How to Create Product Launch Announcement Email


August 30, 2022

Written by

Merlene Leano

Product launches are a huge milestone for any company. It is both an exciting and daunting part of a business’s journey. While some brands are successful at introducing their products and generating favorable traffic to their promotional content, it may not always be as rose-colored for all other ventures.

Some businesses, despite all the hard work they devoted to designing and strategizing how they will launch the newest addition to their product line, end up with a poor reception from their target audience. If you’ve ever experienced this, then you understand how exasperating it feels to not receive the expected response from your intended market.

A weak and impassive response to your new product’s debut can be quite discouraging. 

You’ve done the needed test runs, prepared an impressive lineup of features, and are quite confident with how your brand redefines the word “innovation”. 

You’re probably thinking about what might have possibly gone wrong.

Most businesses expect instant enthusiasm from their customers once they unveil a product. In reality, it is a scenario that’s only possible for organizations with a massive user base. It is a completely different story for most SMEs, startups, and solopreneurs.

In reality, the vast majority of the people on their email list either lack the motivation to check an email or are already inundated with an excessive number of messages. One of the most significant reasons why great products (sometimes even from renowned brands) fail to sell is because companies do not put in the effort needed to design a new product introduction email that will pique the interests of their prospects and get them all pumped up about what the brand has in store for them.

In contrast, a company has a better chance of successfully launching its dream product if it has a workable plan for arranging the launch sequence, chooses the appropriate product release email template, and generates a compelling email design.

Do you feel as though you're being left behind by your competitors? Do your prospects always give you a flat response? Or are you simply unsure how to announce a product launch that will spark your prospects' interest?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! This post will teach you the essentials of how to announce a product launch, the significance of doing so, and a few samples of killer emails for introducing a product. So make sure you continue reading!

First, let's define what a product launch email is.

What is a Product Launch Email?

In layman's terms, a product launch email is an email sent to subscribers to announce a new product model from the company's product line. This email usually contains information about the approaching product launch. Businesses can choose whether to send the email after the product debuts on their social channels and website or before making a public announcement to build suspense and thrill their prospects. It is an effective way to make customers feel more eager to make a ‘day one’ purchase.

Aside from simply sending out emails, some organizations go a step further by building anticipation through pre-launch promotional emails. Pre-launch marketing is an effective strategy that companies can use to effectively immerse potential customers into the product even before they get to experience the product physically. It could take the form of freebies, demos (for software and games), or a sneak peek at an impending product. Essentially, it contains everything that prospective customers need to learn about the product before it is available for purchase.

It is also worth noting that product launch emails have different variants, specifically:

1.  Product Release Emails — This is basically the email you send to notify your customers about the launching of your new product or service.

2.  Feature Updates — This type of email is to let both your existing and future supporters know about the features that are added to your existing products or services. It is mostly used for gadgets, software, and video game providers when they release a rundown of patch notes, changelogs, and fixes if there are any.

3.  Pre-Order — It mostly focuses on pre-launching campaigns. Pre-order emails are sent to let customers know about upcoming products. Pre-order emails help you gauge how many customers are actually interested in gaining early access to your products.

4.  Event Invitations — Event invitations prove instrumental in letting your customers know about your upcoming events such as webinars, conferences, or even conventions. While it does not revolve around a particular product, it builds anticipation that there will be a teaser of new products.

Product Launch Email: Importance & Benefits

Product launch emails are a type of promotional email that are intended to improve conversion rates as well as potentially upsell and cross-sell a particular brand's products. It is a stark contrast to traditional transactional emails which are sent with the sole purpose of informing customers about account-related details. 

Emails sent out as part of a product launch are typically essential to unveiling a new product. This is because they allow companies to connect with potential customers on a more personal level. In a nutshell, a product launch email that has been carefully crafted gives firms the power to persuade potential customers to try their items and potentially keeps them involved with the brand as a whole, which can lead to an increase in sales.

Have a look at some of the benefits of sending a new product launch letter to customers

  • The suspense that a product launch email builds reinforces the customers’ desire to buy the product.
  • A product launch email boosts the exposure of new product lines to potential buyers.
  • Product launch emails excite customers. Their curiosity leads to improving overall brand awareness.
  • It showcases the product’s value proposition.

5 Steps to Writing Killer New Product Launch Emails

Numerous online marketplaces see the introduction of thousands of new products each and every week. There is constant competition among several new features, each vying for people's attention and decision on which is cooler, more unique, and worth spending their money on. 

Unfortunately, most of these new products fail to generate the desired reception from target customers simply because they lack a solid support system. It is essential to gather potential customers or clients before your big launch. Sending new product emails that are exquisitely crafted is the most effective strategy to achieve this goal.

In short, you really ought to get that email about the new product announcement down pat.

Essentially, your email must pique your recipient’s interest and create a buzz about it. Once you perfect that, you increase the chances of persuading prospective customers to purchase your product. Below are five surefire methods that will have you proclaiming "This one's in the bag!" with your email marketing strategies in no time.

1. Stimulate Excitement

Your product release email should be able to stimulate clients' curiosity on a physiological level at least weeks (or months) before your launch. You should strive to pique the attention of your potential buyers by giving them a sneak peek at your next goods. Try to be as general as possible with how you describe the product. Even before you announce your new product, service, or feature, leaving a little bit of mystery in the minds of your customers will do the work and keep them engaged with your brand.

2. Hook Customers with a Striking Subject Line

The subject line of your email will be the very first thing that your customers will see when they open it.

Be sure that the subject line of your email announcing the debut of the product is appealing. Sending emails with terrible or cringe-worthy subject lines should be the very last thing on your to-do list. Create something that is short but engaging, something that is a bit puzzling but fits the branding for the product or service that you are about to launch. 

Here are excellent examples of striking subject lines:

For event announcements, you may start with something like these:

  • You don’t want to miss this one…
  • Want to learn something cool?
  • Ring ring! Brand New Event Incoming!
  • Join us to change digital marketing!
  • Save the date! Join [event name] this [event date]

If you plan to release a new product line or feature, use something along the lines of:

  • Introducing [product/model name]
  • [Product/model name] has arrived!
  • Meet the new and improved [product/model name]
  • The wait is over, [product/model] has arrived
  • [Product/model name], unveiling this [date]

3. Plan Ahead

Your product launch email's goal is to raise customer awareness of your new product. Tease them as soon as you can. Create a strategy to help you with your sending sequence. Before sending the emails, be aware of the potential variables to consider. Will you provide a sneak peek on your social media channels before disseminating the emails? Will you send out emails first, then make the big news online? It is entirely up to you to strategize your email campaigns, as long as you have enough time before your big product launch to fine-tune your engagement strategy.

4. Be Certain with Your Release Date

It will be extremely embarrassing if you enter an inaccurate product launch date. Assume you announced that the most-anticipated reveal of your newest product would be three months away, but it was released four months later. This will sow confusion among customers and breed disappointment, particularly those who had high hopes for your big reveal. See to it that the date on your product launch email is correct. Including an actual date in your email not only offers customers ample time to get excited about the goods but also gives them ample time to decide whether to purchase or try your promo or not.

5. Direct Customers with Enticing Call-to-Action Button

Make sure your emails have CTAs since these will be the decisive factors in determining how many recipients have opened your emails and how well your conversion rate performs. Make sure your CTAs are in the proper place. If your product launch email includes a pre-sale promotion, include exclusive, promotional-centric keywords in your CTA to push them to put in an order. Finally, ensure that the design of the CTA corresponds to the theme of the email or the branding.

Product Launch Email Examples

Below are a few examples of excellent product launch emails that will help you get a more in-depth visualization of how to promote your new products or campaigns to your target recipients like a pro:

AirPods Pro: 

  • The minimalist take on the design helps the main product stand out.
  • Other design elements don’t overpower the centerpiece.
  • CTAs are in the right placement and visible.
  • There is a variety of CTAs depending on the recipient’s needs.

Nike Website:

  • The email is beautifully crafted with relevant design and text elements
  • Since it is a promotional slash launching email, it also comes with exclusive deals.
  • The color choices are spot on, making it stand out among other design elements.

Google Pixel

  • Google teases recipients with a brief preview of the phone’s features which stimulates their excitement toward the product.
  • It also provides a quick rundown of possible solutions to smartphone users’ pain points.
  • The image used in this email is a high-quality image that allows users to see the actual designs of the phone without requiring them to check on other sources.
  • The CTA is positioned in the right spot ensuring that the customers will see it right off the bat.
  • It also comes with exclusive offers that highlight exclusivity to further entice potential buyers.

NMS also has an excellent example of a product launch email:

It’s Not Just an Email

Rather, it is the email.

Launch emails are major game-changers, and you are responsible for constructing and utilizing them effectively. Develop a workable strategy for developing an email that will thrill your existing user base and convert new buyers as an alternative to sending bulk upon bulk of promotional emails.

It makes no difference if you have the best product and the most prestigious unveiling. Your target audience will never know unless you send a product launch email to generate buzz and enthusiasm. Hence, you must take the time to tell them—tell them in an eye-catching email. It may take some effort to craft a superb email, but it will pay off in the end if you master the execution. After all, this will be one of the determining aspects of the success of your brand.

Also, did you know that you can incorporate your customer support through these emails?

You’ve read that right!

Aside from simply informing your potential customers about your most awaited product launch, you can also keep in touch with your receivers by including call-to-action buttons that are custom-built to send them to your company's help desk channel. For example, if a customer wants to know more about the product release or inquires about pre-order deals and exclusives, your team can easily get in touch with them.

There are still numerous organizations where this type of strategy is underutilized. Simply because they lack the necessary manpower or are unaware of the benefits. If this is the case, one of the best methods to solve such problems is to outsource. Fortunately, seeking help is no longer a problem. There are numerous BPO organizations that provide email support outsourcing services. For example, at New Media Services, we provide a cost-effective and innovative solution to assist SMEs and startups with their email support difficulties. Our email support services come with multilingual capabilities, thereby ensuring that your brand reaches its target demographic far and wide. We also offer auto-response and canned reply features so you can quickly address pre-launch issues and inquiries. Measure your engagement with statistical email data reporting, and ultimately, improve long-term client connections with 24/7 serviceability.

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