5 Major Industries That Can Benefit From Live Chat Services


January 14, 2021

Written by

Stephanie Walker

Live chat for business has proven to be quite dependable in terms of reaching customers beyond traditional face-to-face interactions. It enables businesses to quickly address customer questions, demands and expectations. Live chat is one of the best service channels for communication. With products and services of almost every nature now  offered online, the convenience of business-to-business or business-to-customer requires increased communication.

In a nutshell, here some of the most common benefits of live chat support for customers:

  • Accommodates a global audience
  • Builds satisfaction
  • Enables the delivery of instant replies to FAQs and even highly specific customer queries
  • Keeps customers engaged
  • Increases convenience and reduces the need for long queues

Similarly, instant messaging unlocks better leverage for big and small companies. From increasing sales and customer acquisition to cutting costs, there is much to be explored about how this specific communication channel holds the key for long-term sustainability across numerous industries.

Almost any business that goes the online route would benefit from Live Chat Services. Excluding the Business Processing Industry as a whole, there are 5 major businesses or industries that benefit from chat services for business the most:

1. Real Estate

Having live chat support services for estate agents is beneficial in reaching and engaging potential clients. The capability of supplementing images and descriptions of properties provided through chat allows clients the luxury of making an informed decision for inquiries or purchases. While real estate buyers don’t generally go through with acquiring properties through a website, it is more convenient for them to check online before making a physical inspection. Having a broker available online to assist interested parties is, in truth, quite efficient.

Live chat adds a human touch to a normally non-responsive and bland website. It provides an aura of immediacy towards customer engagement. In this scenario, one of the biggest benefits of having live chat on your website is the opportunity for your agents to recommend specific properties and improve efficiency in the entire process of making a sale. Expect a significant increase in setting appointments, sending additional details, and scoring win-win negotiations. Another added benefit is live chat helps cut expenses by minimizing phone bills and transportation costs on meeting clients who are not yet 100% sure about making a purchase, or are not entirely invested in the property.

2. Automobile Sales

(Image source: Pexels)

From brand new to used vehicles, automobile sales requires quite a number of follow-ups and up-selling. A car buyer’s preferences are extremely diverse. Even with the abundance of reviews available online for each and every vehicle on the market, the only way to definitively make an informed decision is to talk to a representative. That is why customers who want to buy a car usually have an inclination towards making inquiries in an effort to get every single relevant detail about a vehicle.

Automotive business will surely reap the advantages of having live chat. Both work well together since real-time messaging allows your business to support your customers round-the-clock. There is also the increased capacity to provide more options, specifications and comparisons on-demand. In fact, live chat allows a business to make a sale even when your showroom is closed. Websites are virtual showrooms and live chat allows your showrooms to have staff ready to assist more customers.

3. Online Healthcare

(Image source: Pexels)

Most patients these days go at lengths to do extensive research and scour through reviews about clinics, physicians and hospitals before making an appointment. This means that healthcare providers should be competitive especially in catering to the needs of their patients online. Most health care industries have been required to extend their reach into the digital space to boost their presence and availability.

Including a chat option on a clinic or physician’s website is a great way to facilitate better communication. Answering visitor questions, determining their availability, making direct announcements and even allowing proper referrals are just some of the benefits of live chat for business designed to provide healthcare assistance. Apart from treating patients, physicians also have to maintain a regular follow-up regarding the patient’s recovery and ensure constant communication. By paving the way for physicians to be more accessible for a broader range of patients, it helps health care providers communicate seamlessly, ease clinic consultations and remain updated on out-patient care.

4. E-commerce Businesses

(Image source: Pexels)

The most common and most abundant businesses of today are under e-commerce. Most major retailers have online presence. Many suppliers have also taken the online route, often partnering with logistics providers in making anything and everything conveniently available. 

But availability isn’t the only key to e-commerce success. Communication plays a greater role in taking advantage of this availability, a factor that the benefits of live chat for ecommerce highlights. Real-time chat services make it easy for E-commerce business owners to connect simultaneously with suppliers, couriers, business partners, existing customers, and interested buyers. It reduces waiting time by having chatbots respond to commonly raised questions about the brand, and it also helps them expound on a specific product or service should a site visitor requests for additional details. It is a highly valuable and cost-effective asset in securing higher sales and solidifying marketing efforts. For startups, they can use live chat to stabilize their customer support efforts.

5. Travel and Accommodation Services

(Image source: Pexels)

Travel and Accommodation services is a massive industry. Most travelers love convenience. Going online to plan trips from start to finish is just a smart choice for most people. Live chat support services for travel agency  increases the scope of customer demands it can accommodate. Travel and accommodation businesses gain the upper hand by exuding just how much attention to detail they have, an important trait when dealing with several bookings, reservations, time zones, and travel destinations. The best way to remain on top is to make sure these details are accurately collected and verified through customer engagement.

For this type of information gathering, live chat is direct, quick and non-robotic. It is more impressive than asking a customer to leave a note or send an email of their preferences. Chat provides a productive back-and-forth between the business and the customer.

This is also an effective tool not just for pre-booking but also for gathering feedback or checking-up on clients during their stay.

The benefits of live chat on website is inclusive to several industries

There is a universally applicable answer when asked what are the benefits of live chat for business A, B, or C, and so on. It is ‘lightweight’ enough not to disrupt existing operations and communication efforts in a company. When you augment your website with a live chat software, there is hardly any major change that you need to do with the design and programming of your pages. You can use it to enhance several aspects of expanding your business, whether it involves sales, generating leads, or bringing your brand closer to your existing end-users. It all depends on how you plan and execute it.

To sum it all up, the big question is, which aspect of your business’ growth do you think live chat would help boost the most?

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