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June 10, 2020

Written by

Eman Rieza

The online gaming industry continues to grow and expand as the years pass. As of now, the total number of players in the gaming niche has reached 2.6 billion, and it is still expected to reach a staggering 2.7 billion by 2021.

Online games can now be considered as one of the main mediums of communication nowadays. It seamlessly allows players to create their own usernames and interact virtually with other players whether during the game itself or through gaming forums. Communication among gamers has opened opportunities for them to form friendships and even professional partnerships with each other.

Meanwhile, there still exist threats to the security of gamers whenever they engage in online conversations with fellow members of the gaming community. It is undeniable that while most online games and gaming forums have a clear set of guidelines for how each player must behave and interact, there are still some who choose to ignore the rules and cause discomfort to others. Incidences of cyberbullying, cheating during gameplay, hate speech, spamming, and trolling are among the nuisance that gamers often encounter online.

This is where gaming moderation comes into action.


Gaming moderation is the act of ensuring that all the user-generated content present in a particular game or forum is appropriate, non-offensive, and abides by the platform's rules, community guidelines, or Terms of Use. Also, with an efficient moderation system working in the background, hackers, cheaters, and bullies masquerading as regular players can easily be identified and apprehended before they can cause more harm. In other words, gaming moderation ensures and maintains the game's integrity by consistently upholding the security and protection of all players. 

Without gaming moderators, it will be impossible to achieve a fair, wholesome, and immersive gaming experience.

Gaming moderation is applicable to both gaming forums and live gaming. It is especially crucial in the forum since insider information and significant game-related announcements are also shared in the official online communities of each game.

Enumerated below are some of the roles fulfilled by gaming moderators:

  • Muting players posting inappropriate and offensive messages or comments, flooding forums and message boards with spam, and sending threats to other users. Other players can report such instances to their moderators, and in turn, moderators can exercise their authority to put a stop to the inconveniences caused by rude and aggressive players.
  • Temporarily or permanently banning and putting players under low-priority status. This is done so that notoriously misbehaving players will not be able to play for a given time constraint. It likewise excludes them from availing some of the features of the game. Remember that when a moderator “kicks a player out”, it is not a one-sided decision. Rather, it is always based on the careful assessment and discussion among all moderators and the game's internal support teams
  • In more serious cases, moderators can isolate negative players from the rest of the community while the moderator handles the situation.


Introducing New Media Services' Gaming Moderation Services!

The expert moderators at NMS are well-versed to take care of all your gaming moderation needs and ensure a safe and fun gaming experience for players. 

You can depend on NMS’ resident moderators to deliver the following:

  • Removing malicious and offensive content
  • Regulating content posted and exchanged between players in forums and message boards
  • Filtering out smurfs (experienced players who disguise themselves as newbies by creating new accounts)
  • Flagging and blocking spammers, cheaters and other users who tamper the game’s default mechanics
  • Encouraging a positive gaming atmosphere
  • Provide answers to FAQs

New Media Services' ensures that players from across the globe are able to gain the maximum fun they want when engaging in their favorite games. With a moderation service that is intricately tailored to meet and adapt to your needs, providing top-of-the-line gaming experience for your players is inevitable.

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