The 7 Online Reputation Management Trends to Watch in 2021

Written by | March 22, 2021

The tides are changing, and attuning to the latest reputation management trends of 2021 is a must to thrive and become one of the leading brands near you. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Reputation places fourth. It comes before reaching Self-Actualization. 

Assuming that your brand has already gone through the first three by establishing an office, paving a stable flow of cash through providing quality products and services, and instilling a proactive organizational culture in your company, all these factors contribute to the reputation you exude. 

Your reputation carries your brand. By knowing and understanding its definition and how it affects your business, you create a solid online reputation management strategy of your own.

What does Online Reputation Mean?

Also known as e-reputation, it is described as a company, person, or business’s reputation that is seen in digital form. The difference between this and online image is the fact that image is the product of advertising, branding, and your PR person while reputation is the product of your interactions with the public. Basically, it’s a matter of how you treat your customers and how you project yourself in the media. 

Creating and preserving your branding in the digital space takes a lot of work, especially since the measures for maintaining your business image is highly dependent on industry standards and more importantly, online reputation management trends.

1. Genuine Social Media Engagement

How’s your social media page looking? The reactions, comments, and even the number of followers could all be counted as engagement. The two types of engagement are organic and transactional. Organic engagement is when someone goes to your page and interacts without being urged to do so, such as when people interact with posts that they see and are interested in. Transactional engagement is the opposite in that it is prompted to react to photos. It takes place when you tag people to your post for them to react. Whether you are only beginning to establish your image or are already working towards expanding it further, organic is the kind of engagement you want to focus on. Organically generated leads are more likely to become loyal followers that love your content and help you earn your reputation, especially when sufficed with word-of-mouth.

2. Customers as Brand Ambassadors

Although this has been a known strategy since 2020, we see this as one of the trends in online reputation management that continues to emerge in the year 2021 because of how strong they are in encouraging others to use the product of a certain brand. Take for example, Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger and Rihanna for Megan Thee Stallion. By having these beautiful and influential women become the face of these brands, it becomes a more effective ad strategy because the customers know what they are advertising and it also increases their credibility. Whether you sell clothes, skin care products, or even spa services that you are offering, when an avid client with a huge reach promotes your product or service, you are sure to reach your peak in reputation with positive reviews.

3. Rigorous Troll Identification Process

Ah, trolls, the internet’s worst keyboard warriors. They target anyone on site and have no qualms on who they are insulting and rilling up. Thankfully, there are methods on how to identify trolls. Depending on your market and the page you are on, it becomes easier to track down those horrid trolls and remove them from the platform. Getting rid of trolls on your pages and platforms becomes a strong online brand reputation management tool because it gives you a closer look at their specific language pattern. 

They often try to convey multiple messages at a time with repeated content and try to fein the diversity of topics they argue about. Also, they make sure to use formal jargon to further incite anger and confusion from the people on the platform. These are examples of how trolls give themselves away through speech. These tell-tale signs are based on Sergei Monakhov’s paper, entitled, Early detection of internet trolls: Introducing an algorithm based on word pairs / single words multiple repetition ratio. Published last year, you can use this knowledge as a troll identification process to protect your reputation.

4. Inclusion of Smart Tools for Reputation Monitoring and Tracking

There are also smart tools specifically built to regulate how you exude your reputation. Some of these tools are: Social Mention, SEMrush, SentiOne, Meltwater, and HootSuite, to name a few. Some of these are used to avoid digital risks like social media posting, while others are designed to help keep track of what your customers think of you and which demographic talk, share, or start discussions about you the most. These online business reputation management tools will bring you closer and give you an in-depth understanding on how you want people to see you for your credibility to flourish.

5. Brand Partnerships

People often say, two heads are better than one. The saying also applies even to businesses and brands. Teaming up with a fellow hard worker in the business can help boost your exposure, sales, and lead your team towards getting into new markets, which ultimately add value to your products and services. It’s an equal and mutual agreement to help each other and build trust. Last year was hard, but there is no guarantee that this year will be easier as well. As one of the online reputation management trends in 2021, brand partnership ensures both growth and stability when it comes to reeling in new clients and possible avid loyalists.

6. Video-Centric Content Marketing

2020 was the year of videos especially with online classes and work-from-home setups ensuing. Since online transactions became more apparent, it continues to dominate this year’s marketing and branding and also allows you an immersive experience despite the distance. Customers and leads get to have a closer view of your company along with the specs of the product you are selling through a video that you are going to release. Make sure that it coincides with your marketing scheme, theme of the month, finalize channels for where to air the video, and create content that both you and the audience around you would love to see from you while giving subliminal messages on buying from your brand.

7. Empathy

Customers come from different regions of the world and have diverse experiences that we, as providers of products and services, should be able to feel and understand. Putting our shoes in an effort to adhere to and provide accurately what they need is an upcoming trend this year. Empathy should always be a trend. Understanding and feeling what your clients need helps make you into the best provider and listener to your audience. There will always be a difference between sympathy and empathy, but putting emphasis on the latter prompts action that is both quantifiable and meets quality standards. It encompasses even to the hearts of your employees and determines how your reputation and output is going to serve.

Manage your Online Reputation: Seriously, Do It!

These are the list of trends you can use to improve your reputation and reach a broader scope of audience and clients. Remember, how you treat all aspects of your company will reflect on your reputation. Use the knowledge we have given you to your own style and marketing plan. Trial and error is good, however that could also be a long process. 

Otherwise, you can also outsource to our team. At New Media Services, we prioritize the well-being of your company and your reputation. We have content moderation services that allow you to protect your brand and viewers from inappropriate content depending on your platform. Teamwork is a dish best served with empathy and knowledge. Let’s work together to build a solid reputation for your business and continue safeguarding it from online trolls and false information.