How to Create Your Brand on Social Media from Scratch


March 4, 2021

Written by

Stephanie Walker

Are you constantly boggled by how you can successfully brand yourself on social media?

Establishing a small business from the bottom is a hard feat to do, especially if you don’t know where to start or worse, how to start. Around 91% of businesses located in the United States have social media presence.Imagine the number of businesses located outside the US.  

Not to mention, half of the population are on every social networking site.

As a startup, you have to be knowledgeable about your target market. What unique solutions can you bring?  Knowing and understanding customer pain points is the key to launch a brand on social media, watch who flocks to your pages, and convert them into eager subscribers.

Why is Social Media Important for Brands?

On average, each of the billions of people on social media spend around 2 hours and 20 minutes on a platform. The top 7 widely used platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkediIn, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest. Joining these platforms ensures business growth, website traffic, and a consistent presence to make you more relevant in the industry.

Being involved in the online groups and communities of your intended audience or demographic generates information that would help refine your promotions. After all, there are various ways to build your brand on social media!

The Essentials to building your Brand on Social Media

1. Exude Impeccable Impression

2. Pick your Media

3. Content Diversity

4. Humanize your Brand

5. Inclusivity for the Masses

1. Exude an Impeccable Impression

Building your brand on social media means that when leads meet you, they immediately see that you are what you say you are. Patrons need to see your logo at least 5 times to process that the logo belongs to you. Visual appearance has approximately 55% bearing on how your brand's impression creates an impact. Around 38% is for your digital branding's vocal aspect. Consistency is necessary with how you treat all potential buyers. They have a hand in how audiences would view your online image. The way people tittle-tattle about your brand decides whether customers like you enough to check out what you have in store for them.

2. Pick your Media

Explore all options before you create a social media strategy for your brand. Every platform on social media can serve as an instrument for reaching more prospects. Consider that as you plan how to traverse the digital dimension of B2C and B2B marketing. Choose a channel that aligns with your goal, the content you create, and where the majority of your audience are. The type of content also has bearing since different platforms have different tones and character limits in creating posts. Twitter has a 200 character limit, while Facebook allows you to post lengthier texts accompanied by a video or a series of photos.

Where are your target end-users? Which country are they residing in? What age groups follow and react to your posts? These are important questions to ask as well when choosing your platform. Each social networking channel has its distinct population of end-users. The question is, which demographic would be interested in your product or service? The highest engagement hoarder is Instagram. People aged 18-34 use it the most. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is seen as the most trusted social media network in the US. 

Weigh the pros and cons. Which channel will acquaint you better with your customers? Which platform aligns the best with your brand's unique personality? When you build your brand through social media, you are not just creating a page and posting endlessly. You are also creating a persona. In other words, you are putting a clearer face to your business.

3. Content Diversity

What do your audience love seeing from you? Based on which channel you are on, your content has to encompass the preference of your visitors. It encompasses how you explain your line of expertise, present your promotional strategies, and how purposeful you are in your posts. Organize a calendar where you specify the objectives for each post and set a certain time for posting.

Your content has to carry your brand and how you want others to see you. Customer relationship impacts your content's influence and your business' growth. Some companies undergo rebranding and restructuring their goals once they figure out that most of their marketing campaigns miss the mark on capturing what it means to be a part of a thriving virtual collaboration with people that use your products and hire your services. In other words, social media brand management is also about accepting failures and having the preparedness to hit the restart button on your content strategy.

4. Humanize your Brand

Customers dislike seeing generic replies, content, and interactions. They prefer a more personal one. Companies who seem to be talking directly to their avid clientele get more of their attention and retain them for longer periods. To humanize means to engage audience interest, to be sincere in your words, and most importantly, to be involved. Whether customers are raising concerns, reacting positively to your content, or are sending queries to learn more about your business, your engagement means a lot to them.

Since you are in the middle creating a name for your business, butter up your watchers with a combination of diverse content interaction that is sure to keep and increase customer retention rates. Eventually, you can boost your conversions further knowing that the majority of customers today say they are more likely to trust businesses or companies who are on social media.

5. Inclusivity for the Masses

A secret ingredient of successful brands in social media, is inclusivity. Discrimination has long been the root of some of the biggest social media wars that millennials and iGens has seen, which is why you need to do your homework first before you create a page. 

Get to know the culture and requisites of each platform to get a hang of the dos and don’ts when initiating business and marketing transactions. Also, make sure that your reach encompasses all types of customers you want to entice. Refrain from posting anything that could potentially offend any fan otherwise it could backfire and injure your brand badly. When you cater to people of different walks of life, you increase your engagement and trigger a chain reaction that could land you on your big break.

Build your Own Brand on Social Media

These some of the best techniques on how to build your own brand on social media. How you utilize them is entirely up to you. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though! New Media Services keeps your followers well-guarded against inappropriate content and scams. Through our social media moderation services, we save you the trouble of dealing with bad publicity. Our trained moderation experts meticulously check the content side by side with each social networking community’s guidelines to build your personal brand on social media!

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