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August 9, 2018

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New Media Services

AUGUST 2018, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – Continuing with the goal of expansion, coverage and client engagement, New Media Services (NMS) is proud to announce the creation of “NMS Productions” as an official part of NMS.

This new generation of game changers will have the role of marketing the company, the services and the culture that is uniquely NMS.

NMS recently acquired a company called “Young Dreamers”, a group of social media content experts that produce human-centric, informative and entertaining digital content. This acquisition provides the skills, talent and capability that will make NMS Productions a promising new addition to New Media Services.

Young Dreamers is Comprised of Jimmy Boots (co-coordinator), Senna Kost and Oscar Mooy (founders and event organizers); all trend-oriented, young and eager gentlemen with a background in entertainment, audience engagement and who understand the power of social media as a way to reach target markets and strengthen existing relationships.

With the collective experience and knowledge invested in creating NMS Productions; partnered with the company as a whole, the future of NMS will not only be sustained, but enhanced.
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