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April 30, 2021

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Merlene Leano

As an influencer, the more you gain popularity and recognition, the likelier you will attract promotional deals and offers from various companies. As influencer culture has emerged drastically and pushed the transition into a more consumer-driven era, it has become extremely challenging for influencers to maintain their pages on their own.

Social media is home to content creators, influencers and their diverse audience around the globe. With around 45% of the current global population on various social media platforms, you can picture the sheer number of people you can target to see your content.

Unfortunately, relying on content alone is not enough, if you have sky-high goals for your brand or page. 

This is where virtual assistants for influencers enter the picture.

The Power of Influencers

As an influencer, you probably know already that you are considered as the modern-day equivalent of a highly coveted approval stamp. You have several people who “follow” you online, and so you have a strong bearing on what people decide to do, incorporate into their lifestyles, and purchase. In fact, for an influencer with renowned social media royalty to promote a business is akin to earning the approval of the majority of today’s customers.

In line with that, social media is perhaps one of the strongest marketing tools that every influencer can have. Depending on your niche and audience, social media platforms present you with opportunities to create content that amuses, informs, and converts onlookers into avid followers that stay tuned to your every post. 

For that matter, influencers who have amassed a considerable number of followers (and even those who are only starting to grow their followers) have to manage their social media accounts regularly. They need to take photos of themselves using the product or service they have acquired from different businesses or companies. Their pages must be consistently updated, otherwise it may leave significant repercussions on their brand. 

The pressure to be consistent becomes all too real the moment they realize that doing everything alone is simply impossible.

Digital Influencer Assistant: What Influencer Virtual Assistants Can Do?

Those who are new to working with a personal assistant for social media influencers. should determine their niche as an influencer so that it will be easier to explain work expectations and delegate tasks. There are several advantages that influencer virtual assistants can offer. The most significant contributions they can offer to your platform include:

  1. Establishing Social Media Profile
  2. Curate Social Media Content
  3. Engage with Audience
  4. Manage Influencer Marketing Strategy
  5. Appointment Management

1. Establishing Social Media Profile

Hiring an influencer personal assistant allows the influencer to multitask and focus on creating content for their respective pages. Assistants can be tasked to organize emails, social media profiles, answer queries and interact with fans. With a trusty helping hand taking care of the administrative sector of maintaining and growing an influencer’s digital presence, it enables the latter to hit two birds with one stone.

Recently, there have been more new social platforms where influencers get to showcase more of what they can do. Lyka is an example. Lyka is a digital community that enables content creators to share and present their interests and skills. If you plan to expand your audience reach to more niche-specific communities, then a virtual assistant may offer you additional research material to ensure you brand your social profile appropriately to each of these apps and websites.

2. Curate Social Media Content

Some influencers tend to have a hard time creating content for specific social media platforms on their own. An influencer virtual assistant proves helpful in devising content that adheres to each platform’s guidelines. They can also assist in posting or sharing content for better time management and make the profile livelier and more appealing to your target audience.

Virtual assistants who are skilled in writing blogs, designing infographics, editing videos, and even voice acting are available everywhere. All you have to do is gauge the types of content that your followers approve of the most, and find remote staff who can help you create more of these posts. A virtual team for your social media content likewise grants you flexibility, in such a way that you can prevent being overshadowed by fellow influencers since you have more creative people to assist you in generating fresh and unique content ideas.

3. Engage with Audience

When an influencer’s follower count reaches hundreds of thousands, it is impossible to engage or respond to every single message sent to them. Hire an assistant for your influencer to screen and reply to each message from followers. Most of the time, virtual assistants handling messages from supporters also double as content and chat moderators since they organize, approve, reject, delete and block messages based on the contents and intention of the sender. In this manner, it effectively reduces stress on the part of the influencer and they are also shielded from reading derogatory messages that could affect their motivation and self-esteem.

For instance, Onlyfans and Instagram have distinct audiences. Onlyfans allow its content creators to earn while taking full control of the kind of content they share, the extent to which they can fulfill their audience’s content requests, and even restrict fans who exceed their limitations when it comes to how they interact or behave on the platform.

New Media Services has a diverse lineup of expertise for their virtual assistant services. They have remote staff who can juggle interaction with followers, and even provide user-generated content moderation for influencers with a large fanbase. Through their broad range of skills to offer, digital content creators, particularly those specializing in adult content, like in Onlyfans, are given stronger protection against harassment while helping them unlock more ideas and opportunities to grow their page.

4. Manage Influencer Marketing Strategy

Having a social media influencer assistant allows you to analyze campaigns that you run from each platform better. 

Although generating views and organic page traffic is continuous once an influencer’s brand is established, that doesn’t mean that a solid marketing strategy won’t come in handy for their page. 

There is a reason why social networking sites generate metrics to represent how well or how poorly an influencer’s page is fairing. These numbers represent follower activity and engagement, along with the effectiveness of your content. How many reactions did you get? How many followers did you earn and how many did you lose in a day? Moreover, how will you balance retaining and acquiring new people to support your online branding?

A virtual assistant with sufficient familiarity and knowledge on how to consistently stay on-trend, especially on social media, allows influencers to come up with impeccable and unique content that their followers will support and love. They share their understanding of these metrics and translate it in such a way that you get a clearer picture of how every move, every word, and every action that comes from you impacts your community as a whole.

5. Appointment Management

Since influencers have a busy schedule that ranges from creating content to balancing their personal life, an assistant to your social media influencer paves the way to be moulded into that busy schedule and aid in managing their personal schedule as well.

Several influencers in the past have received major backlash for failure to show up at major events where they were deemed as important or high-profile guests. When you have an extremely busy schedule, it becomes more difficult to keep up with your ever-changing schedule. 

A trusty assistant can book your appointments, interviews, and appearances. Fortunately, most invitations these days can be sent digitally. Even announcements for upcoming events are posted on social media, and so your virtual staff can check the timeline for these events and compare it with your schedule ahead of time. In this manner, experiencing a mismatch or a so-called ‘clash’ between any of your future appointments becomes highly unlikely.

For the Influencers Looking for Assistants: What is the Best Way to Hire a Personal Assistant?

Virtual assistants are everywhere these days.

You can find them on websites for job seekers, and even on Facebook! Create and post an ad on the channel that you feel most comfortable using. List specific skills and knowledge base that you need for the tasks you will be assigning. Enumerate additional qualifications, proposed salary, and working hours. 

It is absolutely necessary that when hiring an assistant, expectations, goals, and responsibilities are conveyed clearly and concisely. If needed, conduct additional interviews where both the influencers and the remote assistant get to clarify specific areas involved in the work relationship. If you want to be extra careful, another option would be to ask recommendations from fellow influencers, particularly those who have been in the business for a longer period.

Better yet, why not hire a BPO company who also specializes in producing and finding virtual assistants to suit your specific needs?

Whether it be an instagram influencer assistant or a remote staff well-verse in other social networking or digital sites, New Media Services is a virtual assistant services company with years of experience in handling multiple types of needs for remote-based personnel. The best part about outsourcing to NMS is you get to experience solutions tailor-made just for you! Are you a fitness guru? Are you a famous beauty expert? Do people follow you to get styling tips? Is your content more focused on creating entertaining videos and keeping up with trends?

The NMS team makes a way for you to effectively manage your follower engagement and regulate the content you produce on your pages. We can source additional virtual assistants with skills specific to what you are looking for. Particularly, if you need help with editing videos, or a VA with more experience in writing for social media or the creative field, then all you have to do is discuss this with our team and we can arrange to scout the perfect pool of talents for you.

The Takeaway

It doesn’t hurt to ask for more help.

Remember, every influencer from every platform deserves an assistant backing them up in every social media page they have. Even more so when you see that your followers are gradually growing at a faster rate. Ultimately, the bigger your influence, the bigger your responsibility when it comes to ensuring you produce quality content that people will appreciate and guarantee that your posts and your presence will not do anyone harm.


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