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The Difference Between Social Media Monitoring And Moderation

social media moderation and monitoring process

A feasible and systematic process for monitoring and moderating online content is a must, to help brands flourish in digital marketing. Social media monitoring and moderation are closely related that both processes involve very identical calls to action and end-goals for the brand. By determining the difference between the two, business owners can maximize the advantages of establishing an online identity through using various social media channels.

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Social media moderation vs. monitoring: What’s the difference?

  • Monitoring scans and screens online content for relevant brand mentions

The main objective of monitoring for social media is to help businesses keep tabs on the factors affecting its online branding through the feedback it garners from its target audience, competitors, as well as its critics. It basically means lending an open ear to what the public has to say about a brand’s lineup of products and services, interpreting the purpose behind each to help determine the right countermeasure.

This process scans a wide range of social media mediums and websites such as review pages, blogs, and even app stores. The content monitored is not controlled by the brand and thus gives businesses a clearer picture of how it impacts its resources and the industry at large.

How it works

Social media monitoring tools crawl social media pages and websites to find specific words, phrases, or sentences that mention the brand. Queries can be specified to help the tool scour through the web for a specific type of mention—whether it is in the form of a review, forum discussion, promotion, or a customer complaint.

To help speed up the monitoring process while making searches more relevant, the monitoring process can be made to function based on customer demographic, scheduled daily or weekly or done in real-time. Social media monitoring tools vary as well according to what the brand seeks to achieve through the employment of such service. It can be research-centric, focused on customer engagement or simply centered on monitoring alone. Data collected by monitoring tools are collated and used for reports and researches that seek to assist the brand’s campaigns and strategies for audience acquisition, retention, and product or service enhancement.

Ideally, a large resource of operators is a must to enable business owners to expand the advantages that a social media monitoring service can bring.

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  • Moderation involves managing the online community as well as the content generated by the social media page’s users

It scans user-generated content for any inappropriate or explicit details and then enforces the course of action necessary to resolve it. ‘Inappropriate’ can mean obscene words, images, or videos, spam, and even copyrighted materials. Corresponding actions relating to harmful user-generated content can range from removing the offensive content, hiding it from other followers or online community members, and even blocking the user who violated the posting guidelines set by the social media channel’s moderators.

The assistance brought by social media moderation is centered on upholding brand protection as well as enhanced customer experience. While social media monitoring can be done on various websites and pages, social media moderation is only applicable on channels that the brand has control or authorization over.

How it works

In order to employ efficient moderation for a brand’s social media page, developing a precise and substantial moderating guideline should be a priority. The guideline must be able to reflect the key objectives of the brand, while promoting a better image of the business throughout all its online communities. Moderators must be able to efficiently examine and escalate each content so that in the long run, top-notch assistance and reliability can be assured to the users.

Similar to monitoring, the moderation process can also generate reports with statistics that represent and discuss how a brand’s online community is thriving—from enumerating increases and drops in the number of users, to specifying topics that have been trending among community members, along with identifying certain bans or warnings issued, if any.

Smart moderation and monitoring will inevitably transform social media channels into a credible extension of a business’ services

Monitoring social media channels, function more of an observation tool and it cannot implement any course of action on brand mentions. On the other hand, moderation allows content to be acted upon. When the two processes are employed in perfect harmony, it will be easier for business owners to track how significant changes on their services have affected their target audience and affiliates. In time, the results delivered by efficient monitoring and moderation process will serve as a point of reference for businesses to improve its online community and branding.


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