What is Text Moderation: Your Definitive Guide

Written by | December 18, 2020
text moderations process on a monitor

In the event of allowing your brand to gain ground through customer and user content, a business takes a huge risk in terms of reputation. Whether your company opts to run an online interactive online community, allowing onsite customer content or even actively encouraging user-generated content (UGC); managing it becomes very crucial as your brand reputation highly depends on it.
Ensuring that only appropriate content is posted on your business website, social media or online community can be done through filtering and screening content submissions.
According to the monthly Global Threat Report by ScanSafe, there are up to 80% of blogs that contain offensive content in the form of age-inappropriate language, racism, pornographic images or videos.
A report by Ipsos MediaCT, Crowdtap and the Social Media Advertising Consortium also shows that users (aged 18-36 years) spend about 6 hours in a day on generating and viewing UGC, and it is 20% more influential on their purchase decisions than other forms of media.
To address these concerns that are brought by UGC, many user forum, blogs and social networking sites apply several mechanisms to screen and filter offensive contents.

What is text moderation?

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Text moderation is the process of blocking, approving or reviewing content submissions based on the policies and thresholds of a certain site.  This type of content moderation is used to enhance human moderation in an environment that require partners, employees and consumers who can generate text content.
This includes blog or forum comments, reviews, chat rooms, discussions boards and tweets. The main goal is to protect your users and brand without affecting user experience. Before determining if your business needs text moderation, it is important to look at your current metrics and the volume of your UGC.
Know your audience’s activity and when do you usually receive content from them. Some site receives heavy traffic of content submissions at certain times of the day. Remember that timing is important so your site can spark discussion on your forum page and comment box about a certain content post.

Types of Text Moderation

Text moderator showing different type of text messages
This types of text moderation can be used to deal with all kinds of user-generated content to keep your online community safe and user-friendly.

    • Chat Moderation

This process is the monitoring and moderating of live chat sessions to prevent policy violations of users. Its coverage includes webcam sessions and simple chat sessions.

    • Comment and Post Moderation

Moderators will review each and every comment and post content submitted by users in online communities. The checking of content is done in real-time.

    • Tweet Moderation

Since Twitter has taken huge part on social media platform, it is essential that moderating what audiences have to voice out about brands. Particularly, when people share about user experience and impressions on a business’ products and services, keeping track of all these tweets helps control how it can affect the business’ reputation, positively or negatively

    • Review Moderation

People can post negative reviews about certain products or services. At times, the reviews may not even be true. A negative review has numerous impacts on brands if left unattended. Review moderation manages user reviews to protect your brand reputation by scrutinizing between authentic accounts of user experience from fabricated stories about availing the brand’s services

    • Social Media Moderation

Most brands are using social media to engage with their users and site visitors, making it an absolute necessity to effectively manage user-generated content across social platforms. Moderation services for social media efficiently manage and moderate user submissions to help spread a positive online presence and influence.

    • Custom Moderation

Custom moderation requires social media consultants and project managers for it to be successfully implemented. The fields of expertise of project managers and social media consultants are important to study a brand’s online communities and requirements for content moderation. In turn, a more detailed and customized solution can be formulated to meet the brand’s specific needs and demands.

What is the scope of text moderation service in helping businesses establish a strong online presence and engage the right audience?

Aside from closely monitoring UGC, moderating texts contributes to strengthening business-to-customer relations. When a brand goes out of its way to employ communication channels that are frequently used by their target audience, customers are enticed to reach out and show their support to businesses that they like.
In a world where people are highly dependent on the immediate satisfaction brought by technology and the internet, the competitive market tends to favor businesses with an online presence.
Having an online community for a brand means providing customers a platform where they are empowered. They are given the freedom to showcase their support, openly express their opinions and meet individuals who share their preferences in the products and services they prefer.
Now, when that freedom to express is paired and fortified with dependable text moderation, it prevents scammers and hackers from abusing it. If a business is willing to open a more accessible communication line for their customers and exhibits more personalized assistance through their online communities and social media channels, then ensuring the security of their online audience should follow suit.
how text moderation help businesses
Moderation can get customers to be more involved in protecting the brand’s reputation as well as the safety of their fellow community members. Eliminating offensive and obscene comments diminishes the likelihood of the brand name being associated with inappropriate contexts.
Yes, bad publicity may still provide exposure, but surely no customer would want to take a chance on a brand that has a questionable reputation. Also, engaging with audiences through moderation delivers a constructive view of where the brand can still improve and customers can be deemed really helpful.
The premise of businesses and customers cooperating for a common goal intensifies the B2C relationship into a deeper bond where trust is fostered. Business owners get a better view of what impacts their audience the most and in return, customers help cover the blind spots where
Any company that allows user-generated content needs to have some form of content moderation services. It is important to take necessary solutions to ensure that your websites and your brand reputation are protected.
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