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December 16, 2019

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This coming February 28, 2020, thousands of companies will once again head to one of the most historical places in Europe for the 12th TES Affiliate Conferences. Lisbon, Portugal, home to the very famous yellow trams, will be hosting the upcoming European Summit from the 28th of February to the 2nd of March 2020. The yearly event will be held in Cascais.

The European Summit (TES) Affiliate Conference in Lisbon is one event that no business should miss out on. The conference is able to cater to professionals from different fields. From affiliate marketers to exhibitors to sponsors, every participant will surely enjoy all the seminars, presentations and activities prepared for them.

The European Summit has been going on for years since it was first established in 2009. Yet, there are still new and interested participants who lack familiarity about the said event. For business owners and marketers who are still new to the amazing world of the TES Affiliate Conferences, this article will provide a detailed overview of what TES is all about and how you can be a part of it.

What Is The European Summit And Why Should You Participate In It?

The European Summit or TES was founded in 2009 by Andreas Bischoff. Its conferences are designed to gather professionals from various industries such as online entertainment industries, finance, e-commerce, gambling, gaming, dating, forex, nutraceuticals and health, from all around the world for an intensive networking event.

The conferences usually last for 3 days. The event is likewise being conducted either annually or bi-annually. According to its founder, Bischoff, the core purpose of TES is to create a wonderful networking experience for all the participants. TES is the place where several different businesses meet and mingle with each other in person.

The founder believes that meeting an individual or a group of people that one is unfamiliar with is the best fraud protection for all businesses, simply because there is a lesser likelihood that people will take advantage of people they just met than they would with people they already know.

Bischoff’s theory has been proven countless times at every TES Affiliate Conference, making it known as one of the many annual events where businesses from different places across the globe can showcase their brand, network, mingle and befriend all the people of the industry.

Although the current generation is being gradually digitized, an interpersonal connection between one business to another can be very essential in order to build a successful business.


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. It is also considered as Portugal’s largest city, with extensive urban land and a population amounting to over 500, 000 citizens. In the past, Lisbon has been given different aliases, a probable result of the various invasions it had to endure. From the Celts to the Germanic Tribes, Lisbon has emerged into a city rife with different cultures.

Despite recently facing countless hardships during the last couple of years, Lisbon has always been a precious gem in Europe. As the legend tells, the city was founded and named by Ulysses as Ulissipo or Olissopo.

The name’s origins can be traced back in the Phoenician words "Allis Ubbo", meaning "enchanting port". It is from there, according to the legend, that Lisbon got its name. With Lisbon as the beautiful backdrop for the conference, delegates and participants will be thrilled by the mesmerizing historical ambiance of one of the oldest cities in Western Europe.

The European Summit has helped provide more reasons for people around the world to visit Lisbon. Ad for the affiliate, Lisbon is now excited to open its doors of opportunities for them to meet hundreds of participants, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers from all across the globe.


When joining such a big and fabulous event, preparing beforehand is highly advisable. It is important to set goals aligned with the reasons for attending the event. Set core objectives in order to focus more on how to be successful during the conference.

Be familiarized with the people involved in the preparation and implementation of the event. Learn more about the industries commonly involved in the conference and try to dig deeper into influential personalities and trends that continue to shape the landscape.

More importantly, don’t forget to check the guest list to get a sneak peek of the businesses and individuals that you could possibly meet during the event.


Trade shows like The European Summit are an excellent channel for businesses to boost exposure and meet prospective clients.

On the contrary, since the event hosts a large number of both new and prominent businesses, it can be tricky for newcomers to stand out among the crowd, risking the possibility of being ignored or overlooked by potential marketing affiliates and business partners.

Fortunately, there are viable ways to outwit other participants in the event. Here are 5 surefire ways to stand out among others in the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference and potentially be a truly memorable brand to most, if not all of the attendees:


It is true that giving away free pens and mugs with the brand’s name adorned on it is one of the most unoriginal tokens of all times. Believe it or not, giveaways that lack originality tend to disappoint and even aggravate passersby and other prospective clients.

Think of other possible items that will effectively entice the audience. Opt for freebies that are quirky yet functional for the people who will receive it. In addition, make sure that it will be easy for your giveaway items to bear your company’s name.

Headphones/earbuds, laptop cases or bags, socks, glasses, jigsaw puzzles, and even shirts are some examples of unconventional yet highly favorable freebies. There can be an endless option for this. And these options can actually improve the chances of being known.



Instead of talking for hours just to introduce the brand, why not consider making a visual asset? Videos are one of the most essential components that help businesses survive the cutthroat industry.

The same thing holds true for people in a particular conference. A cool and concise video introducing a particular company, along with the products and services it offers always impresses the audience and ensures to leave a good first impression at the event.


People are highly dependent on visual cues, and this is one of the reasons why most events, things and individuals that we encounter daily are first taken or judged at face value.

Taking full advantage of great visuals for trade shows and conventions is one of the easiest ways to gauge the engagement of fellow participants. It is highly recommended to have a one-of-a-kind booth that stands out across the competitive landscape —  a feat that can only be made possible by excellent, thoughtful designs as a differentiator.

In order to get the best results, collaborating with individuals whose forte is designing is one viable way. Remember to align the design with your brand and objectives for joining the conferences.


Whenever there are upcoming trade shows or expos, it important to be familiarized with the people who are expected to attend the event. In order to do this, businesses can collaborate with the organizers to provide the business with information or a database of the participants.

Sending out emails to people who opted to attend before the event proper is a great way to showcase the coverage of content that they will be seeing in the event.

This is a way to keep prospective clients from wasting their time while searching for booths that will pique their interest or accommodate the products and services they are looking for.


Researching for possible competitors is a smart way to maintain the pacing of one’s business. In every industry, there exist big-time competitors that new businesses and startups tend to focus on as a source of their motivation to succeed and stand out.

Focusing on the so-called “big dogs” of the industry helps you learn more about what they are bound to showcase at the event — not just manpower-wise but also design and visual wise.

Conduct research on all relevant factors about competitors who will possibly attend the event. This is to help you gain more awareness of how you can better present your business even in the midst of more experienced and thriving companies.

Overall, it is important to think strategically on how to be the apple of the eye of the audience as well as your competitors to ensure you achieve your company’s goals for joining the conference and benefit from all the new networks you will be building with fellow marketers and business owners.


New Media Services is more than proud to announce that our company will be one of the major sponsors for the upcoming European Summit 2020!

Once again led by NMS’ CEO Martin Eyking, Philippines CEO Atty. Raffy Nacionales, Head of Sales & Marketing Merlene Leano, Head of Messaging Department Jardeneil Dacyon, Solutions Directors Joey Gabra and Anastasiia Bilous and Marketing Manager Boe Eyking. Dubbed as the NMS Dream Team, they will join forces to bring outsourcing to a whole new level! 

Expect an even more immersive NMS experience with our booth that showcases the replica of our brand new HQ along with exciting freebies! We at NMS HQ are hoping that we will be able to meet you there and allow us to introduce our new and improved lines of services! We at New Media Services offers a wide variety of tailor-made solutions to meet all your business demands. See you all!

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