What is Customer Success Management and Why Do You Need It


September 14, 2022

Written by

Stephanie Walker

Every business owner’s main goal is to generate high revenue or even exceed their target sales. Unfortunately, boosting revenue is no mere cakewalk for some, especially startups.

Now that the present-day market is rife with digitally based alternatives to establish a brand, market services, and reach a broader audience, it would be wise to start stepping up your game and knowing the essentials of customer success management!

Think about it: Call center representatives handle an average of 400 calls in a regular shift.

In those 400 calls, it is not guaranteed that all callers present a query or concern with similar levels of difficulty.

Some raise concerns that require escalations, involve the meticulous handling of confidential customer data, or entail advanced product knowledge or background in the problem at hand. Others contact your business to ask basic questions about your services and products.

It is also worth noting that not everyone has the patience to wait until a representative is available to assist them. It’s a reality that is often dealt with in voice and email-based customer support and even occasionally in live chat support if there are not enough agents present to respond to all concerns simultaneously.

So, how do businesses reduce this discrepancy in their customer support operations? The answer is to devise effective strategies to manage customer success.

What Is Customer Success?

Customer success may be defined as a series of methods that aim to assist customers and ensure they get what they want to accomplish with the services or products offered by your company. It ensures that your users are satisfied by providing a solution to problems that they may face in the future. Acing this area in your business could prove a win-win situation for both your company and your target audience because a positive buyer experience means retaining more patrons and existing buyers.

Customer success can drive long-term company growth, and it should be among the top priorities of every business. It is a company’s initiative to make their target market patronize their brand or product so much that they would want to continue purchasing. 

It is crucial to determine the best practices for customer success. Generally, the objective is to grow revenue while simultaneously decreasing customer churn.

Now, what is churn in customer success?

A churn is the possibility of paying clients discontinuing doing business with you and switching to your competitors. The possibility increases when a company fails to prioritize the improvement and maintenance of a favorable experience for its users. In that regard, having a customer success management strategy is a must. It helps you meet expectations and stay on par with business trends and demands.

Differences Between Customer Success, Customer Service, Customer Support and Account Management

It is essential to understand what sets customer success apart from customer service, customer support, and account management.

Customer Success Vs. Customer Support

The former is more proactive in that it strategizes a solution for customers and discusses it among the team to prevent possible and existing issues from occurring, escalating or being repeated in the future. On the other hand, customer support is more reactive, meaning the focus is on giving a solution to technical issues or dilemmas after the customer has encountered them. In assessing KPIs, customer success places an emphasis on maintaining existing customers, while customer support gauges its performance based on customer satisfaction.

Customer Success Vs. Customer Service

Customer service, in its broadest sense, refers to the assistance provided to customers before, during, and after the completion of a transaction. In line with this, customer success does not occur until after a lead is converted from sales and becomes more value-oriented. Once the latter is attained through efficient end-user assistance, it shifts the focus on how the buyers can contribute in helping the business achieve its core goals.

Customer Success Vs. Account Management

Account management is more concerned with user satisfaction and feedback. Its primary role is focused on meeting the needs of the target audience. For instance, when a customer has queries about a product or wants to enhance their existing product or service subscription, they may reach out to the business to inform them of their desire to upgrade their account. A high level of familiarity with the company’s product and service features is a must.

Customer success is always there before the customer needs them, trying to provide value for the customer by measuring daily metrics that represent how the customer feels.

3 Top Benefits of Customer Success

Customer success means going above and beyond for your customer. Since the primary goal of customer success is focusing on customers' needs and wants, they help brands enhance their products and meet user expectations.

Below are the top three benefits of customer success to your business:

1. Reduce churn

You need a CSM strategy if you want to decrease churn. It helps elevate the effectiveness of your services.

Customer success implies thinking and implementing a combination of approaches that prevent customers from leaving. These strategies include concentrating on customer retention and renewal, upselling and cross-selling, and encouraging existing customers to become long-term advocates for your brand. The use of any of these strategies often results in a lower customer turnover rate.

2. Business expansion

Since retaining existing customers is one of the primary emphasis of customer success, then it means it is also instrumental in expanding your business. In turn, it raises your customer's lifetime value and drives up higher revenue. 

Eventually, as your business continues to earn more money, you open up opportunities to extend your services to more locations and accommodate a broader demographic. Moreover, it also helps you build stronger connections with your customers, and turn them into loyal patrons.

3. Increase customer acquisition

Customer acquisition and customer success go hand in hand.

Customer acquisition can be defined as the process of persuading potential customers to purchase from your business. Referral marketing is one of the few customer acquisition strategies to which customer success may contribute. It is the most effective way to acquire new customers because of its high return on investment, even if paid advertising remains the major source of acquisition for most companies.

When combined with customer success, it entails proactively contacting and thanking customers who have previously recommended their business to others. Not only does this leave a strong impact and highlights a seamless implementation,, but it is also a way to make your customers feel that they are appreciated and enticed to continue to do business with you.

Customer Success Management Best Practices

By adhering to these five customer success best practices, you are enhancing the lifetime value of your customers while also enticing them to become long-time patrons.

Maximize Customer Data

A solid understanding of one’s population of buyers is the secret to securing an effective and feasible business expansion plan. Customer data provides a deeper insight into complex markets that might have otherwise been missed and can help organizations to better optimize existing markets.

Several companies use customer-generated information to make decisions about the products and services they provide, to streamline and enhance their internal operations, and to get a deeper knowledge of their target demographic.

Netflix is a great example of a corporation that has made remarkable use of customer data. They base movies and series recommendations on the shows or genres that were previously streamed by their users using their platform. In doing so, they effectively increase engagement and generate billions of revenue.

Personalized User Experience

Thanks to multiple communication channels and digital alternatives to traditional selling and advertising methods, people now have higher expectations in terms of a brand’s capacity to meet their demands and offer something fresh and worth their time and money. 

As such, it is essential to provide a personalized experience ensuring they have access to all possible resources and a full scale of assistance to ensure they get what they need. 

Monitor Customer Journey

Monitoring the customer’s buying journey helps you obtain important insights and a better knowledge of customer’s pain points. Compare how your customers really experience your brand with how you believe they do experience it. Doing so enables you to gain the ability to decide where and how the experience of the customer should be maximized so you can enhance the level of happiness and satisfaction they experience while using your products and services.

Implement Customer Feedback Loop

Feedback serves as an accurate and direct reference for how you can improve your product, assistance, and your company as a whole. Creating a feedback loop is ideal.

Customer Feedback Loop allows you to enhance your products and services by taking into consideration buyer recommendations. It implies replying reasonably whenever they give feedback on your website. This allows you to keep more of the customers you already have, which is far more beneficial than gaining new ones. Also, it is where you can make your customers feel valued,and increase the likelihood that they will advocate for your products and services in the years to come.

Track Customer Metrics

It is essential to gauge the statistics reflecting the overall experience of end-users or buyers with your services. Customers' perceptions of the efficiency with which they can utilize your products have a direct bearing on whether people will continue supporting your business or not. It is likewise a determining factor on whether they will recommend it to their friends and colleagues. Without customer metrics, it’s impossible to know if you’re doing well and what area you need to improve when it comes to providing outstanding buyer experience.

Happy Customers Reflect a Thriving Business

It is important to make sure that your clients are happy and satisfied. After all, they are the driving force behind the success of your business. Without them, it becomes impossible for your business to survive in the long run.

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