The Link between Live Chat Support and E-commerce Websites


December 7, 2017

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40 percent of the internet users across the world have purchased products online through their desktop or mobile device. This only shows that there is a prolific growth in e-commerce on which challenges marketers to keep customers engaged and one way to make them stick to service providers is through having a live chat support. Live chats provide a real time response to queries sent by the online audience and customers to keep them informed on a regular basis. It also increases interaction since it facilitates communication between a customer and a live chat agent.

The points presented below are the important link between live chat systems and e-commerce websites to enhance your business and obtain competitive edge.

Quick Response for Customers

Think about how much time it would take for a customer to check your toll-free number to be able to reach your customer support service, only to be connected to the IVR system for an additional waiting time just to be assisted. With live chat, customers’ queries and concerns can be addressed quicker than any other helpdesk services. This quick approach helps build stronger relationships, hence closing more sales for the e-commerce portal. Live chat agents on the other hand, perform a major role in helping customers make better purchasing decisions through keeping them updated and informed about choices that match or go beyond customers’ needs and expectations, thus this also lead to your website’s success.

Research shows that 88% of online consumers say that live chat support made their digital experience better and 38% of customers will purchase a product if they feel satisfied by the service a live chat agent provides. Adversely, 57% of respondents leave a website that lacks information.
Here are kinds of people who get in touch with a live chat agent:

  • Individuals who want to purchase a product.
  • Individuals who needs information about a specific product.

Boosts Customer Satisfaction

As surveys show, live chat currently have the highest satisfaction rate in comparison to other customer service channels. Out of 33% of customers that prefer live chat services, 73% were satisfied with the service and 67% conveyed that live chat is very easy to use.

Live chat on an e-commerce site is included as a feature so customers can ask their queries and raise their concerns whenever they need to and have the convenience of getting assistance in real-time. This capability to assist customers on-site directly affects customer satisfaction.

Saves Business Revenue & Increases Efficiency

Compared to voice support, where agents handle single customer calls, a live chat agent can handle multiple chats with different customers. In this way, the business may be able to save on costs for investing in operations equipment and peripherals. Small to mid-sized businesses can surely apply live chat service in their sites, so with larger websites for they can have a team that can supervise their live chat helpdesk. It is also great for e-commerce because it is very cost-effective. With live chat you can set operations in-office, offshore and even through telecommuting. As long as a data connection is available, the service can run. The money you save can be spent on important systems, equipment upgrades and other core business expenses.

Live chat support enhances both the number of sales and the average order value, unlike voice call support or email support. The quality of assistance live chat brings resembles real-time support as such in a physical store. In such a way, customers obtain helpful insight and opinion about their purchase decision. This gives great impact to customers brand awareness level and reduces the chances of return products.

Retains Customers

There’s no doubt that the competition is getting stronger when it comes to e-commerce portals and shopping websites due to availability. But having great customer service is a big consideration when it comes customer retention. Live chat is a helpful customer service channel that keeps customers engaged and happy in their business relationship with a brand.

Research shows that there are about 44% of respondents who claimed that the most important feature a website can offer is having their questions answered by a live person. 

Assess Customer Service Performance

Live chat sessions can accumulate data which gives your business a clear idea of the processes that work and what doesn’t.  This includes knowledge in current customer demands and future decisions in products and services to offer. Assessing these important points leads to better offers, thus increasing sales and better market advantage. More so, understanding customers’ expectations and creating efficient systems to achieve a better customer experience.

You can also compare how you provide your services and how a competitor may approach the same service differently. This enables you to see what other websites in the market do to stay ahead during live chat sessions. This information is essential way to improve not only your website, but also some problems that only a customer can identify.

Live chat support and e-commerce works well together, it is a very effective option in strengthening your customer services strategy. A great business consistently and intentionally provides outstanding service to their customers.

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