the parties involved. On the other hand, a team of chat monitoring experts helps boost the assurance of all the members. It gives them the notion that they have someone they can easily reach out to in case they receive negative messages that make them feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Entices more people to join

A dating app moderation is not just a tool for offense or defense against the risks of dating and online socializing. It is also a bridge that can present people with the positive features or perks that an online dating website has to offer.

A well-regulated online forum and chat thread generates a more seamless and convenient user experience on the app or site. It reduces lags caused by spam content, or unhappy user feedback caused by catfishers, online trolls, and perverts. 

As more happy end-users regularly visit the website or use the app, search engines will take notice and boost its ranking on search results. Dating marketing strategies will likewise be more effective and experience growth in engagement. In the long run, people will also take notice and begin to develop a stronger curiosity and interest on the website. The result is an increased possibility of more registrations.


Without a reliable set of dating moderation services set in place, users are at a higher risk of being catfished or harassed. The quality of user experience and developed connections is also compromised. It should be among the top priorities to consider for entrepreneurs who want to venture into the industry of online dating.

New Media Services is a company that offers a lineup of human and AI-enforced content moderation services. They enable outsourced and tailor-made assistance for checking all types of digital content shared by different users across multiple internet-based communities (that includes dating applications and websites).

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