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January 10, 2018

Written by

Stephanie Walker

A resourceful and highly dependent method of keeping in touch with your end-users, particularly a chat platform is one way you can sustain the efficiency and edge of your services. Customers highly regard a business’ initiative to communicate with them and often, to address their feedback. Any delays, inconveniences, irrelevant replies and most importantly an issue message handling (especially during high message volume instances) may be perceived as a blatant disinterest in building a genuine relationship with your audience.

Why is there a need for a messaging platform?

Communication tools through mobile and online means continue to emerge as a viable tool for connecting you, the business owner, with your target audience. But while messaging serves as a crucial tool in determining your end-users’ experience and satisfaction, it also has the tendency to be exhausting and challenging to handle especially if you have limited manpower. A reliable messaging platform lets you deliver quick responses to end-user messages as you continue to build a more precise and comprehensive record of all your existing subscriber targets and users.
Messaging platforms successfully accommodate message volumes in an organized manner and send pre-made replies or custom replies. Platforms have to be capable of handling messages that consider the preferred messaging medium of end-users and thereby increase the potential for new interactions as well as continue existing communications.

The “Live Operator Online Platform”

New Media Services’ Live Operator Online Platform or LOOP is an internally developed platform for communication that can be used for Instant Messaging, Email, Short Message Services (text messaging) and also for bulk message blasting.

As part of New Media Services’ IT Systems and Administrative tools, LOOP is designed specifically as a core system concentrated on processing various mediums of communication.
LOOP as a system is capable of handling large volumes of messages, generating custom reports, integrating via API to various business services that require communication and maximizing operator output.

LOOP Messaging comes ready to handle IM, SMS, Email and Bulk Messages:


  • A functional chat platform developed to help handle large volumes of instant messages
  • Manages incoming end-user messages by utilizing an automated routing system directed to online operators
  • Seamlessly monitors live statistics of messages that have been processed
  • Provides end-user details and message history
  • Enables customized replies to customer messages
  • Tracks chat hours, operator status, number of messages processed per hour, subscriber messages and number of messages per service through detailed statistical reporting

LOOP Inbox

  • Cloud-based platform solution for trouble-free processing of offline emails and messages sent by end-users to your website
  • Helps boost efficiency and productivity by giving you the power to handle offline subscriber messages
  • Automates receiving and routing inbound messages to allow auto-reply option for keyword-based messages
  • Has a customized operator response feature to allow sending images through links
  • Smart reporting system and easy monitoring of live statistics for processed messages, individual subscriber history and user details


  • Deals exclusively with Short Message Service communications (text messaging)
  • Effectively expands the coverage and handling of you business’ SMS services
  • Helps control single to multiple SMS services crafted for promotions, marketing, and entertainment
  • Can handle multiple text messages based on an organized queue to assist operators in sending quicker replies


  • Developed to send volume-based ads, promotions, and other relevant information to a large number of recipients
  • Uses flexible API connectivity
  • Unique tracking system secures successful delivery of messages to your intended recipients
  • Has a history page that shows thorough information and effective monitoring of outbound messages
  • Features separate service, aggregator and subscriber page for a more systematic and simultaneous management of messaging activities

NMS’ LOOP Chat Systems benefits your messaging services by successfully combining simplicity with accessibility

The inclusion of Live Operator Online Platform into your existing messaging services and administrative tools gives you the power to meet the demands of both your partners and customers in real-time without risking the resources you have.
Aside from it being an effective messaging solution, LOOP can also be paired with NMS’ workforce of experienced operators that enable you to have a large pool of available manpower to handle large volumes of messages and gather various end-user requests minus the hassle. Regardless of the type of communication channel used by your end-users to reach out to you, you can assure them that you will not fail their expectations and demands.

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