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Last updated on March 10, 2021

Virtual Meeting Moderation Services


The widespread and ongoing threat of COVID-19 led to the postponement of several major conferences, summits, and meetings involving industry leaders and global influencers. As a consequence, individuals from different sectors of the industry were left with no other option but to embrace virtual meetings as an alternative. Virtual meetings and conferences are undeniably a dramatic shift from the typical face-to-face conversations that most people are used to.

Virtual or online meetings may be a viable alternative in setting up conferences without exhausting one’s time or budget excessively. Unfortunately, the increasing number of businesses and groups adopting the use of online conferences made it even difficult to achieve a seamless and cohesive connection for all the participants. 

The chances are, 7 out of 10 participants will only listen with half an ear, while preoccupied with activities or thoughts not related to the topic discussed among the group. Some participants deliberately turn off their cameras while pretending that their internet connection is unstable. 

In other cases, there are people who intentionally angle their cameras in such a way that their lenses focus on an open window or a bright light. In this manner, other participants will most likely see faint silhouettes on their screens or have difficulty seeing the physical features of their colleagues.

The same scenario holds true for other forms of virtual gatherings, such as online training sessions and virtual classes. That’s just the tip of the possible problems coupled with online conferences and gatherings. Another concern that must be addressed involves the intrusion of third-party individuals into private or exclusive virtual meetings. On April 13 of this year, Forbes reported that a staggering 500,000 Zoom accounts had already been hacked and distributed across the web for free. There have also been several incident reports stating that during their meeting, some of the users’ screens were either manipulated or blocked, some received explicit images without their consent, while some groups had their calls interjected by unauthorized or unidentified individuals.

One of the primary reasons behind these occurrences is the lack of an efficient and organized moderation system for virtual meetings.

When conducting a virtual meeting, moderation is the key to having meetings run smoothly with maximum cooperation as well as reducing the occurrence of members being exposed to offensive and unnecessary content. Likewise, proper moderation enables meetings and conferences to keep all participants engaged throughout the forum’s duration.


With the pandemic still ongoing, virtual meetings and conferences are among the best alternatives that can help businesses carry on with their essential operations. Since online conferences are fairly new to most businesses and industries, it is not surprising how there are vague rules and moderation practices implemented for it. A properly executed moderation process for virtual meetings helps promote more secure interactions, protect the privacy of the participants, encourage higher engagement, and even influence client acquisition.

A successful virtual meeting moderation can be achieved through the following:

  • Setting the meeting’s accessibility to “Private” or “Members-only”. Some web conferencing platforms create exclusive links to private virtual meetings. Only those who have the link to the online conference can gain access and participate. People who are not familiar with how privacy settings in online meetings work often make the mistake of making their meetings open to the public.
  • Before getting started with the forum or discussion, establish specific house rules and proper virtual meeting etiquette that every member must follow. Make sure that all participants are able to hear and understand each item in the guidelines clearly. Reiterate the rules every once in a while if needed.
  • Arrange a fixed time and date for each meeting. If the group or participants are required to check on each other’s progress and output on a regular basis, then all members included in the conference must agree on a schedule for their virtual meeting. Fixed schedules help prime the mind and anticipation of participants before and during the meeting.
  • Assign a group leader or moderator for the meeting. The moderator is responsible for ensuring that all house rules are adhered to by all participants and that no third-party group is able to access the ongoing conference. Ideally, availing the support of an IT specialist will also be helpful in boosting the security of the participants.
  • Avoid sharing online conferences on social media. Whether it is the entire video of the conference, a screenshot, or a segment of the video, sharing private or exclusive meetings breaches the confidentiality of the individuals involved in the meeting. It also runs the risk of disclosing sensitive material or information.

If you are looking for a reliable team that can deliver top-notch human moderation services, New Media Services might just be the company you are looking for!

The advantages of hiring NMS’ moderation services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintain a well-moderated virtual meeting free from offensive content
  • Filter attendees through profile checking
  • Limit distractions caused by the influx of spam and unrelated content, thereby keeping the audience engaged from start to finish
  • Gain rock-solid chatroom defense against scammers, hackers, and fake user profiles

New Media Services’ moderation system provides cost-effective services tailored to address your virtual meeting needs.

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