10 Reasons to Use Chatbots for Marketing and Driving Sales


July 16, 2021

Written by

Merlene Leano

As a business owner, you are prone to traveling a lot, mainly as part of promoting your products and expanding your business reach. Say, you are about to re-book your flight, so you look up an airlines’ website to get in touch. Suddenly, something pops up on your screen: A chatbot. The chatbot begins asking whether it can help you with your concern. You smile to yourself and think about how convenient it is to have a “representative” assist you without the need to head to the airlines in person.

Chatbots are indeed continuously proving to become more useful. Having earned quite a reputation for helping numerous companies boost sales, more and more businesses choose to use chatbots for marketing. Every business would grab the opportunity to harbor customers. As such, here are some reasons why chatbots can be used for digital marketing and for driving sales. 

What is Chatbot Marketing

What is chatbot marketing? It is a digital marketing strategy that is programmed to interact with consumers. It is designed to respond to different users based on what they want to know. 

Chatbots are human-like in that they communicate using a conversational human tone. It is an extension of numerous social media platforms. So, let's dig into why chatbots are suitable for marketing and how chatbots drive sales.


Chatbots is a programmable software that can process an almost unlimited amount of interactions and information. Imagine the time that your team will save since staff can only handle one customer at a time. Chatbots can process several queries than its human counterparts can.

Provides 24/7 interaction and support

24/7 support is highly demanded by customers from the business industry. Why? Customers don't like being made to wait in long queues. Obviously, not all businesses operate 24/7, but with easy access to the internet, customers are granted additional channels to raise their concerns. Thus, when someone wants to make a purchase or check out a product, waiting until the next day to place an order is no longer an option for them.

Instant sales representative

You can instantly hire sales agents if you want. But with chatbots, you have a complementary sales agent. If a sales agent can personally welcome the customers when they enter a physical store, chatbots can also do it. You can expect chatbots to do the same task as before like an actual human, albeit this time, with the capacity to handle multiple buyers in a given time frame.

Reduce operational expenses

The new research forecasts that chatbots will be responsible for cost savings of over $8 billion per annum by 2022, a significant jump from $20 million this year. How is it possible? First, it'll reduce your hiring cost. Chatbots can replace human operators while performing the same tasks. Instead of hiring an agent to do the sales and marketing, chatbots can do it. It will also reduce data analytics costs. Chatbots can remarkably reduce the cost by interpreting data and turning it into information on its own.

Lead visitors as a customers

Customers like to swipe even when they are not planning to buy. When they visit your website, automated bots will ask them which products they seek, what variations they like and prefer, or what specific matters about your services they need help with. This is your chance to show your product options. Chatbots can encourage visitors to convert into customers and purchase a product or a service.

Reduce workload

Before purchasing a product or service, customers, especially new ones, typically have several questions and clarifications. Chatbots will help to free up agents and ease the load for your teams. Your team will be more productive and get to focus on more challenging work. Instead of answering repetitive questions, chatbots are designed to provide instant solutions to FAQs and basic inquiries.

Provide beneficial information

Chatbots are designed and tailored to provide a helpful answer based on your current information and resources. In chatbots, you have the power to choose who the bot that speaks to and how it will answer your customers.

Promote your brand

Chatbots have proven that it is useful in promoting brand awareness. Whichever platforms you choose to launch your bot, it will surely help a great number of your customers in forming their purchasing decisions. For instance, a customer wants to buy a product in a specific color or size. A chatbot can be programmed to provide a quick answer through using the database of the products installed in it. Since chatbots can easily attract customers, they will most likely increase brand value.


Looking more closely, all of the reasons stated above will lead to increased sales. In chatbots, you can quickly sell your products or services. Most marketers and businesses today use chatbots to convince people to purchase more and increase the company's upselling ability. They create scripts that lead consumers to their products. 

Additionally, marketers now have the option of using a personalized chatbot to encourage more people to use a chatbot whenever they are looking for something to buy. Instead of searching through your website, which has hundreds of products, chatbots will help your clients find the products or services they want more quickly. It will significantly help your sales to grow more.

Programmed to follow-up with customers

After-sales follow-up is one of the features that chatbots can do for your company. It is essential to conduct additional after-sales assessments involving customer experience. Doing so allows you to build loyalty with your customers. Chatbots are flexible enough to be programmed to message the customers for follow-up questions and ensure that they are satisfied with the products, leading to returning customers. It will also lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Using bots for marketing is proven effective. As you have read, it will help your business increase sales and provide users with a fantastic experience. It is a brilliant way to support your customer. You can describe chatbots as more innovative, more responsive, and more valuable. Whether you're a small or large company, a chatbot marketing strategy is one of the keys to a successful business. So, we encourage you to start your chatbots today!

New Media Services offers live chat services to help your target customers and guide them about your products, services, and your brand as a whole. We have real-time live chat agents who are highly trained to address queries and provide real-time sales and service assistance. We also recently launched our machine-learning AI system, a customizable live messaging feature that helps enhance customer experience and satisfaction on your services.

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