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May 11, 2018

Written by

Stephanie Walker

There are various ways for you to reach out to your customers and for them to reach out to you. However, with the multiple platforms available, it might be tough for you to find the right channel to use, especially, if you can only allot a budget for one or two.

When choosing a platform to use for your customer service, it is best to first see what the preferences your market has. Are they more inclined into voice calls or SMS? Your target market maybe more active on the internet and prefer to approach brands through instant messaging because it is faster, no need to wait on hold, or press multiple buttons just to find the right person to speak with.

If your customers are leaning more into the latter, IM Chat is the best choice for your customer service platform. With an IM platform available on your website, you give concerned customers the ability to reach you with just a click of a button.  They can type their question and an IM operator can easily reply to them. Within the time frame used to make a call, answers are already provided addressing their concern.

Live Operators Online Platform

loop-IM(Image courtesy of Pexels)
There are different IM platforms from various companies that you can avail. One is LOOP IM. This platform is easily integrated into your website through an API that allows customers to contact your company through a messaging widget.

However, unlike most applications that only give you access to the messaging platform, what makes the Live Operator Online Platform or LOOP stand out is that it comes with operators who are available day in and day out. They may be online during specific hours only or 24/7, depending on the demand of your customers.

The IM platform has features that allow operators to chat and note relevant information regarding the customers. With this feature, if a customer has a recurring issue it can be easily seen in the platform and operators can quickly resolve issues based on the history of the said customer. In addition to this feature, the LOOP IM platform also allows operators to cater to several customer concerns at the same time.

Advantages of LOOP

Using the LOOP IM platform proves to be a useful tool for any kind of business regardless of the size.
Here are a few of the advantages:

  1. It’s affordable

With the use of an IM platform you’re able to save up on having to rent a DID (Direct Inward Dialing number) and the costs per call. An IM platform is also cheaper to have than to install softphones into your computers for your operators to use. It also allows your operators to cater to more than one customer at a time.

  1. It’s easy to use

Anyone who has the time to spend on social media platforms can work instant messaging. All your customer has to do is click on the message box, type out their concern, and wait for a quick reply from the operator.

  1. Convenient and quick

With the IM Platform, your customer services are more accessible to your clients. Canned messages can also be used for this to immediately filter the needs of the customer.
With proper execution, the IM platform will be the most useful customer service tool you can have.
LOOP is also available for Emails, SMS, and Bulk SMS.

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