Why Attending B2B Expo Melbourne is Must For Businesses


March 6, 2020

Written by

Eman Rieza

In a few weeks’ time, small and medium businesses will once again gather for one of the most awaited events in the business industry, The B2B Expo 2020. The B2B Expo will take place in Melbourne, the home of many business headquarters, on March 18-19, 2020.

This event aims to open doors for small and medium businesses from different industries by providing an ecosystem where they can engage with one another, connect, expand their networks, and grow. B2B Expo is the perfect hotspot for businesses that are facing business-related challenges, like increasing numbers of competitors, adapting to innovations and the lightspeed changes in market demand. This fact alone proves that the B2B Expo is a must-attend event.

Why is being a part of the show a must? Simple — to grow.

Dubbed as a one-stop-shop event that connects businesses across all different industries with the finest services, quality seminars and exhibits, and an all-exclusive glimpse of the most anticipated products of 2020.

Still skeptical about attending? These reasons might change your mind.

Here are 3 reasons why B2B Expo is a must-attend event:

1. B2B EXPO enables businesses to connect, expand, and engage

B2B Expo provides an ecosystem with the objective to allow businesses to connect with other business leaders as well as reconnect to businesses they once met or worked with. Also, this opens opportunities for small and medium businesses to bond with major brands and suppliers in order for them to increase the visibility of their business.

2. B2B EXPO helps provide solutions for emerging challenges that SMEs face

B2B EXPO is a go-to event for businesses that face business-related challenges. With an ever-systematic process, it aims to provide solutions to all business-related problems that emerge in the current business generation.

Pinpointing all the possible problems, the event will enable businesses to discover the latest solutions to alleviate and avoid these concurring problems as well as help businesses to devise more strategic approaches on the way they entice, convert, and retain customers.

Together with some of the best people in the industry, B2B expo can provide a never-ending list of business practices, solutions, innovative ideas, and networks.

3. B2B EXPO enriches businesses in order for them to outbattle competitors

B2B EXPO also provides an atmosphere that can enhance the productivity of all businesses, allowing them to benchmark their journey with the industry.

Different seminars, exhibits, and workshops will be held at the Marvel Stadium, the official venue for this event. Joining these activities is a surefire way to gain and develop existing knowledge on how to outwit all business competitors. And take note, these are all free!


We are proud to announce that we will be showcasing our services at this upcoming event! New Media Services will be represented by our very own CEO, Martin Eyking, together with our awesome marketing leaders, Merlene Leano and Boe Eyking. Book a meeting with them! You can locate us at Booth #23, Marvel Stadium, Dockland, Melbourne.

We are so excited to feature our state-of-the-art lines of services! We all hope to see you there!

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