How to Use Website Live Chat to Generate Leads


June 22, 2021

Written by

Stephanie Walker

There’s no doubt about it, modern-day customers are impatient.

The demand for immediacy has never been this overrated especially for the newer breed of customers. To keep pace with these emerging norms of the industry, businesses must take into account that seamless communication is presently more prevalent and vital. They must then be able to come up with a smarter approach and innovative ways to amplify client engagements and improve their overall lead generation.

Thankfully, the internet offers a myriad of fascinating features that can immensely boost one’s process for generating probable new customers. One excellent example is live chat.

Although it is not a new frontier to some companies, most businesses tend to overlook what live chat can bring to the table. Little do they know, live chat is an untapped opportunity with the capacity to do tons of wonders to enhance their lead generation strategies.

Are you having second thoughts about employing live chat for lead generation? Let this article prove that you can generate more leads with live chat.

But before that, let’s have a look at the definition of lead and lead generation.

Lead — Simply put, a lead is a person (or a company) who shows interest in your products and services. 

Lead Generation — Lead generation refers to the steps carried out to classify and multiply prospective leads (or your target customers) and converting them to paying clients. There are several strategies that businesses can use for lead generation, such as blogging, email marketing, and using social media.

Features of Live Chat

Live chat offers a vast array of features that prove essential in snowballing your lead generation process. These features are instrumental in honing your overall efficiency for long-term stability. 

Below are five of the most notable features of this messaging channel: 

24/7 Availability

An excellent feature for promoting products and services to a broader group of prospective clients, this component not only allows you to provide round-the-clock availability to address and handle customer concerns at all times. It also expands your business reach to a more globally driven market.

Customizable Live Chat Widget

A live chat widget is an effective tool for seamless client engagements. This chat widget is usually located at the corner of the website’s interface and only activates when a visitor is ready to engage, thereby enabling your customer support agents to interact with customers and inquirers at their most convenient time.

Additionally, chat widgets can be optimized to appear based on a visitor's recorded screen time on a particular page. The function is made possible using real-time triggers.

For example, a site visitor has been browsing the pricing page of your website for five minutes or so. The moment your site visitor exceeds over five minutes on that page, that’s when the live chat widget pops out asking questions like: “Do you want to know more about our pricing?” or “Do you want to get a free quote now?”. This way, promoting your services to potential leads is less annoying and spammy. The best part is it helps increase the likelihood of converting them into actual paying customers.

Instant Messaging

Long queuing time is one of the most common drawbacks that businesses tend to encounter on a daily basis. With live chat, however, interacting with multiple customers in real-time and responding to surges of queries promptly has never been easier.  Remember, this feature can be operated by both human and AI operators to provide the most efficient pre-sale services which, in turn, improves your lead-driving strategies.

Escalation Management

This may be one of the few untapped features of live chat, but it has its own unique merits that you can maximize to augment your lead generation capabilities. Escalation management proves instrumental in handling difficult callers, irate customers, and other types of supervisor-level concerns. You can screen simple to complex complaints at first glance and escalate them to the appropriate department or supervising personnel.

By diminishing the emergence of frustrated callers, escalation management fosters a conversational and harmonious flow of interaction among your prospective clients. This is useful not only in establishing trust among your clients but also in making them feel valued. People who are comfortable with your brand will eventually support you in the long run.

Multilingual Assistance

In order to leverage your lead generation, you must be capable of reaching a broad group of target audiences. Live chat gives you the capacity to encompass not only English-speaking countries but also those who are non-English speakers with its multilingual functions. The more language you support, the more potential leads you get.

Benefits of Live Chat for Lead Generation

It is undeniable that lead generation with live chat is an excellent game plan if you want to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, a recent study suggested that live chat can improve the overall conversion rate of one’s website to a staggering 40%!

Moreover, studies from the previous years have suggested that businesses utilizing live chat for their pre-sales strategies have boosted their customer satisfaction rate up to an impressive rate of 83.1%.
Are these figures still not enough to convince you that you can generate leads with live chat? We have singled down five reasons why the potentials of a live chat lead generation tactic should not be underestimated.

1. Amplify Efficiency

The concept of modern-day consumers being impatient is not a mere overstatement — it is actually a fact. That is why some businesses tend to fail in converting their site visitors into paying customers.

Using live chat, however, dramatically alleviates such hurdles. The reason being that live chat is an excellent channel for providing instant assistance whenever a site visitor reaches out to you. Your overall efficiency is notably improved.

Collecting data, answering FAQs, and sharing product information is much quicker with live chat as your agents can interact with site visitors in real-time. Conversations are likewise more personalized through instant messaging (IM) features. In addition, live chat is an excellent tool for multitasking. It enables your support agents to seamlessly switch from one concern to another. This proves useful in diminishing the chances of long queuing time.

2. Help You Address Misconceptions in Real-Time

Some clients may find your product information incomprehensible especially when it includes confusing, techie jargon. Thankfully, with live chat, you will be able to apprehend and clarify these types of surface-level concerns instantly.

Also, since live chat support agents can interact with customers in real-time, you will be able to address concerns that require more technical resolutions with utmost immediacy.

3. Promote Proactive Engagement

Here’s a concrete example of how live chat is a catalyst for perceptive target buyer participation: At New Media Services, our live chat widget enables you to create proactive communications with your prospective clients. Integrating real-time triggers allows you to interact with your prospective clients based on how often they checked out and when they opened a specific page on your website.  

Triggers improve your overall lead generation rate as it allows you to pinpoint qualified leads, collect their information and nurture them thereafter with precise product or service suggestions using all that information.

4. Digital Assistance with a Human Touch

Although potential customers may not be able to interact with you personally using live chat, that does not completely disable the opportunity to add a human touch to your lead-generating approaches. With the concept of triggers in place, you will be able to add a more tailor-made method when engaging with probable leads.

As your live chat widget’s built-in automated triggers gather site traffic information, the data will then be cascaded to the available customer support representative. From there, a tailor-made catalogue of your product and services can be produced and delivered either via call, instant messaging, or email.

5. Help Identify Your Audience

Customer data generated through live messaging also proves useful in analyzing and understanding the buying behaviors and distinct factors that influence each individual who takes the time to browse your products or website. Some metrics include visitor location or country, specific pages they’re browsing, how frequently they visit your page, and the average screen time they spend on your website.

Having prior familiarity with your target demographics and their intricate behaviors allows you to come up with an accurate representation of your brand model. The more direct and precise your image is, the more chances of acquiring new customers who will support your business long-term.

Goodbye Cold-Calling, Hello Live Chat!

As the competition becomes tougher every moment, you need to embrace the valuable changes that your industry’s current setup throws at you. People are busy. Outbound calling is not as efficient as it used to be. Not to mention, randomly calling someone from Yellow Pages is now considered intrusive and sketchy by most people.

Live chat is an innovative tool in making pre-sales processes more efficient and handy. It is proven a prolific tool with a broad array of features to immensely improve your engagement with your prospective buyers. Indeed, using live chat as a lead generation channel enables you to rake in a multitude of possibilities.

All in all, the best way to know all of the advantages of using live chat is to try it yourself. 

Don’t know where to start?

At New Media Services, we offer top-of-the-line live chat services.

We see to it that you meet your clients’ demands and expectations without requiring them to break the bank! With web-based instant messaging platforms, it is guaranteed that your business is capable of staying aligned with the ever-shifting tides of customer concerns. 

We believe that live chat is a revolutionary tool for significantly boosting your competitive edge and casting a positive light on your brand.
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